Cheque for 30.125 Euro from the ‘PiPa -Taiwan Donation Auction’ presented to the ‘Tzu Chi Foundation’

Cheque for 30.125 Euro from the ‘PiPa -Taiwan Donation Auction’ was presented to the ‘Tzu Chi Foundation’. Everybody will no doubt remember the disastrous news that reached us from Taiwan at the end of August, when a typhoon… the worst in more than 50 years… caused true havoc in this country.

Houses were destroyed, entire areas were flooded, entire villages were washed away or buried under a mudflow… a disaster whereby a great number of people lost everything, and many casualties were claimed. Because PiPa has many contacts and an important market in Taiwan, we felt closely connected to these happenings… especially since some of the most well-known pigeon fanciers and their families there were severely affected … because they were in the front line of the storm. Just like the time the ‘Tsunami’ caused disaster in Thailand… the spontaneous idea grew to initiate something to help the people affected with the reconstruction. That’s why a ‘Taiwan Donation Auction’ was set up, the entire proceeds of which would be allocated to one of the aid agencies. The total proceeds of this auction was (in the middle of September) 30.125 euro, being 1.438.770 NTD. The cheque for this amount was in the meantime paid to the ‘Tzu Chi Foundation’ which is responsible for the reconstruction of the affected areas. Via this route the pigeon fanciers worldwide who have donated a pigeon for this auction, or made a purchase, have supported the affected citizens in Taiwan! We would like to take this opportunity to thank these people once again for their help and support, and special thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mark Vandaele for volunteer assisting the correspondance, bank account opening and other works ..

Tzu Chi Foundation: 



Donation pigeons auction list:

Donating loft:Q'tyDescriptionAuction Price Higest bidder / Country
比利時蓋比(Gaby Vandenabeele)1#1 BE09-3180354700Eiji TakahashiJapan
荷蘭 歐瓦特(Overwater)1#2 NL09-1171372 850William LinTaiwan
比利時馬克.范德爾(Mark Vandaele)1#3 BE09-3023143750Yang HungChina
比利時 雷布洛克父子(Reybroeck)1#4 BE08-4098189 300Hartog InternationalThailand/UK
比利時胡本(Houben1#5 BE09-6222998850 Team Hlavica Cze
比利時山森-波伊(Samson-Boye)1#6 BE08-6061758 400116fotoTaiwan
荷蘭席德(Zijde)1#7 NL09-10435541000 IhabUAE
比利時羅傑.狄布喜(Roger Debusschere)1#8 BE09-4150230475 John AartsHolland
比利時格魯騰斯父子(Grootjans Eddy & Roger)1#9 BE09-6235724325Deng Tsi ZenTaiwan 
荷蘭雷騰兄弟( Cor Leijtens)1#10 NL07-1980323 600 M. LakemanHolland
比利時福雷迪.范希兄弟(Vandenheede F&J)1#11 BE08-40951951300Peace LiChina
比利時 丹尼爾.波沙特(Daniel Pousaert)1#12 BE09-9043914425Mr. KuoTaiwan
荷蘭愛迪.摩爾(Ed Mol)1#13 NL09-12898611300 Regio Etten-LeurHolland
荷蘭雷蒙.摩拉維德(Raymond Moleveld)1#14 NL08-1331427500Phil Ward UK
荷蘭雷蒙.摩拉維德(Raymond Moleveld)1#15 NL09-2056913325C.S. LinChina
比利時 馬克.波林父子(Marc Pollin)1#16 BE08-3090188 200Hartog InternationalThailand/UL
比利時摩利斯.卡沙特父子(Casaert M&G)1#17 BE09-9077870 550Phillip Fredrick Turner Australia
比利時 裘林兄弟(Tjolyn E&S)1#18 BE09-51202121300William LinTaiwan
德國萊克父子 (Lecke Markus & Theo)1#1 DV04087-09-661375LXWChina
比利時福瑞克-阿倫夫婦(Verreckt-Arien)1#2 BE09-5176984600De Coninck An Belgium
比利時喬斯.托內(Jos Thoné)1#3 BE08-5061385 700William LinTaiwan
荷蘭馬歇爾.山格斯(Marcel Sangers)1#4 NL09-1904700500 Andre Verbesselt Belgium
蘭沃克父子(Verkerk G.&S.)1#5 NL09-1186019 1000C.I.C. IntPortugal
中國北京長城鴿業(Great Wall China)1#6A or 6B 2009 young bird1100LXWChina
台灣員山子鴿舍(Alance-Taiwan)1#7 2009 young bird 3000D.L. WangTaiwan
武漢中佳國際譚勇先生(Tan Yong - China)1#8 CHN08-17-8105 2000Mr. QianChina
比利時愛力克.林伯格(Eric Limbourg)1#9 BE09-2119369800Chang Shi ZhungTaiwna
比利時 巴特.潘尼(Bert Penne)1#10 BE09-4054467 150Hartog InternationalThailand/UK
比利時 安德烈.佛巴塞特(Andre Verbesselt)1#11 BE09-40181241500SherpaBelgium
法國 迪迪爾.霍夫拉克 (Didier Hofflack)1#12 FR09-24902350HarleyChina
比利時羅伯特.古柏曼(Robert Gubbelmans)1#13 BE09-5183298 375Chang Shi ZhungTaiwan
德國帝克曼-史特羅吉(Dickmann-Stroetges)1#14 NL08-2129209 600Calvin HungTaiwan
喬斯.佛卡門 (Hok Jos Vercammen)1#15 BE09-6248352700K.S. WongChina
德國拉金夫婦(Lucking B&G)1#16 DV03611-09-2717 425SonnieUSA
比利時羅伯特.凡內肯(Robert Van Eycken)1#17 BE09-2155321900William LinTaiwan
比利時賽鴿天堂網菁英育種中心( PiPa Elite Center)1#18 BE09-4139392 1100Joe StrydomSouth Africa
比利時賽鴿天堂網+盧娜(PIPA+Luna Lai)1#19 BE09-41394671800Li YuChina
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