Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE), supplier of top class extreme long distance pigeons

Over the years Carlo Gyselbrecht has been taking great care of the invaluable pigeon collection that is based around the renowned Laureaat Barcelona, winner of a 1st International Barcelona 1995. This pigeon has bred several generations of highly talented descendants over the years.

Laureaat Barcelona, an endless source of top class pigeons

Carlo Gyselbrecht has been cherishing the bloodlines of his Laureaat Barcelona. This pigeon is the cornerstone of his highly successful breeding loft, which is based around Laureaat Barcelona and the descendants of Turbo (including his daughter Delphine), Schumacher and King. These long distance champions originate from the invaluable Vanbruane breed.

Within this foundation Carlo could not have thought of a better successor than his great-grandchild New Laureaat, which won of a 1st International Barcelona 2013 and the Gouden Vleugel award (for Luc Wiels). His dam was bred by the experienced fancier Carlo Gyselbrecht, and it saw the light of day in Knesselare. Click here for the pedigree of the dam of New Laureaat. After his spectacular result from Barcelona he was summoned by the PEC and Hugo Batenburg. Needless to say, the genes of both these iconic Barcelona champions are being combined almost limitlessly in the breeding lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht.

An unfamiliar bloodline is introduced into the existing breed on a regular basis as well, which is crucial if you want to maintain a high level of quality in your loft. The team is always looking to obtain bloodlines of the strongest extreme long distance racing birds of today, which are then incorporated into their current breed. This breeding strategy has proven very successful in the Gyselbrecht racing lofts of Remi and his brother Andre. A good example of this approach is the introduction of pigeons of Anton & Lucie Vanderwegen, including super class pigeon Bijou. She can be found in the pedigrees of New Laureaat, Nathan, Schumacher, Dax 111, and numeorus other successful racing birds.

Other recent introductions follow the same pattern. These include the modern-day champion "Ad" of Ad Pegels, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon ZLU 2015, which finished in the top 10% in each of the 8 ZLU races that he competed in. Another example is Monseré from the loft of Malfait, 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance 2015 at 18 months old.
​They came to reinforce the existing Gyselbrecht breed, along with the team's own prize winners Jan and Vale Maximus. These high quality pigeons combine really well with the exceptional bloodlines of the team's in-house champions.

Numerous references in other lofts

Since 2014 the lofts in Knesselare no longer have their own racing team; the circumstances no longer allowed them to compete in races. The breeding loft however is still there, and is expanded every season. The different descendants are put to the test in other lofts, often with impressive results.​ We refer to our previous report for an overview of their best references of 2015. The pigeons of Carlo Gyselbrecht managed to excel in 2016 as well, despite the often difficult racing conditions. The pigeons showed great determination this season, and they showed their potential by winning many national top results and even national victories in 2016, in different lofts both at home and abroad. We take a look at some of the team's greatest stars:

-1st National Narbonne 4,133 p. ’16 (Fauche)
-1st National Libourne  5,195 p. ’16 (Quintens)

Carlo's good friend Patrick Delrue-Vanbruane won many national and international prizes with his direct Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons, and one of them is Donkere 071, winner of the Montluçon-Libourne-Narbonne trilogy. We take a look at his palmares:

-Donkere 071 BE14-4216071

41st Nat Narbonne     4,113 p. ’16 (1st Club 112 p., 3rd Prov. 683 p.)
96th Intnat Narbonne 10,836 p. ’16
21st Libourne           271 p. ’16

Sire: Etterbak 986 NL06-1419986
He comes from Vrosch-Meijers from their crack Etterbak NL02-2049323 (1st Intnat. Ace Pigeon Barcelona over 3 seasons ’05-’06-’07) x 328-duivin NL03-1530328.
Dam: Black Beauty BE12-4163059
A top breeder bred from a grandson x granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona. She comes from Super Red Barcelona BE03-4196518 (from 1st Nat. Barcelona 13,089 p. Red Barcelona BE98-2415326 x Daughter Laureaat Barcelona BE97-4578367) x Daughter Il Brigante BE05-4318764 (from crack Il Brigante NL97-1967658 x Rose BE99-4449089, daughter Laureaat Barcelona).
Click here for the pedigree of Donkere 071.
The full sister of Donkere 071, called Carla, won an ​8th International Pau 9,908 p. in 2016, for team Batenburg-Vd Merwe (see below).

