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Comb. Verweij- de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) is once again having a good season on the international races and discovers new top breeder

On the international races we find Comb. Verweij – de Haan at the top of the results list on a weekly basis. Extraordinary is the fact that on 4 of these races, children from their new star breeder Red Ross arrived first.
Peter (l) and Michel (r) in front of the racing loft

Peter and Michel can look back on the current season, more than satisfied. So far, they have managed some beautiful series and have taken top results. Looking at these results, there are some things that are remarkable. For instance, on the first 4 international races they clocked a child of their new super breeder Red Ross as their first pigeon. Although it must be said that on one of these races, Pau, Jessie Rose (daughter Red Ross) and a full sister of Miss Milos, arrived at the same time. The latter was clocked 1 second earlier. Another astounding fact is that on all these 4 races, they clocked their second pigeon within 6 minutes of the first. This is rather unique as 2 of these races were extremely tough, namely Barcelona and St. Vincent. Below you can find the 4 races and the results of their first two pigeons, including time of arrival: 

Pau 907 km: 119th (19.33.35), 120th (19.33.36) 120th Jessie Rose
Agen (O&YL) 969 km: 8th (18.56.08), 16th (19.03.05) 8th Milos Rosie
Barcelona 1201 km: 35th (13.53.08), 43rd (13.59.19) 35th Barbara
St. Vincent 1063 km: 10th (09.22.11), 13th (09.28.55) 10th Jessie Rose

As mentioned earlier, the first arrivals of the 4 races above are all children of the phenomenal Red Ross. 

The hen Jessie Rose was the first to arrive on the loft of Michel and Peter on two occasions. On St. Vincent she took the 10th National against 2,308 pigeons and on Pau she arrived simultaneously with a loft mate which was good for a 120th National against 4,891 pigeons. Jessie Rose is a daughter of Red Ross x Jessie. 

NL21-1068097 Milos Rosie

This yearling hen, Milos Rosie, taks the 8th National Agen YL against 6,174 pigeons. This was good for the 2nd Provincial (1,185 p.) and the 53rd International (33,781 p.) Milos Rosie is again daughter of Red Ross, this time paired to top breeding hen Miss Milos. Miss Milos is (grand)mother of countless top pigeons on the lofts of Michel and Peter and man other lofts elsewhere. 

NL18-1750807 Barbara

On this year's extremely tough edition of Barcelona, Barbara won the 35th National against 4,482 pigeons. That this daughter of Red Ross x Snelle Jelle is a more than capable racer, was already evident. In the PIPA Rankings she finished as best Perpignan pigeon (2020-2021) and in 2019, on the toughest Agen ever, she won 18th National. 

More remarkable results

It is well known that other lofts are also successful with pigeons descending from Michel and Peter their colony. To finish off, we would like to share three magnificent, recent references:

  • Team Delhove-Paesmans (BE) wins 1st International Barcelona '22. Father is a direct Comb. Verweij- de Haan and is a son of Red Messi x Miss Milos
  • Team Eriksson (Den): win a.o. 3rd National Regensburg '22 with a granddaughter of Red Ross
  • Jeroen van Heumen (NL) wins 1st National (3rd Int.) Marseille '22 with a great grandson of Milos x Bolletje
Grandfather 1st International Barcelona
Grandmother 1st International Barcelona