Colijn,Ganus & Fox enjoying unlimited successes

Three worlds, one goal … with this thought, Peter Colijn, Peter Fox and Mike Ganus joined forces some time ago – to now gather worldwide fame.

Whereby Peter Colijn in Nieuwendijk led descendants from capital breeding lofts in America and England to unknown heights with verve … and with this acts as the header of the star trio. Because translating class into top successes is a craft; a craft that Peter Colijn possesses as no other .

He is first in closely involving his pigeon friends and companions by the success in Nieuwendijk; yet Peter Colijn deserves credit as ‘leader’ of the racing team. “Nevertheless all three of us have an equal share in the success,” says Peter Colijn. “Mike as great organiser with – in my opinion – probably the most impressive breeding colony in the world with more than 30 National Ace pigeons or winners. And don’t forget; he can breed!! His Ganus Family Lofts hijacks first prizes in America every year in the most important races. Peter Fox is a unique man; his Syndicate Lofts caused furore in Great Britain … he houses super quality. It was with good reason that for example Marijke Vink visited Peter by her re-entry into the pigeon sport …”

New location 

Credit where credit is due then, yet it is father Hans and son Peter in particular, who with their qualities as fanciers stand at the basis of many successes … with,  in 2010 a.o. the 1. NPO Creil against 7.415 pigeons,  in previous years wins already included 1. NPO Tours 11.866 pigeons, 1. NPO Etampes 16.335 pigeons and 1. NPO Etampes 17.487 pigeons … not to mention the many top classifications in various National Ace pigeon competitions.  “Yet 2010 leaves an aftertaste, as my father turned out to be very allergic and wasn’t allowed in the lofts” Peter explains. “A big blow for a real fancier like him. In 2010 the youngsters were already by me; in 2011 we will start with a brand new racing team from the new pigeon location. End of a period then, but also the start of a new one! I’m looking forward to it !”

Despite the fact that Peter prefers to look forward than look back (‘let us first perform in the new season’) he allowed us to look back over the last few years. After the auction in 2007 the ‘multinational’ Colijn-Ganus was able to soon get back to the same level … why not now? A look at the highlights over the last four years  ….

   Strombeek 2007                   1-2-11-18 against 2.081 pigeons
Nijvel 2009                 1-2-4-10-14-15 against 2.054 pigeons
Pommeroeul 2009                 1-12-15-18 against 1.931 pigeons
Pommeroeul 2007               1-2-10-11-21 against 1.875 pigeons (4-5 against 7.773 pigeons)
Pommeroeul 2007      1-5-6-7-8-29-30-33-35 against 1.796 pigeons
Salbris 2008               1-6-12-17-18-20 against 1.742 pigeons
Strombeek 2008 1-5-11-12-13-14-15-17-18-19 against 1.713 pigeons
Sezanne 2008        1-17-22-23-24-26-32-39 against 1.296 pigeons
Strombeek 2009                   1-2-4-5-8 against 1.098 pigeons
Sens 2009            1-6-13-18-23-31-42-50 against 1.095 pigeons (2. against 3.506 pigeons)
Pithiviers 2008                1-2-4-14-15 against 1.060 pigeons
Orleans 2007               1-2-3-4-9-12-17 against   971 pigeons
Orleans 2008       1-2-6-16-18-20-21-29-32 against   957 pigeons
Sezanne 2008                   1-3-7-11-20 against   793 pigeons
Orleans 2009                   1-3-9-15-18 against   748 pigeons
St. Quentin 2010        1-2-7-8-9-10-12-16 against   536 pigeons (7. against 8.071 pigeons)
Creil 2009                     1-2-4-5-7-8 against   533 pigeons
Creil 2007                  1-2-3-4-6-8-10 against   506 pigeons
Creil 2010              1-9-19-25-26-32-35 against   505 pigeons 

In NPO-context the following top classifications a.o. were flown together :

   1. NPO Creil 2010                                7.415 pigeons
2. NPO Orleans 2007                             14.014 pigeons
3. NPO Orleans 2007                             14.014 pigeons
3. NPO Orleans 2008                              9.800 pigeons
3. NPO Pommeroeul 2009                           3.932 pigeons
5. NPO Orleans 2007                             14.014 pigeons
6. NPO Orleans 2007                             14.014 pigeons
6. NPO Montlucon 2008                            6.030 pigeons
7. NPO Salbris 2008                              7.259 pigeons
8. NPO Orleans 2009                             19.455 pigeons
9. NPO Sezanne 2008                             18.893 pigeons
9. NPO Sens 2009                                17.357 pigeons   

