Chris Debacker (Beveren-Leie, BE) was again one of the very best in 2020

Chris Debacker was on top of his game again in 2020. This champion confirmed his status as a top level player again this season, and his name has become synonymous to a spectacular style of racing.

The Chris Debacker pigeon family is renowned for claiming provincial victories seemingly with ease, and that was also the case in 2020. This has been an unusually short season, and yet they managed to add an impressive five provincial victories to their palmares, besides three second places and as many as nine provincial third places. It goes without saying that Chris's pigeons were once again very strong. They even surpassed the mark of 30 provincial victories this season.

The Debacker racing team and their stellar achievements are backed up by a team in which every member has a specific set of tasks. Wim Dewitte is responsible for the racing hens: he organizes their training flights in the afternoon and he feeds them every day as well, and he also looks after the pigeons that are kept in the aviaries. Meanwhile, Piet Vanwontergem sees to it that the young birds complete their morning training, and he baskets them for those crucial training flights as well. Every morning, Chris organizes the training flights for his widowers, and they get another training flight in the evening when he comes home. He feeds them every day as well. And there is another fancier involved, someone who comes by to check the pigeons or await their arrival every now and then. And he also supplies this team with top class pigeons: none other than Gaby Vandenabeele. This group of fanciers, combined with Chris Debacker's strict selection policy and his collection of high quality pigeons makes the pigeon family from Beveren-Leie one of our sport's leading names.

An endless list of references

Even more so than their fantastic achievements at home, it is the long list of references of the Debacker pigeon family in other lofts that illustrates their exceptional value. Every fancier will agree that you can only estimate the true potential of a pigeon family by the titles and victories won in other lofts. Several fanciers had already discovered that they were more likely to win races when they invested in this particular breed, and that was even more the case in 2020. Take friend and fancier Rik Cools from Ruiselede for instance, who won a title of 2nd National ace pigeon KBDB shorter middle distance last year. Rik would have won another championship title KBDB this year, if he had not sent in his pigeon past the deadline, thus failing to win a title as one of Belgium's best. The pigeon in question has the exact same bloodlines as the 2nd National ace pigeon from 2019, since their respective sires are two brothers, and their dams are two sisters. Rik Cools also won a 1st provincial Chateauroux of 5,555 pigeons on 4th of July with Evita, a direct Debacker pigeon.

The race from La Souterraine took place on 25th of July, and this race proved a major success for the pigeons of the Debacker breed. They won the following top results against 2,484 pigeons: a 2nd provincial for Vermeersch-Depraetere with a 100% Debacker pigeon, a 3rd provincial (with Elizabeth) for Chris and a 4th provincial for Rik Cools. The race from Blois took place that same weekend, and the Debacker family claimed a few more podium places against as many as 5,4747 pigeons that day: Rik Cools won a 2nd provincial with another direct Debacker bird, with Chris himself finishing in 3rd place provincial. And the team excelled in Pontoise as well, with a 1st provincial Zone A2 for Jurgen Delbecque, who was racing with a direct Debacker bird.

Op 25 juli stond La Souterraine op het programma en daar werd het een waar festival van duiven van het ras Debacker. Tegen 2.484 deelnemende duiven noteren we: 2° provinciaal bij Vermeersch-Depraetere met een 100 % Debackerduif, de 3° provinciaal (met Elizabeth) bij Chris zelf en de 4° provinciaal bij Rik Cools. Dezelfde dag werd ook Blois vervlogen en ook daar waren er provinciale podiumplaatsen tegen een massa deelnemende duiven. Er waren 5.474 duiven in koers en op de 2° prijs provinciaal staat opnieuw Rik Cools met een rechtstreekse Debacker, terwijl Chris zelf op de 3° provinciaal eindigt. Ook op Pontoise was het toen prijs met de 1° provinciaal Zone A2 bij Jurgen Delbecque, ook hier met een rechtstreekse Debacker.

Meanwhile, Vivien Tjoens claimed a 1st provincial in another provincial race. This direct pigeon of Chris Debacker has 5 x first and 4 x third to his name! We have seen several races where Chris was only beaten by his own pigeon family, but it has been the other way round on a few occasions as well: Vermeersch-Depraeter claimed for instance a 2nd provincial, finishing right behind Chris Debacker himself. The list of references is near endless, and Chris is very happy about that, especially because his grandmaster and close friend Gaby Vandenabeele from Dentergem cained international acclaim in similar fashion.


We still vividly remember the title of 1st National ace pigeon KBDB long distance 2019 for Anthony Maes, which went to a granddaughter of De Nick, Chris Debacker's invaluable stock breeder. And the list of references not only consists of national ace pigeons, it also includes a number of national winners. For instance, Roger and Jurgen Vervaeke claimed a 1st national Chateauroux in 2018 against as many as 27,081 pigeons, and Anthony Maes has a 1st national Argenton on his palmares with a grandchild of De Staf. The list is endless, and most of these prize winners are descendants of top breeder Nick, while others are closely related to the top class bloodlines of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Successful transition to the long distance

Chris Debacker is especially renowned for his achievements in the middle distance: fantastic overall results and numerous important victories in races ranging from 300 to 600 km. But it was not really a surprise to see this pigeon family excel in longer distance races in 2020 as well. Chris tried his luck in a number of long distance races this season, and it quickly led to some remarkable results: a 3rd provincial Montelimar, a 4th and 10th provincial etc. in Brive, and how about a 3rd and 7th provincial in Tulle? The race from Limoges was a success as well, since he won a 9th provincial that day. It goes to show that this is a highly versatile pigeon family. 

Ace pigeons aplenty

This has been another spectacular season for the team from Beveren-Leie, and this inevitably led to several ace pigeon titles as well. Take for instance Bobby Jr (BE19-3029415), a national ace pigeon KBDB in the middle distance. His palmares includes a 1st prov. Fontenay, besides many other top results in this race. His teammate Boy George (BE-19-3029597) has been almost just as successful, and he has a championship title to his name as well, as one of Belgium's strongest pigeons.

And let's not forget Baldwin Jr (BE19-3029556) and Evian (BE-193029560), which will undoubtedly claim a provincial ace pigeon title KBDB soon.

And we reckon his close friend Rik Cools will be adding a few ace pigeon titles to his palmares this season too, thanks to his collaboration with Chris Debacker. His racing birds '459-20' (BE20-3106459) and Felicienne (BE20-3106463) illustrate the many qualities of this pigeon family.

2020 was yet another season in which Chris could demonstrate the many strengths of his pigeon family. He has been quite successful in the long distance this season as well, but he also continued to deliver in the sprint and the middle distance. This team has a very bright future, and the many fanciers that invested in his bloodlines in recent years are well aware of that. It has always been Chris and his team's ambition to get stronger and stronger, relying on a strict selection policy. And that is why this pigeon family will continue to be one of pigeon racing's leading names.