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Christian van de Wetering (Wijk en Aalburg, NL) on top of his game again in 2016

Christian made a fresh start in his current loft in 2014, and he managed to win 18 clear first prizes already in 2015. He did great in 2016 as well, winning 21 first prizes without doubles.

Christian (r) with fellow fancier and his employer Jan Hooymans (l)

Christian managed to win an impressive 21first prizes (without doubles) this season, including five regional and two provincial wins. He also won a 1st prize in the Sprint Championship not nominated in Province 7, as well as two teletext prizes, a 5th not nominated middle distance Province 5 and a 5th not nominated Natour Province 7. Needless to say, 2016 has been another memorable season for Christian. We take a closer look at some of his best results:

Asse-Zellik     115 km   404 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-12-15-17-18-19-20-21-22-23-24-25-etc. (24/40)
Quievrain       181 km   425 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-9-20-27-29-34-35-36-38-39-40-etc. (19/40)
Niergnies       223 km   423 p.: 1-2-4-5-7-8-9-11-13-18-etc. (26/40) 
                                 (1st of 14,737 p. and 8x 100)
Laon            260 km   535 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-14-17-19-21-24-27-28-33-36 (23/39)
Pt.-St.-Maxence 328 km   401 p.: 1-3-8-16-28-38-41-50-51-etc. (17/40) (1st of 12,894 p.)
Oudenaarde      149 km   161 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-etc. (17/18)
Niergnies       223 km   138 p.: 1-2-3-4-5-7-8-9-etc. (17/20)
Pt.-St.-Maxence 328 km 1,799 p.: 3-4-7-9-24-47-56-73-77-88-etc. (20/30)

An overview of all the results and championships of 2016 can be found here. 2015 was a great season as well for Christian, who won an impressive 18 clear first prizes and 8 regional victories. Click here to read more about his 2015 season.

Christian's pigeon family is based around the bloodlines of Jo Baas (Brakel, NL), the Versteeg-Ouwerkerk combination (Nieuwendijk, NL) and Team GPS (Elshout, NL). He also introduced a number of individual pigeons with exceptional origins, which he then paired to his stock breeders. He introduced for instance pigeons of his employer and fellow fancier Jan Hooymans (Kerkdriel, NL), which appeared to combine really well with his existing breed.

The stock pair of Jo Baas can be found in many of his pigeons' pedigrees. The male partner comes straight from the loft of Colijn and Ganus (Nieuwendijk, NL), while the dam is a hen of Bruinsma (Vorden, NL), from the lines of Flor Engels & Sons and Gommaire Verbruggen. This pair has bred quite a few first prize winners and regional ace pigeons, and most of their descendants appear to feel particularly at home in sprint and middle distance races with a lot of wind and high temperatures. One of their most important descendants is Froome 150, a direct son of this stock pair. He won a 1st NPO St.-Quentin against 12,500 pigeons as a youngster, and he went on to win a 1st Ace Pigeon title Sprint Province 7 at the age of two. Besides his 1st NPO he also won a 1st Bretueil (2,489 p.), 1st St.-Quentin (3,063 p.), 1st Strombeek (388 p.), 2nd Pommeroeul (4,991 p.) and 4th Vervins (4,798 p.). Froome 150 turned out to be a talented breeder as well; he is the sire of Stareye and New Stareye. Stareye has in turn bred quite a number of top class pigeons, including New Harry, the star of 2016. The pedigree of New Harry can be found here.

Stareye became the dam of:

 1st Niergnies Prov. 7       14,838 p.
 1st Pt.-St.-Maxence Prov. 7 12,894 p.
 1st Quievrain               11,337 p.
 1st Quievrain                3,513 p.
 1st Asse-Zellik              1,897 p.
 1st Melun                    1,046 p.
 1st Sezanne                    740 p.
 1st Niergnies                  455 p.
 1st Asse-Zellik                424 p.
 2nd Gien                     2,840 p.
 3rd Niergnies                1,302 p.
 4th Duffel                   5,434 p.
 4th Pt.-St.-Maxence          1,799 p.
 7th Pt.-St.-Maxence          1,799 p.
 7th Isnes                    1,397 p.
 8th Pt.-St.-Maxence            979 p.
 9th Troyes                   6,390 p.
 9th Laon                     3,606 p.
10th Sezanne                  4,058 p.
10th Duffel                   1,859 p.
1st National Ace Pigeon YLs middle distanced (3 pr.) PIPA ranking 2015
9th National Ace Pigeon YLs sprint (3 pr.) PIPA ranking 2015

New Stareye has shown to be a talented pigeon as well; she is the dam of top class racing hen Star Sissy. Click here for the pedigree of Star Sissy.

