Combination Nihoul Father & Son - Senzeilles (B) National Champion Long Distance - KBDB 2008

It is not the first time for this father-son combination. Before they were 1st national Champion Long Distance-K.B.D.B. , 1st provincial Champion Long Distance and 1st-4th and 5th Ace pigeon provincial Long Distance in 2008, they also had a top year in 2007 with several provincial and national toppers.

Flemish fanciers all too easily trace back the national pigeon happenings to their own essence. The Long Distance happenings are especially easily portrayed as a clique with the emphasis on the happenings in East and West-Flanders. Yet the experts know better and it was no surprise to them that the father & son combination-Nihoul won first place from Senzeilles in the national KBDB-Championship Long Distance –edition 2008.

Father Roland is retired from his full-time job as a post-office employee, while son Guy still stands in front of the class every day. Roland (74) made Guy enthusiastic with his strong game.
They have both been involved in the pigeon sport for 60 and 40 years respectively.
Their path led from success to success and last season it was crowned with the first national Champion Long Distance 2008.
The pigeon career of the Waals top colony reads like a book. In the  60’s through to the beginning of the 70’s  they mainly distinguished themselves in the Sprint and the small middle distance. They were general champion in the local club « Le Biset » in Froidchapelle for no less than 11 consecutive years. It will come as no surprise then to hear that the united opposition was relieved when father and son Nihoul, after years of reigning, decided to direct their arrows towards the tougher work.  New roads were taken, but moreover, new challenges were completed. Nationally the grand middle distance races and the 1-day long distance races almost immediately began with success.   
The race from Bourges seemed to fit them perfectly because apart from countless top prizes, including:
-6th – 18th nat. Bourges 83
-9th nat. Bourges 87
-10th– 12th nat. Bourges 77
-15th nat. Bourges vx 80
the first national yearlings was won in 1980.
Whereas a 9th s-nat. Argenton 84- and a 6th s-nat. Clermont-Ferrand 87 was added to the then already impressive prize ticket.

Gradual rise
The challenges were adjusted step by step as a result of clocking:
the- 6th internat. Bordeaux 76
the 59th – 74th internat. Narbonne 77
the 10th nat. Limoges derby 77
 the 15th nat. Brive 78.
The glory moment was without doubt the winning of the 1st internat. yearlings Barcelona 80 (prize from senator Lahaye). The trend was set and the road to the long distance taken for definite.
To list all their wonderful performances  would be taking it too far, that’s why we will limit ourselves to the last two seasons:

Season 2007.

1st interprov. Bordeaux old
1st & 2nd interprov. Narbonne old
1st & 2nd Entente belge Narbonne old
1st & 3rd interprov. Perpignan old
3/6-Brive-nat.c- 6535 d./ 18-60-… (8/16)
10/6-Montélimar    nat.c    -4499 d./30-80-133-… (8/9)
nat.-7873 p./50-153-256-…
30/6    Bordeaux-internat.-7738 yearlings./11-133-278-…     (4/6)
7/8-Narbonne    -nat.-5051 d./3-4-209-278-392-… (7/8)
internat.-9326 d./9-10-308-413-569-780-930
4/8-Perpignan-nat.-5547 d./29-38-168-…-(6/10)
-internat.-15087 p./64-76-434-…

