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Cor de Heijde (Made, NL) is the proud owner of an incredibly quality rich breeding loft

Cor de Heijde has achieved many (Inter)national successes on his own lofts and is supplier of top pigeons around the world. Especially the performances of his pigeons on the iconic race from Barcelona have been exceptional for many years.

Decades long, Cor has shined on the (inter)national marathon races with pigeons from the legendary Klamper bloodlines. With descendants of a/o Don Michel and Jonge Don Michel, etc., ...each year he is amongst the best fanciers on the extreme long distance races, in particular on Barcelona. On this classic, he has performed the near impossible in the past years. Find an overview of all the Top 100 spots in the past 10 years below: 

2nd National Barcelona '21 4,838 p. (NL18-3830193 Briljantje)
2nd National Barcelona '15 5,183 p. (NL12-3220448 Blue Dream)
4th National Barcelona '18 3,912 p. (NL14-3423376 Diamantje)
6th National Barcelona '14 5,423 p. (NL10-3054650 Naomi)
8th National Barcelona '21 4,838 p. (NL15-3515986 Super Barca)
11st National Barcelona '19 4,129 p. (NL15-3516018 Smaragd)
11st National Barcelona '20 4,477 p. (NL17-3731112 Michelina)
12nd National Barcelona '18 3,912 p. (NL13-3339812 Blauw Klampertje)
17th National Barcelona '20 4,477 p. (NL15-3515986 Super Barca
24th National Barcelona '14 5,423 p. (NL11-3025031)
26th National Barcelona '20 4,477 p. (NL15-3515965 Violet Barcelona)
29th National Barcelona '14 5,423 p. (NL10-3054650 Naomi)
44th National Barcelona '15 5,183 p. (NL12-3220492 Michella)
58th National Barcelona '17 4,504 p. (NL12-1169906)
79th National Barcelona '22 4,842 p. (NL19-3913490)
95th National Barcelona '22 4,842 p. (NL19-3933574)

1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2011-2013 (NL08-3818593 Jonge Don Michel)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona (1st Int.) 2013-2014 (NL10-3054650 Naomi)
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona (3rd Int.) 2018-2020 (NL15-3515965 Violet Barcelona)
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona (5th Int.) 2018-2021 (NL15-3515965 Violet Barcelona)
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona (9th Int.) 2019-2021 (NL16-3635857 De 85)
1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona (1st Int.) 2020-2021 (NL15-3515986 Super Barca 986)

In the past season, Cor basketed a relatively young team on Barcelona. This was a consequence of placing several cracks on the breeding lofts, pigeons that shined on Barcelona in the years before. On the lofts in Made, Cor is mindful of his own pigeon stock. Still, like in the past decades, 90% of his breeders descend from his own old bloodlines. To ensure successes in the future, the following cracks were placed on the breeding lofts. 

NL15-3515986 Super Barca 986, 1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021

Super Barca 986 won absolute top prizes on Barcelona, 2 years in a row, with an 8th National '21 and a 17th National '20 winning him the title 1st International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021. Father of this crack is bred from co-breeding with Frans Bungeneers and is a half brother of Queen Tonny who won 1st Nat. Barcelona against 13,066 pigeons and primarily has Klamper blood running through her veins (also 4th Int. 25,835 p.). Both on father's and mother's side we find the Klamper bloodlines. Super Barca 986 himself achieved the following results:

17th Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p.
25th Int. Barcelona 12,315 p.
8th B.S.L. Barc. 754 p.
8th Nat. Barcelona 4,920 p.
48th Int. Barcelona 16,485 p.
2nd B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.
1st Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2020-2021

NL15-3515965 Violet Barcelona, 2nd National (3rd Int.) Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018-2020 and 3rd National (5th Int.) Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018-2021

Another remarkable phenomenon on the marathon races is this Violet Barcelona. With the 26th National Barcelona in 2020 she became 2nd National Ace Pigeon and 3rd International Ace Pigeon Barcelona across 3 years 2018-2020. In 2021, she wins her fourth consecutive prize from Barcelona and thereby became 3rd National Ace Pigeon and 5th International Ace Pigeon across 4 years 2018-2021. Her father is a son of Don Michel x De Perpignanduivin, both from the Klamper bloodlines. Mother of the 965 is a granddaughter of De Klamper. The results of Violet Barcelona from the past 4 years: 

135th Nat. Barcelona '18 3,912 p.
183rd Nat. Barcelona '19 4,129 p.
26th Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p.
833rd Nat. Barcelona '21 4,838 p.
2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3rd Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2020
3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2021
5th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2018 - 2021
116th Nat. Perpignan 3,778 p.
222nd Nat. Perpignan 4,278 p.
12th Limoges 478 p.

