Crucial role for PIPA Elite Center in 1st Ace Pigeon Pioneer Club 2019-2020

Over the past several years, the Pioneer International Racing Pigeon Club in Beijing has become a prominent name, not only in China but at international level as well.

This young birds' competition in Beijing is traditionally the grand finale of the Chinese pigeon racing season, taking place during autumn.

Grandfather of 1st ace pigeon Pioneer 2019-2020 was bred by the PEC

In 2017 the Pipa Elite Center bred a number of pigeons that were to be raced in the Pioneer Club, by Mr. He Bin. However, the pigeons failed to arrive in China in time due to a shipment delay. The pigeons were auctioned off in the Pioneer Club later on, and one of these birds was sold to Fu Xinglong. This fancier obtained CHN2017-00-2007488, which is depicted below.

CHN2017-00-2007488, the sire of 1st ace pigeon Liaoning Yingkou, and grandfather of the 1st ace pigeon Beijing Pioneer Club 2019-2020.

CHN2019-B00-164, 1st Ace Pigeon Pioneer Club four races 2019-2020.

The pigeon that he obtained from the PEC was bred from BE16-4129379, which was renamed Pioneer Porsche. This chequered cock originates straight from Porsche 911, paired to his own dam Lieve. Pioneer Porsche was paired to BE13-5065188 at the time, also referred to as Miss Tarzan 88. Together, Pioneer Porsche and Miss Tarzan 88 are the parents of CHN2019-00-2007488. This breeding cock had already bred a 1st Ace Pigeon in a different club in 2018. And it was in fact this 1st Ace Pigeon that went on to breed the 1st Ace Pigeon for the Pioneer Club this season. Click here for the full pedigree of CHN2017-00-2007488.

BE16-4129379, 'Pioneer Porsche'. For his pedigree, click here. 

 BE13-5065188, 'Miss Tarzan 88'