Catalogue Maxim & Xavier Thoné (As, BE)

Maxim and Xavier Thoné are selling their best racing birds + a few (late) youngsters of their best birds from Monday 4th to Sunday 17th of January 2021.

We have quite a few proven racing birds on offer, which is why we also came up with a catalogue (digital only), which you can download here. One of the pigeons on offer will be Sergio, winner of a 1st Nat. Zone Issoudun, and provincial winners like Aldina, Victor and Super Joe. Other pigeons that will be sold online are 1st Prov. ace pigeon Bill, 1st Prov. ace pigeon & 11th Nat. ace pigeon long distance Romea 403 and Candira (11 x first). You can take a closer look at each of them in our online catalogue.

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Cataloog Maxim & Xavier Thoné

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