This talented hen won two first prizes and an 8th NPO Pt.-St.Maxence (3,631 p.) as a yearling. She is now the dam of a 1st Oudenaarde (134 .). Both New Harry, Stareye and New Stareye have been transferred to the lofts of Jan Hooymans, where they are expected to breed a new generation of prize winners soon. Another granddaughter of the aforementioned stock pair of Jo Baas is breeding hen Vera, and she forms a successful combination with Martien. This pigeon breed has given many generations of successful racing birds, which have won the following prizes:

 2nd Prov. 7 Epehy    14,566 p.
 9th Prov. 7 Peronne   8,236 p.
 3rd Pommeroeul        4,039 p.
 5th Pt.-St.-Maxence   6,682 p. (teletext)
 5th Prov. 7 Duffel    5,434 p.
 9th Oudenaarde        9,201 p.
34th NPO Bourges       5,373 p.
41st Pt.-St.-Maxence  15,083 p.
48th NPO Chateauroux  10,923 p.
89th NPO Salbris       7,573 p.
And numerous top 10 prizes in the club.

Click here for a complete list of achievements of the descendants of Vera and Martien.

Another of Christian's high value bloodlines is that of Braafje, a pigeon of the Versteeg-Ouwerkerk combination. Braafje is the dam of Blue Brave - click here for the pedigree of Blue Brave.

Blue Brave had a great 2014 and 2015 season, winning the following titles at national level:

17th Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint WHZB/TBOTB '15
21st Nat. Ace Pigeon middle distance  WHZB/TBOTB '14
24th Nat. Ace Pigeon sprint WHZB/TBOTB '15

Blue Brave moved to the loft of Jan Hooymans after two seasons. Several fanciers have won a first prize with descendants of Braafje this season, including Padovano (Breukelen, NL), Team GPS (Elshout, NL) and Christian himself. This bloodline combined really well with pigeons of Jo Baas, of which Vera x Martien is a good example. Dex is a successful exponent of this pairing.

Dex won three top 10 prizes in Province 7 in his brief career as a racing bird:

9th Prov. 7 Peronne         8,236 p.
5th Prov. 7 Duffel          5,434 p.
9th Prov. 7 Oudenaarde      9,201 p.
9th Reg. C Pt.-St.-Maxence  1,799 p.

Unfortunately Dex got lost in 2016. His pedigree can be found here. Team GPS had a great racing bird of Christian in their collection this season as well: Super 18. His sire comes from the stock pair of Jo Baas, and his dam Little Brave is a daughter of Braafje. Click here for the full pedigree of Super 18. Another successful descendant of this pairing is Lady 3000; this young hen became 14th National Ace Pigeon YBs one day long distance Fondspiegel. Her sire is a son of Blue Brave and Little Brave, two youngsters of Braafje. The dam of Lady 3000 is a sister of Harry (Jan Hooymans). Click here for the pedigree of Lady 3000.

Like we said earlier, the introduction of pigeons of Team GPS was quite a success here as well. Christian obtained top class hen Jade, winner of 20 top prizes (including 3 wins) as a yearling. The sire of Jade is The King, a full brother of super class hen Koninginneke of John van Wanrooij (Geffen, NL). The dam of Jade is a granddaughter of Gaby Vandenabeele's Bliksem.

The best pigeon that Christian obtained from Team GPS is perhaps Nationaaltje.

Her sire is a son of Wondere Dirk of Gerard Koopman, and the dam of Nationaaltje is a daughter of Zoon Olympiade (Leo Heremans) x Inbred Sprinter (Ad Schaerlaeckens). She was 9th National Ace Pigeon YBs Fondspiegel and 99th Ace Pigeon YLs in the PIPA rankings for 2015. Nationaaltje developed into a great breeder after her racing career; her most successful daughter is New Nationaaltje.

This one year old hen has two first prizes on her palmares, as well as many other top results. She did great in several pigeon championships as well, having won the following titles:

2nd Pigeon Champion General Region C
6th Pigeon Champion Sprint Region C
3rd Pigeon Champion Sprint Region C1
9th Pigeon Champion Middle Dist. Region C1
1st Pigeon Champion General Club

Click here for the pedigree of New Nationaaltje.

Christian has achieved some great results with his stock pigeons of Jo Baas, Versteeg-Ouwerkerk and Team GPS, but he has successfully introduced some other pigeons in his loft as well, which he selected primarily based off of their origins. One of these introductions is Blue Ellen.

Blue Ellen won 20 top 10 prizes in the union, and she has won quite a number of championship titles over the last two seasons as well:

1st Ace Pigeon Sprint Region C2 '15
1st Ace Pigeon General Region C2 '15
5th Ace Pigeon Sprint Region C2 '15
7th Ace Pigeon Sprint Region C1 '16

The sire of Blue Ellen is Strong Trilboy (Jan Hooymans), which is also the sire of many other successful racing birds. The dam of Blue Ellen is Ellen Nouveau of J. D. Poortvliet (Surhuizum, NL). Blue Ellen combines really well with the Braafje bloodline; a youngster of Blue Ellen x Son Blue Brave won for instance a 1st Isnes of 3,027 pigeons as a young bird in 2016. Click here for the pedigree of this youngster of Blue Ellen x Zoon Blue Brave.

A top class breed can fly high

Christian made a fresh start in his current loft in 2014 and he managed to become one of the leading names in the sprint and the middle distance in Province 7 almost overnight. He won an impressive 39 clear first prizes in just two seasons with a young group of pigeons. He is one of the strongest sprint fanciers in The Netherlands, and his comeback clearly shows that a top class breed can achieve great results in no time.