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Cees Schroevers (Arnemuiden, NL) wins the title of Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in department Zeeland ’96 with Kyara

Cees Schroevers finished the 2013 season in style: he achieved some excellent results and he added a few championship titles to his list of achievements. In addition, his pigeon Kyara has won the title of Provincial Ace Pigeon Middle Distance in department Zeeland ’96.

The pigeons of Cees Schroevers were in great shape and they have had a splendid season. We give you an overview of his best results in union 7 in the department of Zeeland ’96:

27/04/13 Morlincourt            1465 p. 5-6-23-25-41-42-50-54-65-70 etc. (23/33)
04/05/13 Mantes-la-Jolie        1416 p. 1-2-4-33-34-43-44-58-64-65 etc. (15/33)
11/05/13 Tours                  1082 p. 14-15-16-20-21-28-44-45 etc. (10/18)
08/06/13 La Souterraine          770 p. 7-55-63 etc. (4/6)
15/06/13 Orléans                 543 p. 3-4-11-16-24-27-28-35-36 etc. (13/16)
06/07/13 Chateauroux             565 p. 5-7-30-51-56 etc. (7/9)
13/07/13 Peronne                1235 p. 8-9-24-31-39-60-65-74-75 etc. (11/24)
20/07/13 Morlincourt            1170 p. 3-9-11-28-40-49-56-65-79 etc. (16/23)
10/08/13 Quievrain               606 p. 1-2-7-10-27-60-63-67-68-81 etc. (25/40)
24/08/13 Menen                   945 p. 5-6-7-8-16-17-38-49-50-52 etc. (19/31)
31/08/13 Morlincourt             908 p. 3-9-27-33-55-64-68-73-88 etc. (16/20)
07/09/13 Breuil-le-Vert-Cler     857 p. 1-3-12-13-15-16-24-29-31-40 etc. (21/29)

Click here for an overview of the championship titles won in 2013.


Most attention is drawn to NL12-3202464 Kyara. This one-year-old widow hen was 1st General Pigeon Champion in the pigeon association P.V. De Voorwaarts and 2nd General Pigeon Champion in union 7 of the department of Zeeland ’96 in 2013. The icing on the cake was the title of 1st Provincial Pigeon Champion Middle Distance of the department of Zeeland ’96 this season. She earned her title with a 12th prize from Pithiviers (4340 p.) and a 34th prize from Orléans (3023 p.). Kyara is a granddaughter of four excellent breeding hens that form the basis of the pigeon family of Cees Schroevers. Click here for the pedigree of Kyara NL12-3202464.

Superboy 775

One of the grandfathers of Kyara is the BE10-6163775 Superboy 775. This fabulous breeder was 6th National Ace Pigeon TBOTB (The Best Of The Best). He was bred from a grandson of the famous Kaasboer of Gaston van de Wouwer and from the 253 Vichy Hen of Van Eynde-Goovaerts. Superboy 775 is still fairly young but he is already sire and grandfather of several outstanding pigeons housed in the lofts at Arnemuiden. Apart from grandfather of Kyara, Superboy 775 is also the sire of the NL12-3202421, which finished 8th in the Pigeon Championship One-Day Long Distance in department Zeeland ’96. This makes him the best yearling in the ranking. Click here for an overview of Superboy 775's breeding references.

   Superboy 775, excellent breeder at Cees Schroevers'

Dream Lady

The NL09-3900547 Dream Lady is the grandmother of Kyara when paired to Superboy 775. This hen was bred from a son of Zachte Bijter of Koen Minderhoud and was winner of a 1st Mantes-la-Jolie 1481 p., a 1st Argenton 724 p. and a 1st Châteauroux 214 p. She is the dam of quite a lot successful racing pigeons as well. Click here for an overview of the best achievements of Dream Lady. A list of Dream Lady's most successful descendants can be found here.

Dreamlady, 4th Provincial Pigeon Champion One-Day Long Distance 2010 and 2012

Azelio and Drie Vijfjes

The other two grandparents are the NL08-3800515 Azelio and the hen Drie Vijfjes with band number NL09-3900555. Azelio is related to the Koopman breed (the lines of Ermerveen’s Hope and Annelies) from his father’s side and his dam is NL04-0406596 Nadine, 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon. Drie Vijfjes is a daughter of BE01-6153820 Dikke Flor (Flor Engels & Son) paired to a daughter of Jonge Bijter of Koen Minderhoud. Azelio and Drie Vijfjes have proven their worth as a pair by breeding:

NL12-3202459  Sharon    1st Quievrain        1585 p.
                        1st Breuil-le-Vert   1047 p.
NL11-3007112  Alexia    1st Wolvertem         615 p.
                        1st Breuil-le-Vert   114 p.
NL10-3000678  Arandino  1st Orléans          1049 p.
                        1st Sens              144 p.

Click here for an overview of the breeding references of Drie Vijfjes. Click here to take a look at the pedigree of Sharon.

Kyara originates from four different cracks, proving that successful racing pigeons often produce excellent pigeons in the breeding loft after their career.

Amazing Star and Lady Kim

The breeding loft of Cees Schroevers is getting crowded. A new star has made its appearance: NL09-3900572 Lady Kim. She won a 1st NPO Tours 5334 p. and a 4th NPO Tours 5482 p. and her descendants appear to be just as talented. Click here for the breeding references of Lady Kim.

Lady Kim, 1st NPO Tours 2011

The Provincial Pigeon Champion Middle Distance 2013 is a worthy successor to NL10-3000713 Amazing Star of Cees Schroevers. This blue hen was 1st Provincial Ace Pigeon in 2011 and she finished fourth in that same championship in 2012. She deserves to be mentioned as well. She is a daughter of NL09-3900545 Amy, a full sister of Azelio. You can see the circle is complete. Click here for the pedigree of Amazing Star.

Amazing Star, Provincial Ace Pigeon 2011

It is quite a challenge to make it to the top in our sport but it is even harder to stay there. Cees Schroevers has a team of very talented breeders which makes his ambitions clear.