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Claessens Ludo - Putte NL

The 'living legend'<br>Ludo Claessens…<br>
Part 3: The definite end of this success story… (2007-2008)

At the end of the 2nd period Ludo Claessens had grown to be the 'best middle distance racer in the world', and 'his aim' from the start (1974) to try and create the 'best pigeon stock in the world' for the races up to the short middle distance… say just over 500 Km… had been realized perfectly! And this with a minimal number of pigeons in the loft of no more 60 or 70 pigeons… keeping in mind his 'motto': "with 60 pigeons I can do anything…". something from which he has never budged an inch, because every year only a maximum of 60 or 70 pigeons are allowed to stay for the winter, being 20 racing pigeons and 10 breeding couples. The 2007 sport season was also dealt with in this manner. A season where Ludo faced a great challenge in trying to equal ….let alone improve on the 2006 season, which in Ludo´s own words was 'the best season ever' in his 30 years as a pigeon fancier. Almost impossible when you can produce and end balance for 2006 (in the provincial Middle distance races with old birds) of 132 nominated pigeons, with 109 prizes (per 4), 94 per 10 and 38 per 100, with every week at least the 1st prize at club level !

Crowned the 'best Middle distance racer in the world'… just having realised your best sport season ever at the end of 2006… and in addition owning the best team of pigeons that you have ever bred… Nothing or no-one seemed to be able to stop or break this Ludo Claessens. Yet… it can change, as Bredero said.

The 'disaster' from Pithiviers
The 'talent' of the 20-head team of widowers had never been so great! All the ingredients were present at the start of 2007… and the beautiful April weather ensured the ideal preparations could take place. The training pigeons in the sprint gave hope, never before had Ludo's racing pigeons done as well in these introductory sprint races… it had to happen now. And it happened… but not what everyone expected… because the very first middle distance race in the middle of May from Pithiviers was a catastrophic disaster… one of the greatest disaster races ever in the history of the Dutch pigeon sport.
The course of this race was so dramatic, the worst case scenario, that the Commission W.O.W.D. later conducted a special investigation. But that's no good to you as a fancier when you have been a victim. Ludo Claessens had basketted his 20 widowers for this Pithiviers… it was also the worst case scenario here, incalculable. . Pigeons that were wandering about for days, trying to get home… and finally no less than 9 widowers (together good for no less than 36 x 1e Prizes from regional to provincial league) were lost in this disaster.
Even if you are called Ludo Claessens … even if you are the 'best middle distance racer in the world'… you are completely powerless! Season over and out, before it has actually begun! A 'killing blow' that many would never recover from. Ludo Claessens was devastated. The motivation by Ludo dropped as much as by his halved racing team. A work of many years of commitment was simply reduced to scrap.

1° Nat. NPO Orleans as clincher of the turbulent 2007 season
Even though the 2007 sport season for the old pigeons was halted after the 1st race with 'calamity' from Pithiviers… after a few weeks of rest and contemplation the 'appetite for the game' started to return to Ludo. Because of course there was still the classy and talented team of youngsters 2007, with which he could race, and which would form the basis of his pigeon future. Because the motivation by Ludo had dropped to under freezing point for a few weeks, he had already missed 3 races for the youngsters… they hadn't even been trained, and so didn't have a routine, or motivation or any form of preparation before they were thrown to the lions, with only 1 training race from Strombeek in the wings. Anything but ideal then. The first weeks there were some head racers (Bouillon 2.280 p 4,6,7… Arlon 2.175 p 5…), but the chain results, that were the trademark of Ludo Claessens, didn't yet happen, due to the lack of preparation. We write 'yet'… because week after week the motivation grew by the boss… the enthusiasm, the 'winning urge'… little by little started to return .
The provincial victory from Chantilly brought an extra load of new courage and hope ! When by the penultimate weekend of the 2007 season with the 2nd race from St.Quentin, real pigeon weather was predicted, the Claessens pigeons had to 'show their true colours' and 'fireworks' were rightly expected in these circumstances. They had a patent on this… and the pigeons didn't let him down, take a look:
St.Quentin 938 p. 1,4,5,8,9,11,14,16,18,20,23,24,25,26,27,28… and in total 20/24 Prov DI 3.889 p. 1,4,5… etc. Real stunt work that gave the 'boss' an 'adrenaline boost', because a week later Ludo's favourite race was on the programme… the closing National Orleans race! Ludo wanted to shine here one more time. It was now or never for 2007! The unloading was then enormous, because the Claessens team once again made 'firewood' of the competition so as we had become used to over the years:
Orleans Prov DI 2.087 p. 1,2,3,5,6,10,13,20,30… and 20/23 Nat NPO 9.096 p. 1,3,5,9,16,38,57,60… and 19/23 Ludo had here the fastest pigeon from more than 20.000 pigeons with a velocity of 1206 m/min. By the 38th prize National the first 5 nominated had already been clocked! A new 'spectacle' of format… or should we write: a result ' à la Ludo Claessens'! Immediately the 19th Provincial victory in 'District 1' and the 7th National NPO victory in his favourite Orleans race!! A 'direct hit' to close the 'turbulent' pigeon season! But what Ludo Claessens didn't know or could have suspected is that this 'stunt result' would also be the very last race that he would ever enter, and which would make the history books. But let's not get ahead of the facts…

