The combination Dehon-Demonseau (Thulin, BE) discovers another golden gem with Best Kittel II

You already knew the super pigeon 'Best Kittel', now let's meet the brand new star of the family, 'Best Kittel II': 1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yls KBDB 2020!

The combination Dehon-Demonseau did it again

While everybody thought they had just reached the peak of their performance level, partners Daniel & Mee-Hae just achieved another wonderful result: they won in 2020 the title of 1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint Yls KBDB with 'Best Kittel II' (BE19-4130060), a son of... 'Best Kittel' (1. & 4. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB and one of the best breeders worldwide nowadays). For the Dehon-Demonseau combination, the conto is now showing 4 titles of 1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB as well as another 2. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB since the 2015 season, all of this being won by descendants of the 'Méchant' line, the base pigeon from Dehon-Demonseau and main ancestor of the 'Best Kittel' dynasty. If you make a quick search, we can already guarantee you that nobody was able to achieve such performances in a period that short, especially in this modern era of the pigeon sport.

1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2015 ob (with National Ace 2015)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2017 ob (with Best Kittel)
2. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2018 Yls (with Junior)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2019 Yls (with Daniel)
1. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB 2020 Yls (with Best Kittel II)

With this brand new title, the combination keeps on writing history. Especially when you know that the star of this loft this year is a direct son of 'Best Kittel', this one being already father of 'Junior' who was in 2018 2. National Ace Pigeon Sprint KBDB. No other pigeon has left such a mark in the sprint competition in such a small amount of time. The history is repeating itself and it seems this will not be the last time!

A special season

The 2020 season has been a short one, not really good for any sprint racer, quite the opposite. If you are targeting some rankings, the difference has often to be made in April, the month when the amount of pigeons entered in the sprint races is still high. This year, it happened only a couple of times that the limit of 1.000 pigeons entered in a sprint race was exceeded in the strong 'Renouveau' combine where the partnership is entering the competition. Living close to the French border (Daniel & Mee-Hae are living only a few kilometers away from the mythic release point of Quiévrain), it was not an option to enter the first training flights that were only held in Belgium during the corona lockdown and the official start of the season was only on the 13th of june, so more than two months later than scheduled. Until then, the sprint devils of this loft were limited to a daily flight around their loft and Daniel needed to stay focused to limit the form peak of his pigeons as much as possible. That's why this brand new national title bears his mark. Because for the sprint competition, the skills of the manager are as important as the quality of the pigeons he is managing. We also have to underline the involvement of his wife Mee-Hae who is working on the lofts each morning. That's the reason why any pigeon fancier in the world has to pay his respect towards what this combination has achieved since 2015.

- 'Best Kittel II' (BE19-4130060)

This pigeon gradually came to the fore to explode completely in July, enough to bring back home the fourth national ace bird title in six years. He was born on the accommodations of the 'PIPA Breeding' project, developed by Thomas Gyselbrecht with the invaluable help of his loft manager Mark Paridaen who is taking care of the breeding. He was given to the Dehon-Demonseau combination as a youngster to be raced here. His performance list:

13/06 Pont - 95/2.207 p.
20/06 Pont - 3/942 p.
27/06 Ecouen - 48/786 p.
04/07 Pont - 6/627 p.
11/07 Pont - 2/516 p.
18/07 Ecouen - 1/423 p.
25/07 Pont - 2/768 p.
01/08 Ecouen - 1/759 p.

The PIPA Breeding project built around the Dehon-Demonseau's pigeons

The birth of the PIPA Breeding project came along with the discovery of 'Best Kittel' in 2017. He moved to the lofts in Knesselare that year together with his closest family as Thomas Gyselbrecht realised he was now the owner of an ideal family to launch the project he had in mind since quite a while. The first children of 'Best Kittel' were born in january 2018 and since that time, no less than 50 first prizes have been won by children or grandchildren of 'Best Kittel' in no less than 20 different lofts!

The fantastic Best Kittel.

Moreover, PIPA Breeding has also the ambition to join several one loft races throughout the world and especially the famous Victoria Falls OLR in Zimbabwe. The 2020 edition of this OLR has been particularly difficult. +4.000 pigeons were entered, but only 859 made it to the final, including 7 from PIPA Breeding and among them, these 4 pigeons did a great job:

13th prize final race 544 km with a grandson of Best Kittel
3rd Ace Grand Average (on a total of 39 races/training flights) with a daughter of Best Kittel
5th Ace Grand Average (on a total of 39 races/training flights) with a son of Milan (son of National Ace 2015 x Shakira)
15th Super Ace (ace pigeon competition on the Hot Spots 3-4-5 & on the final) with a child of Junior (the same pigeon also won the 3rd prize Hot Spot 5 on 450 km).

For Daniel & Mee-Hae, this recognition was quite unexpected several years ago but finally, it didn't change anything that much in their daily life. The size of their loft is still the same and neither the ambition has changed: they want to win as much victories as possible. No, the success didn't change anything for them and finally, maybe that is the most beautiful side of their success story. See you next year for some more fireworks!