NL18-3830193 Briljantje, 2nd National Barcelona (4,920 p.) 2021

Another descendant of Don Michel also managed to shine on National Barcelona. This time a granddaughter, named Briljantje, won the 2nd National Barcelona in 2021 which was good for a 34th International and 13th International hens. Also, on Narbonne '20 she won another top result with the the 22nd National. Besides granddaughter of Don Michel, she is also granddaughter of Marianne (1st Nat. St. Vincent) and great granddaughter of Blue Dream (1st Nat. Barcelona 1,742 hens). Briljantje herself has the following top results on her palmares:

2nd Nat. Barcelona 4,838 p.
13th Int. Barcelona 5,840 h.
34th Int. Barcelona
1st B.S.L. Barc. 869 p.
14th Agen 163 p.
22nd Nat. Narbonne 6,725 p.
45th Int. Narbonne 6,837 h.
112th Int. Narbonne 12,848 p.

NL16-3635857 Daughter Michella, 4th National and 9th International Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2019-2021

This Daughter Michella won 3x top prize on National Barcelona. She is a daughter of Coming Man (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU Perpignan 2014-2017). Her mother is Michella (granddaughter Don Michel) who won a/o a 44th National Barcelona against 5,182 p. herself. The impressive palmares of Daughter Michella on Barcelona can be found below:

217th Nat. Barcelona '21 4,838 p.
201st Nat. Barcelona '20 4,477 p.
209th Nat. Barcelona '19 4,129 p.
4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2019-2021
9th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2019-2021

NL15-3516018 Smaragd, 11th National Barcelona (4,129 p.) 2019

Besides the 11th National Barcelona, Smaragd also won 10th National S1 Perigieux. This super hen is one of the examples of the incredible breeding value of Jonge Don Michel. Jonge Don Michel is invaluable on the lofts in Made. Only on Barcelona, the three daughters below flew the following top results:

Smaragd : 11th National Barcelona '19 (4,129 p.)
Blue Dream: 2nd National Barcelona '15 (5,183 p.)
Diamantje : 4th National Barcelona '18 (3,912 p.)

NL16-3621473 De Super Gouden Crack, 1st Golden Crack Marathon 2019

Besides the stars mentioned above, this Super Gouden Crack was also destined to strengthen the breeding lofts. Unfortunately he was killed by a bird of prey. Nonetheless, we would like to introduce him, also due to his lineage. In 2019, this beautiful cock was crowned 1st Golden Crack Marathon at the Fondclub Zuid Nederland (Afd. Zeeland, Afd. Brabant and Afd. Oost Brabant). Moreover, he became 1st Ace Pigeon FBZ (Vriendenclub voor de Fond Flakkee Brabant en Zeeland). Both on the morning as the midday releases the 473 showed himself at the top of the charts. No surprise when taking a closer look at his pedigree. Mother of the 473, is a granddaughter of super breeder Don Michel on both sides of the family. Thereby 2 out of 4 grandparents are children of Don Michel. Don Michel was paired to Lady Future (Jan Hooymans) at the time, a sister of his famous Harry. Father of the 473 is a son of Grijsje 500, a superstar on the marathon races. The most impressive achievements of Super Gouden Crack were: 

28th Nat. Perigieux '18 4.921 d. (midday release)
15th Nat. St. Vincent '19 2.696 d. (morning release)
75th Nat. St. Vincent '19 5.451 d. (midday release)
84th Nat. Perpignan '19 4.283 d. (morning release)
1st Gouden Crack Marathon FZN 2019
1st Ace Pigeon FNZ 2019

To ensure the quality of his breeding lofts, in addition to the super racers mentioned above, various children of a/o Super Barca, Briljantje, Blue Dream, Diamantje, Violet Barcelona and Smaragd were also placed on the breeding lofts directly. 

Recently, two children of international winners Barcelona '22, a daughter of 1st Nat. and 2 Int. Perpignan (both 50% Klamper bloodlines), a son of the 1st International Barcelona '21 and two daughters of 1st National (2nd Int.) Pau were added to the breeding lofts as well. 

As mentioned earlier, 90% of the breeders descend from Cor his own old bloodlines. An important addition, from the past decade, is Jonge Don Michel

NL08-3818593, Jonge Don Michel, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona ZLU 2011-2013, and 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Dax ZLU 2011-2013

Descending from the Klamper bloodlines, Jonge Don Michel followed in the footsteps of his father NL96-9659671 Don Michel. This Don Michel, a grandson of Klamper, showed his potential with a/o 17th and 21st National Perpignan and has been of huge importance for building the stock on the lofts of Cor De Heijde. Descendants of this phenomenon shape the colony and perform exceptionally on the International classics. His son, Jonge Don Michel is his worthy successor. He excelled as a racer with a/o 17th National Perpignan against 4,978 p. and 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona ZLU across the years 2011-2013. Moreover, he is also 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Dax ZLU across the same years. The breeding quality of Jonge Don Michel is unmatched, and it is therefore that nearly all his children are placed directly on the breeding lofts. He is father of a/o: 

