Collect your prize in our 2013 Christmas Quiz

We are coming towards the end of the year so it is time for our annual Christmas quiz. This time the winner of this quiz will have to make some room for a PEC youngster in his loft. We will also be giving away a number of PIPA gifts.

You can win a prize by guessing the average price per pigeon (in euro) in the Gerard Koopman pigeon auction, which takes place from 16 to 29 December. You can participate by filling out our Christmas quiz form, which has to be submitted no later than on Thursday 19 December 2013 23:59. You can only participate using our form.

Our prizes (top three):

  1. A young bird from the PEC and a full PIPA pack (8 gifts) including a cap, dvd, dust coat, memory stick, shirt, coffee mug, blocnote and a copy of Kingmaker
  2. The full PIPA pack (8 gifts)
  3. 6 gifts free to choose from our PIPA pack


  • The person who guesses the average price or who makes the closest estimate wins the first prize. The second prize goes to the person with the second closest estimate; the third prize goes to the third estimate. In case of a draw the first prize goes to the person who was first to submit.
  • Every username is allowed to make only one guess. You can join the quiz only by submitting the form on which you have filled out your address, your contact details and your estimated price. 
  • Please remember only to use numbers and not to use decimals for your guess. Decimals will be omitted automatically.
  • Forms can be submitted no later than on Thursday 19 December 2013 23h59.
  • The winner can choose to receive his prizes for free through mail or to come and pick them up here at PIPA.

If you feel like sharing your guess with others please post a comment below the article. Keep in mind though that making a guess in the comments section does not mean you are taking part in the contest!

Good luck everybody!