Stunt with 30 or 40 pigeons in the lofts
Whoever thought that this had pushed away all the 'suffering' from the month of May was wrong. These events of the 'catastrophical Pithiviers' had affected Ludo very deeply… and left behind permanent tracks. Because the performance urge, that feeling of 'wanting to win' requires daily 'mental energy' and 'physical stress' with it. Especially the latter was felt, through circumstances that were known to 'insiders'. Circumstances which meant that Ludo could no longer train his pigeons from home, or… prepare for the races… and so couldn't experience the 'game' as he had wished. That's why, at the end of the 2007 sport season, he made the 'firm decision' to only continue with about 30 or 40 pigeons, divided into 6 or 8 breeding couples and 10 or 12 racing pigeons! It demanded a great deal of puzzling- and thinking to reduce this team of 'super pigeons' to just 40. Ludo worried enormously about which pigeons he would keep to seize the future, especially because year after year it was very difficult to get down to 60 or 70 pigeons, let alone to just 40, because the 'Quality' in the Ludo Claessens lofts was so enormously high… the 'World class' that his pigeons possess, it can't be equalled! There were 2 big dilemma's: firstly there was the weighing up of the mutual racing and breeding capacities of the pigeons… and secondly there was the danger that when he kept brother and sisters, half/brothers and half/sisters or cousins from each other… the 'good times' would soon be over. Simply because it would then be difficult to find a suitable partner for certain toppers… with the danger of being 'too close'. Because so as you will have noticed in the 2nd part of this life story, there was already a lot of inbreeding (especially to the 'Late Donkere' 375/93 and the 'Supercrack 69') in his pigeons. During the last few seasons Ludo had discovered that in terms of percentage he bred more 'Cracks' from cross breeding than through inbreeding of line breeding. A 'phenomenon' that doesn't only occur by Ludo Claessens, but also in other lofts… because real 'Super cracks' come for 90% from cross breeding! An identical scenario in Putte where a crossing with the basis lines "Late Donkere" and "Supercrack 69" with the 'foreign blood' of the "Bliksem", of "Mister Tours", and recently of the "Vedetje" (Embregts-Theunis) …ensured marvellous 'super cracks'. That 'Vedetje' in particular was a new 'miraculous discovery'… that came to strengthen the breeding team at the end of 2006, and in 2007 turned out to be a 'direct bull's eye'. The 'Vedetje' NL05-0547397 was self first and foremost not just any old pigeon… she won 21 prizes (without doubles)! As a youngster she was already 'super', but as a yearling she also sparkled in the Short middle distance races'… and almost immediately after these hard races, she once again performed 'brilliantly' in a few sprint races. Something which is only for real supers… Ludo Claessens also noticed this, because he left for the 'public auction' where this 'Vedetje' was proclaimed as the 'best pigeon in the auction'. A hen that made an 'impression' on the 'master from Putte', and as you can guess…made the 'transfer' to Putte. A selection of her best results:

- races between 100 to 250 Km:
2° Harchies 554 p. (136 Km)
3° Harchies 293 p.
5° St.Quentin 862 p. (217 Km)
6° Peronne 382 p. (216 Km)

-races between 350 and 650 Km:
4° Argenton 485 p. (597 Km)
7° Prov RII Orleans 4.482 p. (448 Km)
7° Prov RII Sens 1.932 p. (386 Km)
52° Nat NPO La Souteraine 8.997 p. (634 Km)

