Carrette Kristof, "Provincial Champion WVJB and debutants West-Flanders (2004)"

Kristof Carrette from Oostkamp

Short overview 2004:
8 first prizes.
1st prov. champion WVJB.
1st prov. Champion debutants West-Flanders.
3rd prov. Ace pigeon WVJB middle distance.
3rd Gouden duif junior; (1st Belgian).
5th West European Confederation (-18).
6th young ace pigeon Championships
7th National criterion youth clubs.
8th prov. Champion sprint.

In 1998 Kirstof started as a 12 year old boy with a loft of about 15 young pigeons. These pigeons raced
Arras almost every week. He didn't expect too much in the beginning, because even when his pigeons came home only after 2 or 3 days, these were real super pigeons in the eyes of Kristof. But there was one very remarkable hen, which was better than all her loft mates… She won 3 first prizes in Kristof's first year as pigeon fancier. This way he won 2nd prize in the national criterion and suddenly he became obsessed by pigeons. This hen “Het Nationaaltje” , is the the most important pigeon in the first years of Kirstof's career as a pigeon fancier. Well, he only bred one youngster out of her which was worth mentioning, but this daughter became the mother of several good pigeons which he coupled again with some new blood from successful pigeon fanciers from the neighbourhood. In the mean time, Kristof's ambition is much higher than in his first year of racing. Only the results are important. Origin, size, colour of the pigeon are much less important. If a pigeon in Kirstof's loft can win some top prizes, Kristof puts it immediately in the breeding loft, where he can hopefully breed some equal high quality youngsters. In the national youth criterium he placed about every year in the top ten ranking, while he also won in the WVJB a few very nice places. In 2003 he already raced very well. In the local club “De Eendracht”, he won several 1st prizes and championships and more and more of his pigeons won top prizes.

The past season…
In 2004 Kristof's young pigeons won 8 first prizes and the renown titles of provincial champion WVJB and debutants West-Flanders were won by a coefficient which was 10% lower than the 2nd one! Also in the championships of Bruges he won a few nice rankings. In this championship each year about 6.000 young pigeons participate from West and East Flanders and in this competition he won his “Provinciaal” the 6th prize while five of his cracks ranked in the first 100. In the middle distance race “De Mendoza” became 3rd Prov. In the contest Ace pigeon WVJB this pigeon won remarkable results from the races of Chartres and Blois. In the junior ranking of “De Duif” competition he won 3rd prize, the first two were two Dutch fanciers.

Introducing several of his champions…
The “Provinciaal” was in 2004 without a doubt the most impressive pigeon in the loft. He won 5 first prizes and 15 topprizes! He is a son of
“Break” coupled with a hen of Roger Degraeve from Voormezele. The “Break”, origin Paridaen, Brauwers-Monte and Thooft-Deburchgraeve, win in 2002 the 1st prize from Blois against 984 young pigeons (7 minutes ahead).

In 2004 he prepared to race
Limoges. His preparation with 2 prizes per 10 from Tours and Poitiers gave hope but… the week before Limoges his son won for the 3rd time a first prize… So no Limoges for this pigeon, but immediately to the breeding loft.

“De Patrick” won prizes very regularly, too. He won 8 prizes per 10 and was not raced any further than Clermont. He is a son of a pigeon of Patrick Staelens coupled with a hen of Willy Vanhoute.

“De Mendoza” is a cock of with Paridaen-origin. He was raced mainly on the middle distance races. He became 3rd prov. Ace pigeon of WVJB and won 7 prizes per 10 from which Blois 4th against 984 young pigeons.

“De Ronker”, is a pigeon with origin Lestienne x Paridaen. This pigeon had difficulty coming back into the loft, only when he was raced a little bit further he had very nice results:
Chartres 6th/ 408, Tours 61st/1.553 and Poitiers 68th/ 2.957.

Overview best results in 2004…

Arras (107km) 437 young pigeons: 1., 5., 6., 8., 14., 28., 30., 32… (21/ 29)
Arras (107km) 744 young p.: 9., 24., 25., 30., 38., 42., 45., 53., 72… (32/ 48)
Clermont (207km) 466 young p.: 1., 2., 17., 38.,… (13/ 28)
Clermont (207km) 540 young p.: 3., 4., 8., 18., 42., 48.,… (18/ 27)
Clermont (207km) 1.678 young p.: 11., 73., 131., 143 (1-2-3), … (6/12)
Clermont (207km) 335 young p.: 5., 6., 13., 15., 24., …(18/21)
Clermont (207km) 173 young p.: 1., 2., 4., (1-2-3) (5/ 6)
Clermont (207km) 238 young p.: 4., 6., 8., 9., 24., 27., …(14/20)
Clermont (207km) 205 young p.: 8., 9., 13., 15., 19., 21., …(10/16)
Chartres (328km) 588 young p.: 8., 9., 24., 42., 47., 48.,…(15/18)
Chartres (328km) 406 young p.: 1., 5., 6., 26., 31., … (10/ 12)
Chartres (328km) 137 young p.: 2., 14., 15., 16., 17., 19., 20., 21., 22., …(12/18)
Chartres (328km) 83 young p.: 3., 4., 6., 7., 8., …(8/8)
Chartres (328km) 98 young p.: 1., 2., 10., 16., 17., 18., 19., 22., 25., …(14/ 18)
Blois (421km) lok. 984 young p.: 4., 30., 94., …(6/ 12)
Poitiers (551km) lok. 353 young p.: 8., 14., (3/6)
Poitiers (551km)prov. 1.665 young p.: 49., 71., (3/6)
Poitiers (551km)int. 2.957 young p.: 68., 98., (3/6)