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The combination Baert-Debusschere (Ere, BE) win the 1st national Tulle against 5.976 olds!

Two years only after they decided to join forces, Damien Baert and Roger Debuscheere are winning their first national victory as a combination. A powerful start that could be only the beginning of this super loft based on the most prestigious lines of the belgian pigeon sport.

Damien (left) & Roger (right).

Clocked at 14h05''44 after a racing trip of 571 kilometers, the pigeon of the combination Baert-Debuscheere reached the average speed of 1.342,10 m/min. At the national result, he beat the pigeon of the Houfflijn loft (1.330 m/min) who won at the same time their second... second national place in 2014 while the pigeon from David Vermassen complete the podium (1.320 m/min), being also the only fancier to place two pigeons into the national top 10. It is with a comfortable advance that the pigeon from the combination Baert-Debuscheere won the national palm. Only the pigeon from the maestro Gaby Vandenabeele reached a higher speed (1.342,80 m/min), making of the pigeon from Baert-Debuscheere the second highest speed of the whole package of 11.707 pigeons, olds & yearlings reunited.


Damien and Roger are not strangers for the belgian pigeon sport. The first one is know to be an excellent racer while the second is one of the most famous pigeon collector of Europe. Moreover, they both already tasted the joy of a national victory: Damien in 2010 with the victory of his 'Diego' on a hard Argenton, Roger in the 80's on Bourges.
It was during the 2012 season that Roger proposed to Damien to race under partnership. The tasks of Roger is to seek the best pigeons on the market to buy them so that he can breed from them and offer them to Damien who will be in charge to race them into his racing lofts. The results promised to be astonishing. And two years later, it is precisely what happened!
Previously, Damien decided to sell all his colony in december 2012 on PIPA. Several jewels of this period were bought back by Roger so that they could conserve and strenghtening his powerful breeding loft. For information, the breeding loft is now mostly built around the pigeons from Gaby Vandenabeele, Benny Steveninck and Bernard Van Renterghem-Deblicquy. This extremly solid basis serves as a target launch for Damien who continued to race the pigeons in his old loft in Ere, a small village in the area of Tournai. The rest of the story, you already know it.The victory of Tulle is then the first consecration for this new partnership.

Composition and racing system

In his racing loft from Ere, Damien is only racing the cocks. They are 35 and their task is to represent the name of their owners, mostly in the national races of heavy middle distance. In the near future, the long distance races will be also a part of the program. The victory of Tulle also prooved them they had to go in this direction. The pigeons are coupled around the 15th of december to raise a couple of youngsters before they got separated. Before the season, they are coupled again for a brooding of 5 days. Afterwards, they are definately put on widowhood and the season can start.

For the food, Damien elaborated a mixtures gamma with his friend Frédéric Leclercq, a gamma commercialized under the name Colombi. He is of course using these mixtures and, as you can see, the results are really good. For the medical side, the pigeons are followed by the veterinary surgeon Vincent Schroeder.

Victory of 'Maxence'

Damien, a happy man after the victory of 'Maxence'.

Even if he doesn't want to be seen as a pretentious man, Damien told me he knew something was going to happen. Nervous since he woke up, he took his seat right before 14 o'clock to attempt to the arrivals. And he was right! Just before 14h, his crack came as a bullet and get into the loft without loosing any second. Only a few people would have bet that the first pigeons will reach 1.300 m/min and several fanciers might have been surprised of the high speed. Damien knew it was possible. At the end, it is a well deserved victory won by his first nominated! 

01/08 Tulle (571 km) - EPR Hainaut/Brabant Wallon
888 olds: 1, 54, 117, 157 (4/7)
645 yearlings: 9, 17, 24, 59, 151, 172, 185 (7/17)

'Maxence' in his box.

The flying tool of the champion.

Pithiviers       2. reg       500 p.
Pont             3. reg       246 p.
Noyon            3. reg       200 p.
La Souterraine 161. nat    11.236 p.
Châteauroux    738. nat    19.691 p. 
Souppes          1. reg       499 p.
Bourges          5. prov    2.822 p.
                 3. zone    3.788 p.
               102. nat    22.663 p.
Montluçon       10. prov    2.007 p.
                52. zone    2.744 p.
               114. nat    14.230 p.
La Souteraine   13. prov      939 p.
                14. zone    1.391 p.
               132. nat     7.176 p.

Click here to check the pedigree of the national winner.

A super weekend

In addition of the 1st national Tulle, Damien also won the next day the provincial victory of Bourges in the youngsters category and this against 1.590 pigeons (click here to check the pedigree of the provincial winner from Bourges). It is not the first time that the youngsters team is winning a first prize this season. We bet that Damien will book another great performances in the next national race for the youngsters!

Damien, Roger, congratulations for this wonderful victory and good luck for the future!