The fact that Ludo had high expectations of this super pigeon was proved by the fact that he directly coupled her with his 'best breeder at the time', namely wonder boy 'Jonge Supercrack'! This immediately ensured an 'explosion' of top talent, because what this coupling produced from the first breed really topped everything:

-The 'Supervedette' NL07-3728152 (son of the 2nd round 2007), he won:
1° Nat NPO Orleans II 9.096 p. (with a 3 min lead)
1° Prov DI Orleans II 2.087 p.
1° Fastest of the entire convoy of 20.000 Orleans pigeons!
1° Prov DI St.Quentin 3.889 p.
5° Arlon 2.175 .
6° Orleans I 208 p.
56° Prov RI Orleans I 2.801 p.
This 'Superstar' won his last 2 races so 2 x 1° prize Prov DI, with 1° Prov RI St.Quentin 3.889 p. and 1° Nat NPO Orleans 9.096 p., these were also the last two races that Ludo would take part in! But luckily he wasn't yet aware of it….

-The 'Super Witpen' NL07-3762465 (son of the 1° round 2007) won:
1° Prov DI Orleans 2.087 p. (after his brother Supervedette)
3° Nat NPO Orleans 9.096 p.
4° Prov DI St.Quentin 3.889 p.
121° Prov DI Creil 6.753 p.
148° Prov DI Chantilly 3.216 p.
Cross breeding of the superior stock lines of Ludo Claessens with 'foreign blood' lay then at the basis of the coming into existence of new youthful 'top talents'! A breeding strategy that Ludo has always applied for many years, and that lies at the basis of all top successes in the Keizerstraat in Putte. When, at the end of 2007, a new opportunity presented itself, with 2 exceptional top talents being offered for sale in the auction of Colijn-Ganus… Ludo was once again 'alert' in order to get his own way. Both 'crack pigeons' also moved to Putte, it concerned:

-the 'Kannibaal King' GB05-T29602 who won:
1° Harchies 24.855 p.
1° Sens 1.875 p.
1° Creil 1.705 p.
On his father's side he is a 100% Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem, because his grandfather is a 'Son Picanol', while his grandmother is a 'Daughter Wittenbuik'. Both the 'Picanol' (1° Prov Ace pigeon Yearlings West-Fl) and the World famous 'Wittenbuik' are direct sons of the predominating stock bear by Gaby Vandenabeele: the KLEINEN 253/81. On his mother's side he is… so as his name suggests… a grandson of the famous 'Kannibaal 005/95' from Dirk Van Dyck who was 1° National Ace pigeon Middle distance KBDB '96!

-the 'Wizzard' GB05-T29618 won then:
1° Nat NPO Etampes 17.487 p.
2° Strombeek 2.708 p… etc.
He doesn't get it from a stranger, as grandson of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Sprint 1999, who was then coupled with a full sister of the 1° Nat Ace pigeon Sprint 1995! Pigeons with which Ludo hoped to secure his future, via cross breeding with his old 'Late Donkere' x 'Supercrack 69'-stock, discovering new top athletes… so that he once again anchor them in his stock via inbreeding. It won't happen now… it has been sufficiently reported in the news, and also reported in the introduction… during the night of 17 to 18 February 2008 the colony of Ludo Claessens was the victim of a 'criminal and cowardly theft'.
These thieves took 8 pigeons, not the least ones… including the 'star racer' SIMPLY THE BEST, both top breeders 'BLUE 007' and 'NEST SISTER KIRSTY', in addition to the 2 freshly obtained 'capital crack pigeons' the WIZZARD and KANNIBAAL KING ! Just over a week later the thieves came back and they removed a section of the roof in order to enter the lofts, but… unfortunately for them, and luckily for Ludo… they left 'empty handed'… because all the lofts were empty! Ludo had moved his entire colony to another secret location after the first theft. This transaction meant that it was impossible to take part in the races in 2008, a complete racing season disappeared up in smoke! Ludo had already reduced his colony to 8 breeding couples and 12 racing pigeons . He wanted to use these 40 pigeons to shine in 2008… but the 'cowardly theft' now made this 'practically' impossible!

