Christian Harchies - Warchin (BE) 1st, 2nd, 63rd & 89th national Bourges from 22.516 old birds.

Seeing the number of pigeons, the first national Bourges at the end of May has been an important confrontation for the grand middle distance fancier for years. The specialist long distance fanciers basket their best pigeons with the intention of shining in the first race from the Rhone valley, which is planned for just two weeks later from Montélimar.

This year the entire convoy that left for Bourges consisted of 39.577 pigeons, with 22.516 old and 17.061 yearlings respectively. In comparison to last year we constitute a reduction of no less than 11.000 pigeons, not really surprising when we know that 2009 was a record year with more than 50.000 pigeons, which was also the highest number of pigeons over the last twenty years. This year has the second largest number over the last five years. Nevertheless a successful race.
The yearling from Gaston Van de Wouwer was the fastest of  39.577 pigeons with an average speed of 1161,68 m/min. Three pigeons born in that same year were faster than the pigeon from Christian Harchies from Warchin, municipality in the region Doornik. Christian managed to clock two old pigeons in the short space of 8 seconds.

In short: the first two national Bourges old birds.
After his national victory in 1996 from Montauban against 4.743 pigeons he has now entered the very small circle of fanciers that have had more than one national victory. He also joins Jonckers Johny from Linter, the Vercammen's from Vremde and a few others in the even smaller circle of those who have ever occupied the first two places in a national race. 

Christian, 37 years old, races together with his father Michel, 69 years old from the same address since 1989.
Cyril and Thibault, 7 and 4 years respectively, are also infected with the pigeon sport virus and accompany their Daddy every day in the lofts. Christian will never leave his family cocoon seeing that he has built a house, together with his girlfriend, on the grounds next to the family house. It is even so that the left part of the loft stands on his own grounds and the right side on the grounds of his parents.
Because they both work they are forced to divide the tasks between them according to their availability.
The colony is mainly made up of pigeons from the great champion Louis Deleus from Boortmeerbeek, old national champion middle distance but also a pigeon from Wilfried Van de Maele (now grandfather of the 1st national), we further see a few local acquisitions so as from Terryn-Brasseur, Hetru, Pipers, ... etc ...).
All these pedigrees can be found in the 15 breeding couples, together with a few descendants of the "Montauban",  brand new grandfather of the 1st national, after  becoming grandfather of the 2nd national Argenton against 17.000 youngsters.
80 youngsters are ringed each year. The widowers each breed two youngsters and the eggs of the breeders are placed under the yearlings in order to quickly have two rounds from the breeders. He does not hesitate to change the hens of the widowers EVERY YEAR. In this manner, at the end of the career of the widower, usually after 4 years, he has at least 5 youngsters from each widower with a minimum of  3 different hens. He can then easily decide which are valuable enough to earn a place in the breeding loft. 

The 28 widowers and 15 breeding couples are coupled on the 8th of December in order to breed a couple of youngsters so as described here above.
They are coupled once again on the 6th of April and are basketted for Noyon with 3 day old eggs. When they return they go into widowhood. This year they will go consecutively to Ecouen, Angerville, Bourges (regional race) and finally to Bourges national. The races of 400 kilometres are the main aim of the colony in Warchin.
They are fed depurative from Casaert up until 3 days before basketting after which they are given sport mixture.
The main aim of the youngsters is the national races for youngsters, the cocks are not spared and also join them.
They take part in the three first national races and have to achieve at least two prizes, preferably per 10. The youngsters are raced with the sliding door. The second round generally participates in the races small middle distance but Christian strives to let them race La Souterraine as closing race.
The medical picture depends on the microscopic examination, carried out several times per month.

Father and son hadn’t expected to realise this exploit; nevertheless they were optimistic for this first big rendezvous of the early middle distance season.
As a matter of fact the widowers were in top condition

Judge for yourself :
15/05 – Bourges 1073 old birds : 5,7,9,15,16,28,54,62,.. and 11/12
15/05 – Bourges 466 yearlings : 1,2,3,34,37 and 5/6
Messi, 2nd national, was the first clocked and achieved the 5th place against 1.073 old birds with a velocity of 1148 m/min, more or less the same conditions as last Saturday.
Milito, 1st national, achieved 15th place.
It would be an injustice not to mention the four other old birds which participated in Bourges national. The third and the fourth arrivals also achieved a main prize,  63rd and 89th place in the provisional results national. The 5th falls just outside the first hundred national with a velocity of 1120 m/min.
The following result was achieved from Doornik: 1 ,2,3,5,8,19 against  279 pigeons, being 6/6 !!!!!!!
134 Yearlings : 3,12,15,17 and 4/5.
Earlier in the same memorable day Orleans was raced.
Four old birds and 6 yearlings were basketted.
207 Old birds  : 10,29,32,43 being 4/4
303 Yearlings : 1,4,21,39 being 4/6
Who did better ? 

Congratulations and we wish you great success from the entire PiPa-Team.

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