Carlos Marquez Prats deceased

We have been informed that mister Carlos Marquez Prats has passed away

Mister Carlos Marquez Prats was for years the chairman of the F.C.I, the international pigeon fanciers union.

Demize of Carlos Marquez Prats
Pigeon Sport is to-day under shock for the loss of a Great Man of our sport. CARLOS MARQUEZ
PRATS who died this morning surrounded with all his family, in Barcellona.
Hon Life President of the Federation Colombophile Internationale and Chairman of the Grand Prix
Mundial Ranking. Hon Life President of the Spanish Federation.
A man who made Pigeon Sport his hobby. A man who worked hard to change the mentality of the FCI and who has made it what it is today. A Great leader, because from the word go in Verona twenty years ago when he became President for the first time he never stopped working for our sport. In a very jokeful way we used to call him Mr No Problem, because no obstacle was impossible for him. The determination he had to improve the sport knew no limit and this filled all those around him to work harder. Those who worked close to him lost not only a leader but also a great friend, never to be forgotten.
On behalf of the Federation Colombophile Internationale, and The Commission of the Grand Prix
Mundial Ranking we would like to present our condolences to Mrs Prats and his Children and family.
José Tereso
Izstvan Bardos
Martha van Geel
J.P. Nell
Ernest Rossi

The PiPa-Team expresses its deepest condolences to all family, friends and acquaintances  and wishes them strength in these dark days.