 ‘Young King’ x ‘Chanel’ 
 Super pigeons? With the joint breeding lofts of Mike Ganus and Peter Fox they abound. The one with better results than the other and an even nicer lineage … Yet Peter Colijn mainly considers the couple ‘Young King’ x ‘Chanel’ as super couple of the colony. “I don’t easily speak of a super couple, but when you see how many toppers we have had from this coupling; it’s really phenomenal. I can rightly say that in fact this couple stands at the basis of  very many successes by us in Nieuwendijk. But it can hardly be called a surprise out of two such toppers 


To begin with, the NL07-3762602 ‘Young King’ … a topper out ‘Galileo’ (Vandenabeele grandson of ‘Picanol’ and ‘Wittenbuik’) x ‘Agent Starling’ (super daughter of ‘Kannibaal’ Van Dyck) and self winner of 

 1.  Orleans                                        139 pigeons
21. NPO Orleans                                  9.003 pigeons
2.  Orleans                                        297 pigeons
3.  NPO Orleans                                 14.014 pigeons  

What his brother performed in the skies borders on the unbelievable … with of course the leader being the famous ‘Kannibaal King’, 1. Ace pigeon youngsters Union De Baronie in 2005 (more than 1.000 members) and winner of 

 1. Harchies                                        405 pigeons       
Fastest of                                      24.855 pigeons
1. Creil                                         1.705 pigeons
2. Fastest of                                    5.540 pigeons
1. La Souterraine                                  429 pigeons
10.NPO                                           8.997 pigeons
1. Sens                                          1.875 pigeons  

Another marvellous brothers and sisters are ‘401’ (1. Hot Spot Ace pigeon UK and 2. Internat. winner Knock Out in Million Dollar Race 2003) … ‘Glyndwr’ (1. Ace pigeon youngsters Union De Baronie 2004) … ‘602’ (1. & 3. prize winner). Another brother and sisters bred the winner of 1. NIPA Open Roscrea 27.087 pigeons for Ian Gibbs in England and the 1. NPO Mantes la Jolie against 18.406 pigeons by Maurice vd Kruk .


The hen NL07-3762627 ‘Chanel’ performed just as well as her partner. After the 5. NPO Orleans as a youngster, she raced a very impressive honours list together …the total picture reads :

 1. Orleans                                       2.437 pigeons
3. NPO                                           9.800 pigeons
5. NPO Orleans                                  14.041 pigeons
2. Strombeek                                     2.330 pigeons
4. Fastest of                                    8.402 pigeons
3. Creil                                         3.616 pigeons
8. Fastest of                                   14.323 pigeons
6. Pithiviers                                    3.784 pigeons s 

A top hen then,  and granddaughter of ‘Mascotte’, a top son of the legend ‘Farah Diba’ … it was with good reason that Marijke Vink visited Peter Fox to retrieve these blood lines to reinforce the new breeding colony … people who know what class is capable of .


The lineage of ‘Chanel’ contains mainly the very strong bloodlines of ‘Drum’ and ‘Golden Mattens’, invaluable to the Colijn-Ganus racing team. “Golden Mattens grew by Mike Ganus to be the stock father- he receives numerous references over this cock almost weekly on his doormat. Descendants of this giant also perform excellently by us and it is great that descendants up to the sixth generation keep winning top prizes … ‘Drum’ is a story apart – a top breeder by Peter in England; his descendants have already won 6x first in big competitions and my 1. NPO Creil winner in 2010 is a grandchild of this topper. ‘Drum’ is nest brother of ‘Farah Diba’ and therefore in the basis then of that same family as ‘Chanel’. In Great Britain this bloodline dominates easily .”

2011 brings a great challenge at a new location with a young racing team for Peter Colijn … Peter’s modesty prevents him expressing high expectations; with the sublime basis of Peter Fox and Mike Ganus as supply haven of top quality, this challenge is bound to end in success .