Crehan & O'Connor (Salford, UK) continue their success story in 2013

The city of Manchester, located in the industrialised north west of England, is famous for its two football teams, United and City. Throughout the months of August to May each year, these two giants of the English Premier League do battle to gain the title of league champions. However, each weekend during the British summer months of April to September there is a different battle fought by many serious competitors across this area; this of course being pigeon racing.

The undisputed kings of this discipline over the past seasons have been the Salford partnership of Crehan and O’Connor. Armed with their team of predominantly Janssen based speedsters, the partnership have achieved an unbelievable series of breath-taking results.

John Crehan

Family Origin

The pigeons that achieve these remarkable results are a combination of Janssen-based birds that the partners have selectively sourced from outstanding racing lofts in the UK and Europe. These include the families of Peter Van De Merwe, Peter Fox (Syndicate Lofts), C. and G. Koopman and the Eijerkamp family. Never wanting to let the grass grow under their feet, the partners have recently  introduced birds from the current superstars of the Belgian racing scene; Danny van Dyke, Leo Heremans and also some Andre Verbesselt birds (De Rauw-Sablon).

The foundation cock, Rip

Outstanding Breeders

The partners’ breeding loft houses many outstanding producers. The original ace producer is Rip. He is the direct sire to: Lisa (7 x 1st prizes), Colt 45 (6 x 1stprizes), Ripster (6 x 1st prizes), Ripspit (4 x 1st prizes) and Fab 58 (3 x 1st prizes). The list of second and third generation winning descendants is endless; such is Rip’s value as a producer. Mystique is another fantastic breeding pigeon for the partnership. During her career in the air, this direct daughter of Syndicate Loft’s Drum was a sheer racing machine. However the partnership considers her to be an even better breeder as her strike rate of breeding both top racers and breeders is astounding. She is the direct dam to 6 x 1st federation winners in her first 2 years breeding, however even more impressive is the fact that she is the dam to Plutology, Spanish Identity and Nosey Nestmate. These three siblings recorded a remarkable twenty top 100 placings in the 2012 Sun City Race in South Africa winning in excess of $20, 000. Mystique really is a wonder hen! The breeding lofts also contain such superstars as Clean Slate, Colt 45 and the partner’s Olympiad bird Wolverine. As John Crehan states “You must have quality in abundance if you wish to compete at the top.”

Ace racer and breeder, Mystique


To list everything the partnership  have won would take forever and a day but for the past three years alone they have averaged over 25 x 1st prizes a year and 5 x 1st federations per year. They have topped the combine every single year since 2008 in all racing from 69 miles up to 390 miles. The combine has over 400 members and sends up to 6,000 birds each week!

The results achieved in 2013, which you can check out here, have been equally impressive.

An Amazing Nest Pair

The 2013 old bird racing season saw an amazing pair of nest brothers achieve a series of remarkable results. The parents are a cock which was bred and gifted to the partners by A. and S. Hughes who is already the grand-sire to two RPRA award winners when he was paired to the wonder hen Mystique. The pair have added to Mystique’s credentials as a super breeder as it is the second occasion where she has produced a pair of ace racers in the same nest! NWHU11X4147 (Vladimir) and NWHU12X4148 (Vitali) amassed the following set of results: 

1st club 240 birds, 1st fed 1,324 birds, 1st combine 2,947 birds
1st club 169 birds, 1st fed 802 birds,  1st combine 1,686 birds
1st club 126 birds, 2nd fed 1,026 birds, 6th combine 3,708 birds
1st club 264 birds, 3rd fed 1,499 birds, 8th combine 3,305 birds
1st club 151 birds, 4th fed 1,024 birds, 7th combine 1,960 birds
1st club 114 birds, 3rd fed 743 birds
1st club 80 birds,  2nd fed 700 birds
2nd club 264 birds, 4th fed 1,499 birds,  9th combine 3,305 birds
4th club 151 birds, 5th fed 743 birds
4th club 126 birds, 10th fed 1,026 birds, 20th combine 3,708 birds
6th club 240 birds, 14th fed 1,324 birds, 16th combine 2,947 birds
9th club 200 birds, 17th fed 1,085 birds, 40th combine 2,403 birds

Vitali, one of the star performers of 2013

Vladimir, one of the star performers of 2013

Sun City Million Dollar Race

The partners have only sent to the Million Dollar Pigeon Race in Johannesburg for two years.  They believe it is a real genuine test for both the birds and quality of the fancier sending, not only in size but in the class of fanciers that send birds from their very best to compete on a level playing field. In the 2010/11 series they had Plutology (the best pre final race pigeon ever) who had 12 x top 100 positions and won over $20,000 in pools and prize money.  They also had a full brother to Plutology, Nosey Nestmate who also had 8 top 100 finishes winning a large amount of money. The third of the 3 full brothers/sisters sent was Spanish Identity which was 120th in the final race winning a share of the $500 pools. These three youngsters were all bred from Wolverine x Mystique. In the 2012/13 series Crehan and O’Connor won 1st UK 9th Open in the grand averages from an initial entry of over 6000 birds with Lucky Tots (Clean Slate x Bass Kick) and again won the $500 pools and $18000 in pool/prize money. 


The Crehan and O’Connor partnership is known throughout Europe for the brilliant results they have achieved in sprint, middle distance and one loft racing. This level of success is largely down to the mantra that John Crehan and partner Dave Hulmes live by: “Yesterday’s results don’t matter to us, it’s tomorrow that counts!”