Season 2008
2nd national Montelimar with the first three nominated.
1st & 5th provincial Montauban old.
1st provincial & 1st interprov. Bordeaux old.
1st & 2nd provincial Bordeaux yearlings.
1st& 6th interprov. Bordeaux yearlings.
1st provincial & 1st interprovincial. Souillac old.
1st provincial & 1st interprov. Narbonne old.
1st provincial Perpignan old.
Nat.c.    -5951 d./94-(12/17)
Nat.-14521 d./142-165-330-388-…
Nat.-8633 p./73-75-77-…-(8/10)
Nat.-5441 d./168-319-… (3/4)
21/6    Montauban            
Nat.c.    -1906 d./3-31-… (4/5)
Nat.-5438 p./170-422-…
28/6    Orange            
Nat.c.    -2505 p./61-…-(3/5)
Nat.-4587 p./103-…
28/6    Bordeaux-
International-7358 old/46-149-…-(5/7)
9027 yearlings/52-91-..    -(4/5)
Nat.-4660 d./29-33-249-293-.    (5/6)
Internat.- 12537 d./56-60-424-494-918.
Nat.-7315 p./6-136-171-375-.-(5/7)
27/7    Narbonne
Nat.-6801 d./3-7-… (6/7)
Internat.- 12201 d./9-19-…
Nat.-7603 d./253-…-(6/12)
Internat.-        17624 p./388-…
With such performances the red carpet was rolled out by various championship celebrations.
A short, but impressive overview:
(Championships 2008.)
1st national Champion long distance.-K.B.D.B.
1st provincial Champion long distance;
1st-4th and 5th Ace pigeon provincial Long distance.
Entente Belge
3rd general champion
2nd CHAMPION Grand distance
1st national champion  Long distance
2nd national Ace pigeon Long distance
3rd general champion R.W.
4th general national champion
7th national Ace pigeon
2nd-10th-11th-12th  and 15th Ace pigeon Long distance R.W.
K.B.D.B. Interprovincial.
1st champion long distance
6th general champion.
1st national Champion long distance.-K.B.D.B.
The golden four-leafed clover that ensured Long Distance gold

Le Professioneel
First provincial Ace pigeon Long distance KBDB 2008
2nd national Ace pigeon L.C.B. Long distance 208;
1st interprovincial Perpignan 07
1st Regional Brive 2008
1st Provincial Perpignan. For completeness we have to add:
404th international (9634p) Narbonne 2006;
18th national C (6535d)- Brive 2007 ;
29th national (5547p) Perpignan 2007 ;
64th international (15.087p) Perpignan 2007 ;
142nd National (14.521p) Brive 2008 ;
31st National C (1906p) Montauban 2008 ;
494the international Tarbes (12.537p) ;
388th (17.624p) international Perpignan 2008.
Photo-3-Le Petit Chef
This Long Distance phenomenon had no less than 26 pure prizes to his name. Twice in succession Orange-Narbonne and Montélimar were bridged,  while the races from Albi and Marseille were completed just as successfully. His honours list is really of an excellent nature, judge yourself dear reader, the figures don’t lie:
1st regional Reims 04;
1st regional Argenton 2005
1st interprovincial Narbonne 2006;
1st regional Nanteuil 07;
11th nat C (2114p) Albi 2006;
70th (5063p) national Albi;
34th (6033p) National Narbonne 06;
38th (1436p) interprovincial Montelimar 2007;
49th (4715p° National Zone C Montelimar 2008;
75th (8633p) national Montelimar 2008.

Le César
The César came, saw and conquered with a :
60th National C (6535d) Brive 2007
4th national (5138d) Narbonne 2007
10th international (10072d) Narbonne 2007
388th national (14.521d) Brive 2008
168th national 2008 Cahors 2008.

This beautiful cock made work of the national podium and in his rich career won 3 times top from Brive; 4 times from Perpignan and also achieved the top of the result from Montauban-Saint-Vincent-Carscasonne and Tarbes. His prize ticket looks like this in more detail:
11th interprovincial (1192p) from Châteauroux 05;
96th interprovincial 51266p) from Perpignan 06;
38th national (5547p) Perpignan 07;
76th international (15087p) Perpignan 2007;
3rd National C (1906p) Montauban 2008;
33rd national (4660p) Tarbes 2008;
60th international (12.537p) Tarbes 2008
1st regional Perpignan 2007;
1st provincial Montauban 2008.
And another topper is without doubt the “Magnéfique”

le Magnifique
Le Magnifique (9131538) has clearly not stolen his name, because this topper was recently proclaimed best Narbonne-racer over a period of three years. Not surprising when you know that he consecutively laid claim to a 54th (2006)-9th (2007) and 9th (2008) prize in international context, good enough for the 48th –3rd and 3rd place in the national results. At inter- and provincial level he achieved  1st prize (08-645 p) and 07-1922 participating pigeons. Without doubles this clapper achieved 29 prizes from  Marseille-Béziers- 4 x Cahors-4 x Narbonne and 3 x Bordeaux and 4 x Narbonne respectively. He also achieved 40th nat (04) and 69th nat (06) from the wine city.