Kerstens-Claessens: 2° National Champion Youngsters 2008
With his pigeons, Ludo Claessens has imposed a murderous regime in his region (Brabant 2000 and District 1) for years… but by force of circumstance he now stands with two feet on the ground! This theft and the other sufficiently known reasons made Ludo decide to impose a 'sabbatical'… a final decision over a possible restart in 2009, would only be made at the end of 2008! Ludo certainly didn't seem to be lost to our sport because already in 1999 he started a sort of "Joint Venture" with Rik Kerstens, a 46 year old bank employee (married and father of 2 children), who had also been involved in the pigeon sport since he was a youngster. In 1999 Rik was already 1st champion in the South West Corner Union Long Distance and 7th National loft champion youngsters. It is obvious that grandmaster Ludo has an eye for craftsmanship because as from then the teamwork began and pigeons from Claessens came to reinforce the lofts. The agreement that they made was that they would race a few races with 1 night in the basket by Rik, and Ludo would take on the competition in the other races. There then thus arose the tandem with his best friend Rik Kerstens, who lives 100 metres from Ludo, and races under the combination name Kerstens-Claessens, but only the sprint races . One thing that Rik and Ludo have in common… they both prefer to only keep a small amount of pigeons… but all winners! Rik had 9 racing pigeons for the sprint races, also with enormous success! The highlight was in 2004 when the "Maxx" ring NL04-0433846 won 1° Nat Ace pigeon WHZB Late races.
The "Maxx" won:
1° Nat Ace pigeon WHZB
1° Houdeng 1.883 p.
1° Hensies 805 p.
1° Prov RI Hensies ca 2.500 p.
This "Maxx" stems from father's side out the line of the 'Supercrack 69', while his mother is a direct daughter of the super crack 'Blauw Witpen Bliksem 519/01', who self won 5 x 1° Provincial!
His full brother "MAXX 02" ring NL05-1526202 did the following:
1° Duffel 351 p. (fastest of > 8.000 p.)
1° Peronne 855 p.
1° Hensies 124 p.
This 'Maxx-line' was more or less the success line on which the colony Kerstens-Claessens was based, and which in crossing with other top talents from the breeding lofts of Ludo Claessens ensured further fantastic performances in the lofts of Rik Kerstens in Putte. Now, through the new changes in the pigeon career of Ludo, they made the agreement to race from Rik's lofts in 2008, under the name 'Kerstens-Claessens', once again the races with 2 nights in the basket with the pigeons from Rik, supplemented with 1 round of youngsters from Ludo's breeding pigeons. Now, the competition felt it because at the end of 2008 'Kerstens-Claessens' climbed the highest podium as:
1° Prov Champion Long Distance Youngsters 'Brabant 2000'
2° National Champion Youngsters 2008
There couldn't be better evidence of the enormous 'world class' of the modern 'Ludo Claessens pigeon'! Kerstens-Claessens started the season with 9 old pigeons and 24 youngsters! They skipped the first race with the youngsters, but the victory was obtained from Pommeroeul against 376 youngsters. A week later it was once again 'spot on' from St.Quentin with
St.Quentin 2.040 p. 1,9,14,19… and 18/ 24 ! The train had departed, but it's worth had not been calculated! Because, after the young cocks were vaccinated for smallpox… the majority of these cocks suffered from an infection and outbreak of smallpox, which meant that the game was over for these 'chaps'! There were only 6 hens over for the races… they had to keep up the honour of the loft, because despite the fact that after some time a few cocks could be entered, they couldn't directly live up to the high expectations because they didn't reach up to the level that they had before the vaccination… with the exception of 3 cocks . Take a look:

-the 'Blauw Witpen 66' NL08-3821966 (son of the 'Supervedette 152/07' x 'Blauw 92' 492/05 or a half-brother x half-sister, because they are both offspring of the 'Jonge Supercrack') won consecutively:
1° Peronne 779 p.
1° Prov DI Peronne kwh 3.669 p.
8° Prov DI Orleans ZUF 2.129 p.
14° St.Quentin 2.040 p.

-the 'Blauwe 65' NL08-3821865 (nest brother of previous, and so out 'Supervedette' x 'Blauw 92') won:
7° Prov DI Sezanne ZUF 4.272 p.

-the 'Super Blue' NL08-1533629 (self out the 'Jonge Supercrack' x 'Blauw 007') won in turn:
9° St.Quentin 2.040 p.
16° Prov DI Sezanne 4.272 p.

