Cor Leijtens (Oostelbeers, NL) had another successful season with his hens

Cor Leijtens is one of the best fanciers in the CC Midebo association, with four pigeons in the top ten, including the title of first ace pigeon.

Cor and his brother Harrie have had a splendid season in 2013. They used to race cocks and hens in widowhood with the partners staying at home. In 2013 they started racing in total widowhood, an approach that worked out very well. They have won quite a few ace pigeon titles again. It is remarkable that their most successful pigeons are hens: all four pigeons in the top 10 of CC Midebo for instance are hens.

The hens take the lead

The Leijtens brothers are quite hard on their racing pigeons. The season starts in early April and continues until the third weekend of September and their birds have plenty of opportunities to race. All pigeons, including the one day long distance team, are basketed throughout the season. The most successful hens are released at the loft in the early evening for a daily training flight. It is remarkable that these training flights become more and more demanding as the season progressed. In addition, Harry takes away the pigeons for an extra flight regularly, which he does more often later in the season. The two brothers are assisted by their nephew Roland when taking care of the loft and he helps Cor with basketing the pigeons as well.

Breeding strategy

Their breeding strategy is as simple as it is effective. The pigeons that have showed their talent during their racing career get the chance to prove their worth in the breeding loft as well. Two of the main figures in the Leijtens loft are Lammert NL98-1436441, First Olympiad Pigeon Sprint 2001 for The Netherlands and Reneris NL99-1107523, winner of four victories and several top prizes. Reneris is now the sire of quite a few top prize winners including Benicia, First National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2005. Over the years, ace pigeons and NPO winners have been added to that list:

NL06-4070064   Kleine Bram   6th National Ace Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2009
NL07-4101812   Britt         4th Best Hen National Competition WHZB 2009
NL08-4107571   Vieree        3rd National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2010
NL08-4107638   Alexia        1st Ace Pigeon CC Midebo 2011 
NL09-4141037   Walter        1st National Argenton Sector 1 2012 (20,816 pigeons)
NL10-4172899   Kian          1st NPO Poitiers 2012 (4,494 pigeons)

Cor and Harrie continue to look for reinforcements. They purchased direct youngsters from Kleine Dirk of Gerard Koopman, a granddaughter of top pair Dirkje x Jonge Bliksem of Jan Hooymans, as well as youngsters from Lucky 848 of the PIPA Elite Center. These pigeons have been of great value and they have raised a generation of pigeons that have been dominating the CC Midebo Ace Pigeon Championship.

Ace Pigeons

The pigeon with the most points in the CC Midebo competition was the NL10-4172926. She won a second prize in the sprint championship and won no less than 21 prizes in 2013. She is another daughter of Reneris NL99-1107523, which is now paired to Britt NL07-4101812. These are her best achievements as a racing pigeon in CC Midebo up to now:

1st   Vervins     598 p.
4th   Isnes       923 p.
6th   Pommeroeul 3091 p.
7th   Isnes      1060 p.
12th  Sezanne     811 p.
13th  Laon        545 p.
14th  Laon       1126 p.

NL10-4172926, 1st Ace Pigeon CC Midebo 2013

Click here for the pedigree of NL10-4172926.

907 of Amoré’s Dirk

The breeding skills of the NL04-4155907 are impressive. This blue coloured cock, often referred to as the 907 van Amoré’s Dirk, was the best cock in the national WHZB competition in 2007. He is a direct son of Amoré’s Dirk NL02-2173502, which is in turn a son of Kleine Dirk x Amoré, the renowned breeding pair of Gerard Koopman. The other top 10 pigeons that will now be presented are youngsters from 907 van Amoré’s Dirk as well.

Best Cock WHZB 2007

The title of 4th Ace Pigeon in the CC Midebo goes to NL12-4126652, a one year old hen. The 907 van Amoré’s Dirk was paired to the NL11-4112996, a daughter of the BE10-4258197 Gesch.v.Lucky 848. This hen was purchased from the PIPA Elite Center and she is a daughter of the world famous breeder Lucky 848 BE00-4065848. These are the best results of NL12-4126652, which were all won in 2013:

6th   Epernay   751 p.
9th   Chimay   2603 p.
9th   Sezanne  1885 p.
11th  Laon     2279 p.
11th  Sezanne   912 p.
15th  Isnes    1060 p.
18th  Isnes     923 p.

BE10-4258197, grandmother of the 4th Ace Pigeon CC Midebo 2013

Click here to see the pedigree of NL12-4126652.

The 5th Ace Pigeon of CC Midebo is the NL10-4172930, another daughter of 907 van Amoré’s Dirk. The dam is NL08-1730497, a granddaughter of Dirkje x Jonge Bliksem, the stock pair of Jan Hooymans. This NL08-1730497 is already the dam of Kian NL10-4172899, winner of a first from Poitiers against 4494 pigeons. These are the best results of NL10-4172930 in 2013:

3rd  Sens    1139 p.
5th  Chimay  2603 p.
7th  Laon    2279 p.
10th Sezanne 1885 p.
10th Epernay  751 p.
11th Chimay   361 p.
13th Epernay  516 p.
16th Chimay   768 p.

NL10-4172899 Kian, half brother of 5th Ace Pigeon CC Midebo

Click here for the pedigree of NL10-4172930.

Two teletext prizes

To conclude, we present you the NL11-4112976, winner of a 10th Ace Pigeon in CC Midebo. This amazing hen is another successful daughter of the 907 van Amoré’s Dirk. The dam is the NL05-4004811 Jacky Blue, which won a first National Blois (S.3) and a first NPO Blois against 6451 pigeons. They are also the parents of the Vieree NL08-4107571, which was third National Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in 2010. The NL11-4112976 has won two teletext notations for Cor and Harrie this season:

9th NPO Montlucon 6908 p.
9th NPO Poitiers  3600 p.

Click here for the pedigree of the NL11-4112976.

It seems that the efforts of Cor and Harrie have paid off this season. It would not surprise us if the two brothers can continue this way in 2014.