Comb. Verweij de Haan (Mijdrecht, NL) claim several ace pigeon titles in the international races season after season

Michel and Peter have once again demonstrated their enormous potential, claiming another two prestigious ace pigeon titles in the international competition.

Racing cock Frenkie became 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon in the international races 2019 (PIPA Ranking), and racing hen Sky is 2nd best European hen across all international races (PIPA Ranking with 3 prizes).

Peter de Haan (l) and Michel Verweij (r)

In an article that we published a few months ago, we wrote that Michel and Peter had had an outstanding 2019 season. In this article, which you can reread here, we zoomed in on the achievements of the youngsters/grandchildren of their phenomenal Milos. The different PIPA rankings in the international races have just been announced, and we noticed that this combination has done quite well in these rankings. We will introduce you to the pigeons that were responsible for these great results.

A unique series of international ace pigeons

Looking at the last couple of seasons, they have a unique series of international ace pigeons indeed. And we saw some particularly remarkable achievements of such racing cocks as Balotelli and Robben, as well as Frenkie, which surfaced this year. In longer distance racing, which is the competition of choice in Mijdrecht, racing cocks that claim multiple top prizes in international races are not very common. And yet, Balotelli claimed a 1st International Agen 2015, as well as a 5th and 6th National Cahors in the morning release. Meanwhile, Robben wins a 7th International Pau 2018, as well as a 21st International Pau 2017. This is an overview of their international ace pigeon titles from 2016 onwards:

Red Rose, granddaughter Milos  :  3rd European ace hen international races 2016
Miss Milos, daughter Milos    :  2nd European ace hen international races 2017
Robben, grandson Kopie TOON    :  1st International ace pigeon Pau 2017-2018
Sky, great-granddaughter Milos :  2nd European ace hen internat. races 2019 (PIPA ranking 3 pr)
Frenkie, grandson Kopie TOON   :  2nd Nationalace pigeon internat. races 2019 (PIPA ranking 2 pr)

Sky, 2nd European Ace Hen international races 2019 (PIPA ranking 3 prizes)

The two year old Sky was basketed for three marathon races of longer than 1,050km this year, in just six weeks' time. And she claimed the following results:

 11th Int. Perpignan   1,077 km 3,292 pigeons
 90th Int. Pau         1,063 km 3,193 pigeons
107th Int. St. Vincent 1,056 km 2,128 pigeons

Thanks to this palmares, she became:

1st Ace Pigeon North & South Holland ZLU        2019
1st Ace Pigeon Fondunie 2000                    2019
3rd National Ace Pigeon ZLU                     2019
2nd European Ace Hen international races 2019 (PIPA ranking 3 pr)

Sky is a great-granddaughter of the phenomenal breeder Milos, and of super class hen Red Rose (3rd European Ace Hen international races 2016). And you can tell from her pedigree that she is also related to top breeder Stet, whose descendants have won 25 national top 100 prizes already.

Frenkie, 2nd National Ace Pigeon international races 2019 (PIPA ranking 2 prizes)

Frenkie became 2nd National Ace Pigeon in the international races (2 prizes), thanks to the following top results:

13th Nat. Agen        945 km  5,214 pigeons 2019
27th Int. Agen               12,111 pigeons 2019
20th Nat. Perpignan 1.077 km  4,274 pigeons 2019
71st Int. Perpignan          12,752 pigeons 2019

Frenkie is a son of New Kopie TOON and of the aforementioned Robben (1st Int. Ace Pigeon Pau 2017-2018), a grandson of Kopie TOON. This Kopie TOON is an exceptionally gifted breeder and a full brother of the legendary TOON. The dam of Frenkie is MG 780, which we will  introduce now. For the full pedigree of Frenkie, click here.

Pedigree of the sire of Frenkie

Pedigree of the dam of Frenkie

The dam of Frenkie is this MG 780, which is increasingly developing into a top class breeding hen in Mijdrecht. MG 780 is a full sister of MG 430, a renowned breeder of Jelle Jellema. This MG 430 is the sire of:

 3rd Int. Narbonne    2016
 8th Nat. Agen        2018
 9th Nat. Perpignan   2016
10th Nat. Barcelona   2016
13th Nat. Marseille   2016
14th Nat. Pau         2019
22nd Nat. Marseille   2019
22nd NPO  St. Vincent 2016
27th Nat. Perpignan   2015
And MG 780 is herself the dam/grandmother of:
 6th NPO  Cahors
13th Nat. Agen        2019
20th Nat. Perpignan   2019
40th Nat. Agen        2019
45th Nat. Pau         2019

On Christmas Day, Michel released his pigeons, as he often does if the weather is good. Moments later, his wife spotted a falcon that was closing in on the pigeons. The birds fled in all directions, looking for shelter in trees and bushes. All they could do was wait and see if the falcon had caught one of the birds. The pigeons gradually returned, still shivering, but Frenkie was nowhere to be seen. Michel went outside several times that day but he eventually had to conclude that Frenkie would never return. 80 pigeons had gone out for a training flight, and there was just one single victim: Frenkie.

Inbreeding and crossbreeding

This has been the preferred breeding strategy for Michel and Peter, and it has been quite a success. Basically all of their best racing birds are related to their own inbred breed. Frenkie is a good example: his sire New Kopie TOON was inbred to Kopie TOON x TOON (two full brothers). And Kopie TOON has been particularly important in this breed; he is not only the grandfather of Frenkie but also the grandfather of Robben, and many other talented birds. In addition, the team's current stock breeder Milos stems from another full brother of the legendary TOON. This tried and tested breeding approach has been the basis for many great seasons, and is almost guaranteed to produce internationally renowned breeders.