Their ancestry and performances clarify that they are promising 'top athletes', despite the handicap that they experienced through the outbreak of the smallpox plague. The majority of the 'firework performances' was then reserved for the 6 hens, who passed with flying colours, and had the largest slice of the 'cake' by achieving the title of 1° Prov and 2° National Champion Youngsters!

-the 'Marianja' NL08-1533619 is a daughter of the 'Blauwe 43' (self 1° Prov DI + DII Morlincourt 26.801 p. and 4° Nat NPO Orleans 8.322 p.) x 'Chantilly-hen' (self 1° Prov DI Chantilly 3.216 p. with 6' lead). This 'Marianja' has obviously the 'far ahead racing' in the genes because she in turn won:
1° St.Quentin 2.040 p.
1° St.Quentin D1+2 from 17.496 p.
In her own club she won no less than 9 prizes per 10 (wherefrom 8 x by the first 18)! A real super hen!

-'Smart' NL08-3821969 is then a 'half-sister Jonge Supercrack', and daughter of the 'Kannibaal King' (1° Harchies 24.855 p.) x 'Schoon Donker 83' (the mother of the 'Jonge Supercrack'). This 'Smart' won a whole series of top prizes so as:
8° Prov DI Orleans 3.211 p.
15° Morlincourt 1.921 p.
16° St.Quentin 1.719 p.

-the 'Donker Wizzard' NL08-1533624 comes out the 'Wizzard' (1° Nat NPO Etampes 17.487 p.) x 'Schoon Laat Late Donkere 886/02' (full sister 'favoriet 65', 'Kirsty' and 'Nest sister Kirsty') and won amongst other things:
22° Prov DI Orleans 3.211 p.
58° Prov DI Sens 3.872 p.
This is a grip out the total collection of 24 youngsters (wherefrom only 12 could be raced) with which Kerstens-Claessens climbed to 2° Nat Champion youngsters of the Netherlands. Indeed, it doesn't have to be 'a lot', as long as they are 'good' ones… that has been clearly proven yet again by the 'classy pigeons' of Ludo Claessens! Pigeons to be jealous of!

The definite end
The 2008 sport season ended hopefully and successful, as a result of which Ludo now suddenly stood for 2 choices. On the one hand restarting the pigeon happenings at home in the Keizerstraat or continuing from the lofts of Rik under the name Kerstens-Claessens. Through the 'traumatic' experience of the theft, resulting in a 'sabbatical'… Ludo discovered over the previous summer months that there were plenty of other pleasant things and challenges in life apart from success in the pigeon sport. In addition a restart in his own lofts in 2009 would bring with it that 'ghost' of a life with daily fear and insecurity, and the accompanying 'stress'… hence Ludo decided to put this option out of his mind once and for all! So the option remained to continue further in the pigeon sport with sport friend Rik under the banner Kerstens-Claessens, albeit on a small scale… with the difference being that a 'daytrip' in the middle of summer, or a bicycle excursion, or even a holiday in the middle of summer, was now a possibility, because he could follow the pigeon sport from a distance, and jump in to assist when necessary. Now, this option was also nipped in the bud… and there is now also a definite end to the Kerstens-Claessens success story. Rik explains the 'how' and 'why'!

Because now in these times of crisis, firms are being hit by redundancies. Luckily it hasn't come to that for Rik, who works in banking. But a transfer to another town with different travel and work times is imminent, and this means it is no longer possible for him to practise the pigeon sport properly.
During the week he is away from home for long periods of time, which means a strict regime of care is almost impossible… having to work on Friday evening when the pigeons have to be basketted… having to work on Saturday when the pigeons return home… that is pigeon sport without 'soul', without 'fervour', without 'experiencing it'! Despite the fact that Rik has been promised help in caring for the pigeons from various corners, he isn't a man who likes half measures.

The training and basketting of the pigeons with the accompanying human contact form a large part of the sport and that is exactly what he will miss so much and what has made him decide to say farewell to our sport… as a result of which the pigeon tandem Kerstens-Claessens ceases to exist! Instantly the definite end of the Ludo Claessens story, and that at 'his climax'… at the moment that he had bred his best ever team of pigeons, at the moment that he was proclaimed 'best middle distance racer in the world'! Stopping a sport career at a 'climax' is only for a few… that is 'correct'… but let it be clear that this was anything but the intention of Ludo Claessens, quite the contrary. It was the circumstance that forced him to make this 'painful decision'… because, let one thing be clear… under 'normal circumstances' these pigeons would 'NEVER' have been sold! No… NEVER, and for NO AMOUNT OF MONEY IN THE WORLD!

