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Catalogue Joël Verschoot (Ingelmunster, BE)

Discover a plethora of super pigeons which will soon be on offer at the total auction of Joël Verschoot. The auction will start on Monday 4th December and ends Sunday 17th December 2023.

The legacy of long distance master Joël Verschoot will be auctioned on PIPA starting early December. The pigeons which Joël managed to make (inter)national stars will be available for the whole world to buy. The auction includes the last direct offspring of two absolute icons which made the Verschoot colony world famous, direct children (and grandchildren) of the best long distance pigeon ever 'Armando', and his phenomenal loft mate Contador. Amongst them is super breeder Copy Armando (direct son Armando) and Pipa Try (daugther Contador), parents of Calimero: best yearling in 2023 at Joël Verschoot and winner of 3x Provincial Top 25 on national long distance races! 

Each pigeon is molded by the master hand of Joël Verschoot, according to the philosophy with which he built his colony. A philosophy where the pedigree is not the most important thing, but above all performance is what counts. An ironclad stock was built around real cracks; around pigeons that earned their credits through results. Furthermore, the auction includes the 2 full brothers and national stars Bisty - winner 1st Nat. Valence 2022, 72nd Nat. Angoulême, 85th Nat. Aurillac etc. - and Baziel - 2nd Nat Angoulême, 7th Nat Valence, 33rd Nat. Montauban... in addition to a whole series of winners and top racers up to the national level. The talent from the superb team of yearlings which managed to win the title of 4th Nat. Champion Long Distance YL KBDB 2023 will also be on offer here. All direct descendants from the excellent breeding foundation with which Joël managed to build his world-class stock of long distance pigeons. Pigeons with power in their wings, grit, and willpower; real racers backed up by results. A last chance to acquire a direct descendant from one of the strongest long distance colonies in Belgium and to give your loft a boost on its way to success.

In the catalogue you will find the success story behind Joël Verschoot his super colony, besides information about the top pigeons which will soon be available in this auction. 

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Catalogue Joël Verschoot

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