Blue Dream : 1st International Barcelona hens
2nd National Barcelona
Diamantje : 4th National Barcelona
Smaragd : 10th National Perigueux (Sector I)
11th National Barcelona 2019
Agen duivin: 18th National Agen Old birds
Michelina : 11th National Barcelona 2020

The 2022 season

Despite that all the best racers of the past years were transferred to the breeding lofts, the results of the past season were fantastic. A few of the championship titles which were won:

2nd National Marathon ZLU
1st Marathon Champion Brabant Super League
7th, 8th, 10th, 15th, etc. Ace Pigeon Brabant Super League
3rd Marathon Champion Not Nominated FBZ
10th Marathon Champion Nominated FBZ
4th General Marathon Champion FBZ
2nd Marathon Champion FBZ
10th, 15th, 21st, etc. Ace Pigeon

Several of the stars of the past season, of which most are young talents, were:

NL18-3830216 (Granddaughter Don Michel):
29th Agen 1,030 p.
8th Marseille 539 p.
NL19-3913490 (Son Jonge Don Michel ):
6th Barcelona 787 p. (79th Nat. 4.,842 p.)
24th Perpignan 786 p.
NL19-3913461 (Granddaughter Don Michel):
10th Tarbes 345 p.
16th Bordeaux 857 p.
NL19-3913476 (Granddaughter Don Michel):
4th Perpignan 786 p.
NL19-3932574 (Grandson Don Michel ):
9th Barcelona 787 p. (95th Nat. 4,842 p.)
NL20-2003452 (Granddaughter Michella ):
8th Narbonne 1,364 p. (38th Nat. 6,260 p.)

Top references from other lofts in 2022

Cor has won a lot, possibly everything there is on marathon races. For instance in 1997, he won 1st National Perpignan. The Klamper with his descendants such as Don Michel, Jonge Don Michel etc., etc., ... ensure that Cor anno 2022 is still at the top with his own bloodlines. Not only Cor, but also many other fanciers around the world could enjoy the results achieved by this ironclad pigeon stock. This was again the case in 2022. Find some of the beautiful references of the past season below, all performances were achieved on a National level with Klamper bloodlines: 

  •  1st International Barcelona (Team Delhove)
  •  2nd National Bergerac S2 (Gebr. Bras)
  •  4th National Tarbes (K. Elzakkers)
  •  5th National Perpignan (Rex de Leeuw)
  •  5th National Ruffec (Arjan Blom)
  •  9th National Marseille (Gebr. v.d. Weerd)
  • 11th National St. Vincent (Rex de Leeuw)
  • 11th National Perpignan (Ton Vertelman)
  • 22nd National Bergerac (Rex de Leeuw)
  • 57th National Perpignan (Rex de Leeuw)
  • 74th National Pau (Louis de Heijde)
  •   1st National Ace Pigeon Marathon Romania (Fratii Aparaschei)
  •   2nd Best European Hen PIPA Ranking 2 races (Rex de Leeuw)

Cor donates the proceeds of his auction to a unique project

Since some years now, Cor auctions several youngsters on PIPA and donates the proceeds to a project. For the involvement in helping many societal problems, Cor was knighted by His Majesty King Willem Alexender and carries the title Knight in the Order of Oranje-Nassau. In 2020, he donated the proceeds of his PIPA auction to the new medical centre De Riethorst Stromenland in Geertruidenberg. Last year, another donation went to a medical centre, Het Parkhuis in Dordrecht.  

Now, in 2022, Cor donates all the proceeds of his auction to Zorgcentrum De Wijngaerd in Made. We will let Cor himself tell you more about this medical care centre and what the donation will be used for. 

"De WIJNGAERD is a medical centre in Made, the village where I live. It is a nursing home like you might have in your city or village. They are built with the goal to house elderly people who require continuous care due to old age or poor health and have become reliant on the care of others, to make the final period of their life as pleasant as possible. 

It is however, harder and harder to realize this. The costs to give elderly people the care that they require is rising. Even more so, considering the high gas and energy prices. It is clear that a lot has to happen and we can't wait to give our elders, who have cared for us, the care that they need and deserve. 

Managers and employees work hard to keep things running and it is admirable to see the love and care with which healthcare workers do their job, despite smaller budgets. 

In Made at De WIJNGAERD there is the need for a 2nd garden pavilion. This is necessary to be able to welcome the residents of the medical centre and Made who require care and to relieve some of the tasks of family care givers. 

As the financial capital is not at hand for this project, the proceeds of my auction on PIPA will be donated in full to realize this project together with partners who help with construction free of charge. 

The residents will be very happy if they can be taken from their room for a day in springtime to be taken care of in and around the pavilion and spend time with other residents of the medical centre and Made.

If you purchase a pigeon the proceeds will make a lot of people that require daily care very happy". 

Cor de Heijde 

See the pictures of the previously donated garden pavilion at De WIJNGAERD below.