The pigeons that Ludo Claessens had worked on for so long, the 'apples of his eye'… that had given him so many beautiful hours and days, you don't just put them out on the street! There are deep and serious reasons necessary… and they are there, and are sufficiently well-known! The 'Supervedette' was well on the way to being the new figurehead and following in the footsteps of his father 'Jonge Supercrack'… because in his last 2 races he won 2 x 1° prize with 1° Prov DI St.Quentin 3.889 p. and 1° Nat NPO Orleans 9.096 p. in 2007! The closing Orleans by the way… was one of the best performances of Ludo's career! The last race of the 2007 sport season, which was also the very last battle that was put down on paper in the Keizerstraat:
Orleans Prov DI 2.087 p. 1,2,3,5,6,10,13,20,30… and 20/23 Nat NPO 9.096 p. 1,3,5,9,16,38,57,60… and 19/23 A result to be framed, a parting through the 'great gates'… even though luckily Ludo didn't know at the time what fate had in store for him ! And even though it seemed that the only way to carry on in the same manner was to continue under the name Kerstens-Claessens, which was directly successful by immediately becoming 1° Prov and 2° National Champion Youngsters 2008… 'professional circumstances' also brought this to an abrupt end ! The successful paths which had been walked for years were not covered in roses for the last two seasons, but also with thorns ! Ludo Claessens will go into the history books as a 'great gentleman' in the pigeon sport, a 'super champion' who had for a long time surpassed the level of Janssen-Arendonk… a man with 'golden pigeon hands', a man with a 'clear view' at the pigeon sport ! In short, a 'myth' in the pigeon sport ! Finally, read again the 'Highlights' from the closing (but incomplete) 2007 sport season of our 'grand master' from Putte (NL)!

H I G H L I G H T S 2007
The last racing season Ludo Claessens ever
(National and Provincial races)
1st Prov. Total Chantilly 12.003 b
(fastest bird in Holland on that day, 1.923 mpm)
1st, 3rd, 5th, 9th, 16th, 38th, 57th, 60th Nat. NPO Orleans 9.096 b
(fastest of all Orleans-birds, more than 20.000 birds, 1.206 mpm) (at prize 38 the 5 first nominated birds are at home)
1st, 4th, 5th Prov. RI St. Quentin 3.889 b
(1.388 mpm)
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 13th, 20th, 30th Prov. RI Orleans 2.087 b
(23 birds entered, 20 prizes of which 18 in the best 10%)
1st Prov. RI Chantilly (yb) 3.216 b
(victory with no less than 6 min. ahead, 1.405 mpm)
1st Prov. RI Chantilly (old) 2.533 b
(1.923 mpm)

Ludo CLAESSENS, Putte (NL)
The best ORLEANS Fancier ever
19 x Provincial Winner RI
7 x National Winner R
1980:     2.610 b.                1
1982:     7.100 b.                1
1983:     4.997 b.                1,10
1987:     6.110 b.                1,3,10
1987:     9.119 b.                1,3
1989:     2.772 b.                1,12
1991:     5.581 b.                1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9
1991:     8.210 b.                1,2,3,4,5,8
1992:     4.947 b.                1,2,3,4,5,8,12,13
1993:     4.481 b.                1,3,5
1993:     7.406 b.                1,9
1995:     3.168 b.                1,3,9,14
1995:     5.445 b.                1,6
1998:     3.277 b.                1,2
1999:       681 b.                 1
2001:     10.974 b.              1
2002:     1.870 b.                1,5,6
2002:     8.072 b.                1
2003:     2.684 b.                1,2,5,6,7,8,9,11
2003:     1.853 b.                1,5,8
2004:     2.672 b.                1,6
2004:     1.787 b.                1,2,5
2005:     2.153 b.                1,2
2006:     2.371 b.                1
2006:     8.322 b.                2,3,4
2007:     9.096 b.                1,3,5,9,16
2007:     2.087 b.                1,2,3,5,6,10,13