A selected basis –a work of many years.
The primal basis of this top colony goes back to the sixties and seventies last century. The stock couple with which it all began consisted of  « De  Vétéran » 52403-70 (father : De Blauwe Herman (1st Nat. Bordeaux and 64) in turn a son of the first national Barcelona from Berlengée) coupled with the Donkere Van Thuyn ) X  « La Petite Claire » 8008239-77 (Father: Le Vieux Mersch 68075-68 & mother-La Claire Mersch 7434-74, granddaughter of the first national Argenton)
Whoever carefully studies the stock cards of the current toppers will come across the input of this famous basis couple:
At the end of the eighties, begin nineties last century a few choice purchases were made with an eye to shining in the marathon classics. Our hosts clearly knew what they were doing because when looking at the imposing list of reinforcements  you can’t help but say that  “ this was the best available at the time”. Just browse through all that pigeon glory:
a)    G. Bolle - Kortemark.
·    A brother of the  1st  Nat. Limoges Yearlings-. « Kleine Condor »
·    A daughter of the  1st Nat. Cahors « de Generaal »
·    A daughter of the  « Super Bolle »
·    A granddaughter of the  « l’Adjudant »
b)    F. Waerniers out Knesselare.
·    A half-sister of the  1st Nat. Narbonne and the 3rd Nat. Brive
·    the 4522498-97, was raced by father & son Nihoul and because of his top results from Barcelona renamed the « L’Asticot » : or the crack of Barcelona.
c)    F.Gilles out Louveigné.
·    A sister of the  « Diego » 1st Nat. Montauban
d)    Marc Roosens out Leernes.
·    A half-brother of the  « Mexico » 1st Nat. Limoges Old  & Derby 1986 or a grandson of the famous Foreu.
·    A granddaughter of the  « 525 »  x and half-sister of the  « Foreu ».
·    A daughter of the« Carbure » 1st Ace pigeon LCB
·    A daughter of the « Pilote »
·    A son of the  « Carus » x « Miette », mother of the 1st  Ace pigeon  middle distance Nat. K.B.D.B.
Whoever has such stock pigeons under their roof may have aspirations but the basket remains the selection standard. The current top breeder is without doubt the “Couronnne” which in first line or second line stood at the crib of several top racers, a short summary:

la Couronne
Father of the first interprovincial Bordeaux 2000 and 2007;
1st interprovincial Angoulème 2001-2001
1st interprovincial Châteauroux 01;
1st club Béziers 01;
1st-4th-5th provincial Brive 02 (1067pigeons)
1st regional Perpignan 03
1st-2nd Entente Belge Narbonne  2007;
1st interprovincial Narbonne 2008 ;
1st interprovincial Soulliac 2008 ;
5th semi-national Châteauroux 13.054pigeons ;
4th-13th-17th national C Brive (10.645 pigeons) ;
48th-54th international Narbonne 06 ;
11th international Bordeaux 07 ; 3rd-4th- National Narbonne 07 ;
3rd ntionaal-9th international Narbonne 2008.
6th national Souilliac 2008.

Practising the pigeon sport in its essence –The secret of the National Toppers out the Land van Maas en Waal
Whoever does well in the pigeon sport is always viewed suspiciously. It is suggested straightaway that they have a few pigeon secrets up their sleeve. I had a good look around. With the best will in the world I couldn’t find anything secretive. What I can conclude after browsing through my notes is the fact that Roland and Guy showed that the practising of the pigeon sport in its essence, whichever way you look at it, leads to success. They work methodically at all levels without the intention of converting the pigeon sport to an exact science. At the Nihoul Household the primeval rules of the thumb are honoured in their purest form. Everything is about owning good pigeons. House these in good lofts, surrounded them with the best care and you are well on your way. According to our hosts, success in the pigeon sport doesn’t fall out of the air. Whoever doesn’t use his hands, won’t get far in the pigeon sport. Exact care is without doubt one of their main things. Many fanciers miss possible success. The saying “ the early bird catches the worm” seems to have been written for the Nihouls. If you look round early in the morning then you can directly see the state of health of your pigeon population, according to our hosts. The droppings are as it were a natural success barometer. And of course hygiene is a vital link across the whole.

A career to respect
Is the least one can say after all the years of top-pigeon sport.
Magnificent stock pigeons, a selected basis coupled with a structured approach with an eye for detail, or pigeon fancying of the highest level, are in a nutshell the ingredients that allowed the Waals top colony to develop a career that has to be respected.