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Chris Hebberecht (Evergem, BE) blijft op topniveau acteren

With 2 national titles KBDB, and a pack of 1st prizes in the (long) distance, Chris Hebberecht was again among the national standouts in 2023.

Amazing pedigree

Chris Hebberecht manages to live up to high expectations year after year. The rock-solid Hebberecht strain has been acting at top level for more than half a century... with 1st National victories, a host of 1st provincial victories and National ace pigeons KBDB at the ready. The solid foundation was laid by the late father Octaaf Hebberecht and expertly guided to magnificent heights by son Chris. The hereditary strength of top performers such as stock birds Champion, Jempy (father of Ike: 1st Nat. Ace pigeon KBDB), and long-distance cracks such as the Marseille (winner 1st Nat Marseille 2020), Edou (himself 7th Nat Ace pigeon KBDB and son of Champion), Lord (1st best pigeon of Belgium at Agen 2015-18), Hachi (9th best long-distance pigeon of Belgium over 4 long-distance races) and so many more... provide new stars in the firmament time and again. On their own loft and with fanciers all over the world. A very strong base and inbred strain, and excellent crossing material for other lofts, as shown by sportsmen who came to Evergem for reinforcement.

In 2023: again among national champions

It all sounds so simple. Yet, it is far from easy to rank among the KBDB's national champions in Fond and Grote Fond every year. Something Chris Hebberecht succeeds in year after year. Also in 2023, he was ranked among the National tenors on the KBDB podiums as:

7. Nat Champion Rhone Valley KBDB 2023 
13. Nat Champion Grote Fond KBDB 2023 

National titles are still the best proof of the fact that the Hebberecht colony is among the best in the country - say the national elite - in long-distance and very long distance. It testifies to particularly strong play throughout the sports season. This is proven by the performance of the Chris Hebberecht pigeons in 2023, the highlights of which you can see at the bottom of this entry.

Chris Hebberecht pigeons also shine in other lofts

The best proof of the breeding value of a pigeon strain is the performance of these pigeons on other lofts. People who were reinforced and/or succeeded with pigeons from a certain strain. The Chris Hebberecht pigeons also play a leading role in this respect. His strongly inbred strain often results in a boost in the performance curve of peers who successfully crossed the Hebberecht pigeons into their own strain. Some recent examples from 2023 and spring 2024 speak volumes on that front.

One of the strongest Barcelona racers in Belgium during the last two editions was housed in the lofts of Christiaan Steyaert from Evergem-Belzele (brother-in-law of Chris). This Barcelona ace - named Ringo Star - already won:

-Ringo Star BE19-4132266

3. Ace pigeon 2-year ranking Barcelona - Brugse Barcelonaclub 2022-2023
75. Nat. Valence – 6.089 p. 
30. Nat. Barcelona ’22  – 6.560 p.
109. Nat. Barcelona ’23 – 6.533 p.

He is a grandson of strong breeder Smallen NL09-1674106, purchased by Chris Hebberecht at the time from Gerard Koopman (as a son of the world-famous Witneus - R. & H.Wijnands: winner 7. Nat Narbonne, 7. Nat Marseille, 8. Nat Bordeaux...). De Smallen himself is father of numerous fondtoppers with Chris Hebberecht, including:

-Raketje: 4. Prov Ace long distance young KBDB 2011, 8. Nat Bourges 11,883 p., 69. Nat Zone Gueret 7,174 p., 91. Nat Zone Argenton 10,695 d... and a real super breeder herself on the Hebberecht breeding scene.
-Rambo: 1. Angoulême 128 p. and 14. Nat Angoulême 5.030 p., 11. Nat Cahors 3.018 p., 44. Nat Souillac 6.668 p., 69. Nat Brive 3.755 p… etc.
-Magic Boy: 1. Grote Fondprijs KBDB Oost-Vl 2012, 13. Nat Bordeaux 10.620 d. etc…
-Opal: 16. Nat Valence 2022 – 6.056 p. etc… 
A great breeding line in Chris Hebberecht's lofts.

Descendants of the Chris Hebberecht pigeons are also performing particularly strongly in One-Loft races at the moment. Some examples...

1st Final Thailand Master OLR 2024

The winning pigeon in the final of the Thailand Master OLR in 2024 is a 50% Chris Hebberecht pigeon. This OLR had 5,000 pigeons participating, of which 1,581 still came to the start of the final, a 530 Km flight. It was a challenging flight, with the winning pigeon NKPT23-99966 clocking off at an average speed of 1127 m/min. The sire of this winner is a 100% Hebberecht pigeon bred from Messi Junior BE20-4220878 (itself out of Messi x Daughter Evert 153/14, winner 1st Nat St.Vincent) x Daughter Lord BE20-4068524 (out of the 1st Best Agen Pigeon of Belgium 2015-18, also coupled with a Daughter Evert 268/14)

By the way... a direct Daughter Lord BE23-4173002 (her nest-brother is currently in a PIPA auction) finished ahead of Chris Hebberecht - during the weekend of 24 February 2024 - in place 55 in the rocky final (525 Km, flown with rocky headwinds) of the Alshaheed OLR Kuwait in which a total of 3,677 pigeons participated. 

2nd Final Pattaya OLR 2024

The pigeon that won the silver medal at the final of the Pattaya OLR 2024 - Mr Hajji Alhadiyha's KT23-1222101 - and thus finished in place 2, also has a good bit of Chris Hebberecht blood flowing in its veins. The grandmother is a direct Chris Hebberecht, a Daughter Edou BE19-4228167 (out of 7. Nat Asduif Fond KBDB: Edou, herself son of Champion... x super breeder Raketje). A real super breeder this Daughter Edou, who was also already mother of the 12th Super Ace in the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2022... as well as of the 57th in the final (583 Km) and 55th Super Ace of the Victoria Falls World Challenge Pigeon Race 2023. No coincidence... Can count! 

Real top references that once again double and thickly highlight the enormous breeding value and hereditary power of the modern Chris Hebberecht. With the Chris Hebberecht pigeons, numerous sportsmen got real breeding gold in their hands, full of promise for the future.

The 2023 long-distance and great-distance highlights (local results)

03/6 Limoges - 248 old: 2-4-9-13-14-21-29-44-56 (24)
09/6 Valence I -  93 old: 1-5-6-26-31 (8)
17/6 Cahors -  83 old: 4-10-28 (6) 
24/6 Pau -  97 old: 10-14 (3) 
24/6 Valence II -  43 old: 1-4-15 (5) 
30/6 Agen – 111 old: 1-2-20-37 (6) 
08/7 Bergerac -  98 old: 1-7-8-15-17 (9) 
16/7 St.Vincent -  91 old: 9-12 (3) 
22/7 Marseille -  54 old: 5-6 (2) 
22/7 Libourne -  78 old: 3-15-22-23 (9) 
         Libourne -  70 years: 1-19-22 (4)
30/7 Narbonne – 144 old: 1-14-15-45 (8) 
30/7 Souillac – 136 old: 5-13-26-29-41-46 (11)
07/8 Perpignan – 103 old: 3-31-34 (6)