The lofts of his brother Andre and his son Peter Gyselbrecht are home to one of Carlo's most promising pigeons. This racing bird was basketed for two long distance races as a yearling, where he won two prizes:

-Son Inbred Iniesta BE15-4013759

34th  Nat Jarnac 3,904 YL ’16 (1st Club 100 p.)
 7th  Prov Tulle 1,176 YL ’16 (2nd Club 133 p.)
158th Nat Tulle  7,322 YL ’16

Sire: Inbred Iniesta BE12-4163218
He comes from the loft of Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene, and was bred from Iniesta BE08-3003072 (18th Nat. Narbonne 6,362 p. and 20th Intnat Narbonne 13,531 p. ’10, 38th Prov. Chateauroux 4,093 p., and a half brother of Luna; 2nd Nat and 4th Intnat. Barcelona ’06) x Daughter Iniesta BE10-3183527.
Dam: Sophia BE12-4163130
A daughter of Dax 111 BE02-4423111 (winner of an 81st Nat. Dax 6,138 p. and a grandson of Laureaat Barcelona 350-92) x Nest sister Eduardo NL09-3909178 (Eduardo was the best pigeon in the ZLU WHZB 2010 in The Netherlands for Frederik Leliaert).
Click here for the pedigree of Son Inbred Iniesta.

Another top quality hen from that same Dax 111 bloodline can be found in the lofts of Degrave-Gyselbrecht in Wolvertem. She is called Libourne-duivin, and this is her palmares so far:

-Libourne-duivin BE15-4268042

87th  Nat. Libourne 3,697 p. ’16
116th Nat. Jarnac   3,904 p. ’16

Sire: Jumbo Barcelona BE08-4270047
Winner of a 46th Prov. 2.227 p. and a 336th Nat. Barcelona 12.170 p. He is a son of Jumbo BE00-4298841 (1st Prov. 1,123 p. & 2nd Nat. Montauban 6,901 p., 3rd Nat. Beziers 5,886 p. for Cyriel Martens) x Lucy BE05-4318926 (granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona and a half sister of Dax 111).
Dam: Kleindochter Dax 111 BE13-4176330
Bred from Father Aloïs BE07-4235565 (a son of Dax 111 BE02-4423111 x Angele BE97-4432585, a daughter of King) x Nest sister Student BE09-3160752 (the dam of an 8th Intprov. Bergerac 1,392 p. ’16).
Click here for the pedigree of Libourne-duivin

The Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeon that brought international fame to the racing lofts of PEC Racing Team-ADK this season was Mr. Narbonne; he is related to Laureaat Barcelona three times.

St.Vincent 439: sire of Mr. Narbonne

-Mr Narbonne BE15-4013609

20th Nat Narbonne    3,187 p. ’16
53rd Intnat Narbonne 7,811 p. ’16

He won a top result from Châteauroux as a young bird (273rd N. Zone 3,866 pigeons) and he won an early prize in Bourges I and Agen in 2016, before achieveing a great result in Narbonne.
Sire: St.Vincent 439 BE10-4258439
Winner of a 67th Nat. St.Vincent 5,374 p., a 74th Nat. St.Vincent 3,738 p., a 233rd Nat. Bordeaux 6,217 p., and a 320nd Nat. Perpignan 6,661 p. He is a son of Crayonnée Dax BE03-4430677 (5th Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB for Devuyst-Ghyssens) x Cindy BE04-4297775 (granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona).
Dam: Lieve BE12-4163382
A daughter of Horus NL09-1239246 (1st Nat. Bordeaux 3,835 p. for Frederik Leliaert, and a full brother of Dees: 1st Intnat. Bordeaux 7,213 p. and a 1st Nat. Narbonne 3,816 p.) x Hen BE08-4270165. She is the dam of a 16th Intnat. Barcelona 25,294 p. and a double granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona (from son Laureaat Barcelona: Sampras Laureaat BE99-4511934 x Rose BE99-4449089, daughter Laureaat Barcelona; the line which Donkere 071 originates from as well, see earlier).

Click here for the pedigree of Mr. Narbonne.

