China Trip – December 2019 (VIDEO)

A delegation of PIPA travelled to China in mid-December, where they were scheduled to visit a number of renowned Chinese fanciers. Here is a travel report of their China trip.

A visit to Kaier – Tangshan
Kaier, also referred to as Mr. Xing, has been organising a One Loft Race for a number of years now, and his event has grown to become the biggest OLR in China, with a total of 25,000 competing pigeons. We were invited to the prize ceremony and the gala show of this One Loft Race. The gala show was a grand spectacle, featuring some big stars from China and Taiwan. Meanwhile, the PIPA delegation was asked to hand out a few of the awards. There was also a charity auction during this show, which PIPA organised together with Kaier, and in which a few European fanciers, as well as Kaier, auctioned off some special birds. Each fancier introduced his pigeon in a short movie, and the movies were shown to the audience that evening. The auction revenue, a total of 83,000 euro, will be donated to a number of elementary schools in China. We thank every fancier that donated a pigeon, as well as the buyers and bidders!

Kaier also talked about his ambitions in pigeon racing that evening, showing pictures of his new pigeon project. He is investing 5.7 million euro in a pigeon university, where you can learn how to race pigeons, as well as a in a hotel with wellness centre, and two large new breeding lofts for the Kaie Pigeon Industry.

In the following days, on 13th and 14th of December, the pigeons of Kaier's One Loft Race were auctioned off, and there was also a public auction involving a number of pigeons from European fanciers. Hundreds, if not 500 or more fanciers from all across China attended these auctions, and the most expensive pigeon in this OLR was the second place winner in the final. It was sold for 250,000 euro.

We thank Mr. Xing for being such a great host, despite his busy agenda. Mr. Xing was very hospitable, and we received a warm reception.

On 15th of December we were invited by Xin Yue, the Liu Brothers, who accumulated capital with their taxi business. They continued to expand their empire with a variety of activities: they leased busses and luxury vehicles, they acquired hotels, they obtained schools in the USA, etc. Their total assets are estimated to amount to about 1 billion euros. They invited us to one of the best restaurants of Beijing, which has welcomed the likes of Barack Obama, Steven Spielberg, etc. It was an unforgettable experience. PIPA and the Liu brothers have known each other for more than ten years, and PIPA gets a warm welcome whenever we make the trip to China. The Liu brothers have purchased large numbers of pigeons through PIPA over the years (the first pigeon came in 2009, in the Ludo Claessens auction), and they have always said that PIPA is like a family to them. They hope to extend our collaboration for many more years. By the end of the evening, the oldest Liu brother told the PIPA delegation: "If you ever need anything in China, or if you run into problems, do not hesitate to let me know. Friendship is more than just having dinner together. We are always there if you need help." 

A few members of our delegation went to visit Big Buddha on 16th of December. He is a renowned Chinese fancier who lives near Beijing, and he was also very hospitable.

In the afternoon and evening we went to Great Wall, and we were once again warmly welcomed. We had a bit of a talk, and we inspected all of Great Wall's pigeons that finished in the top 300 of the 2019 Pioneer Club ace pigeon championship. He showed us several pedigrees, and we could tell that many of his pigeons are still related to Ludo Claessens, Gaston van de Wouwer, Bart Geerinckx and the PEC. Great Wall was the fancier who took home the most prize money in the Pioneer Club, followed by Mr. Xing. PIPA's two biggest clients have dominated China's most important race, which we are very happy about of course.

We also visited teh breeding lofts of Great Wall and we walked around his domain, which was already cover in snow. We then had another fabulous dinner in a fine restaurant, while being joined by Mr. Su, the owner of the Pioneer club.

We flew black home later that evening, looking back on very successful trip to China. We would like to thank everyone who invited us for their hospitality. We did notice how pigeon racing is still in full development and in full expansion in China. The country welcomes new fanciers every year, and the overall number of players is still on the rise.