Luc Wiels has a few talented pigeons of Carlo Gyselbrecht in his collection as well, which showed their potential in the long distance as yearlings this season. This is a promising generation indeed:

-Bergeracduivin BE15-4013649: winner of an 8th Intprov. Bergerac 1,392 YL in 2016
She is a daughter of Thorp BE13-4176157 (he comes from a grandson Laureaat Barcelona: Bleke Barcelona BE05-4318624 x Zus Dees-Horus NL08-1593724, a full sister of the national winners of Fredrik Leliaert) x Nestzus Student BE09-3160752 Vanhaverbeke. Student won an 8th Nat. Montauban 9,091 p. ’11, a 74th Nat. Limoges 19,373 p. ’11, a 176th Intnat. Soustons and a 10,190 p., and he comes from the line of the 1st Nat. Barcelona 13,966 p. ’99 of Roger Florizoone. Click here for the pedigree of Bergeracduivin.

-Greg BE15-4013603: winner of a 78th Nat. Narbonne 3,187 YL ’16.
His sire is Aloïs BE10-4258205, winner of a 151st Nat. Narbonne 7,027 p. He comes from Father Aloïs BE07-4235565-line Dax 111 and Laureaat Barcelona x Mother Aloïs BE07-4235767, daughter Il Brigante. His dam is Daughter Iniesta BE10-3183527 Delrue-Vanbruaene, and she was bred from Iniesta BE08-3003072 x Conchita BE08-3003068 (a half sister of Gouden Vleugel: 2nd Nat. and 3rd Intnat. Barcelona). Click here for the pedigree of Greg.

-De 662 BE15-4013662: won a 91st Nat. Agen 2,932 p. ’16.
He comes from Son King Bettini BE14-4283523 (grandson of 1st Nat. Dax 6,138 p. x Young Jupiter-hen BE97-4578348, daughter of King  – Gyselbrecht and a half sister of Laureaat Barcelona: 1st Intnat Barcelona ’95). He was paired to Dochter Student BE12-4163138, and she comes from Student BE09-3160751 Vanhaverbeke (8th Nat. Montauban 9,091 p. ’11 and a 74th Nat. Limoges 19,373 p. ’11) x Dochter Turbo Junior BE05-4318639 (a granddaughter of super class pigeons Turbo, Schumacher and Delphine for the Gyselbrecht family). Click here for the pedigree of the 662.

The Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons have achieved great results outside of Belgium as well. For instance, they were very successful in the lofts of the Dutch fanciers Hugo Batenburg-Vd Merwe.

-Carla BE14-4216114: winner of an 8th Intnat. Pau 9,908 p. and a 172nd Nat. Narbonne 5,338 p.
She is a full sister of Donkere 071, and thus a daughter of Etterbak 986 x Black Beauty (see pedigree Carla).

-Lady Pau BE14-4216120: winner of a 22nd Intnat. Pau 9,932 p. and a 27th Nat. Marseille 3,320 p.
A super class hen and related twice to King and three times Laureaat Barcelona. She comes from Euro Dax BE09-4139052 (a grandson Euro Diamond Brockamp and Dax 111) x Blue Marilyn BE04-6282924 (inbred to Laureaat Barcelona and King). Click here for the pedigree of Lady Pau.

-Carlo 2 BE14-4216132: winner of a 3rd Nat. Cahors 5,279 p. and a 79th Nat. Marseille 3,320 p.
His nest brother won a 10th Nat. Narbonne 5,338 p. (after a flight of 15 hrs 21 min in a single day). They both originate from Vale Maximus BE11-4100689 (100% Frederik Leliaert) x Hillary BE04-4297692 (a daughter of 2nd Primus Inter Pares Schumacher x breeding hen Delphine). Click here for the full pedigree of Carlo 2.

That same Etterbak 986 (the sire of Carla and Donkere 071) was also paired to Blue Marylin (the dam of Lady Pau), and together they bred BE12-4163364. She is in turn the dam of a 40th Nat. and 43rd Nat. Narbonne 3,187 YLs in 2016 for Guido and Tom De Rijck from Lier.
​The Dutch fancier Martin De Poorter from Sluis won an 18th Nat. Agen against 6,897 pigeons this season, with a descendant of the noble Gyselbrecht breed.

This is quite an array of top performances from the Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons across numerous lofts, and often in very testing conditions, which allow the strongest pigeons to stand out. This gives us an idea of how valuable the breeding loft in Knesselare really is.

It is quite remarkable that the Gyselbrecht pigeons continue to play a leading role in the extreme long distance competition. They are raced from a number of partner lofts, where they continue to defend their place as one of the very best extreme long distance teams at international level. Their long-standing reputation is the result of their exceptional breeding value.