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Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE) gains international fame with descendants of the invaluable Laureaat bloodline

Where does it end! The descendants of the Laureaat Barcelona bloodline continue to leave their mark on the international pigeon racing competition. The breeding value of this bloodline is nothing short of amazing.

A new set of top references has just come in, coming from the descendants of 1st International Barcelona 1995 Laureaat Barcelona of the Gyselbrecht family. These pigeons have excelled not only in Belgium but across Western-Europe, and even in The United States, South Africa and other parts of the world. We take you through some of the most recent testimonials that were sent in recently.

The Belg 054, stock breeder for David Demko (USA): a son of Cahors, a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht

David Demko (USA) excels in SAMDR

The achievements of David Demko in the Million Dollar OLR in South Africa over the past five years are quite remarkable. One pigeon has played an important role in particular, the team's number one breeder Belg 054’ BE01-4361054. He is a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht, and David obtained him from Don Hart. This world class breeder is a son of Cahors BE90-4328713 (a half brother of Laureaat Barcelona, 1st Int. Barcelona '95) paired to Monica BE97-4432449 (a daughter of Laureaat Barcelona).
Click here for the pedigree of Belg 054

David Denko transfers all the direct youngsters of Belg 054 to his breeding loft right away, to be crossed with his own inbred pigeon breed, which is mainly founded on pigeons of Marc Roosens (Leernes). It was a match made in heaven: the descendants of this breeding combination appear to be particularly good at taking the lead in demanding races with a strong headwind.
David Demko found out with the very first descendants of Belg 054. One of his first youngsters, born in 2010, was raced in the lofts of friend and mentor Randall Berky, a member of the GHC Combine (one of the largest and most competitive ententes in the USA). This pigeon took the lead in the shorter distance races almost immediately, and David knew what he needed to know: these pigeons combine endurance and strength with high speed. It encouraged him to take part in the 2014 Million Dollar OLR in South Africa.

David competed in the SAMDR (South Africa Million Dollar Race) in Sun City five times, and he had an impressive 19 grandchildren of Belg 054 winning a money prize.

-First attendance in 2014: 3 top results and three money prizes: 97-181-230
-in 2015:  2 top results and money prizes: 44-218
-in 2016:  3 top results and money prizes: 14-124-129
-in 2017:  7 top results and money prizes: 19-20-38-114-185-209-249
-in 2108:  4 top results and money prizes: 18-39-254-268

David Demko managed to have 5 pigeons in the top 40 and to win 11 money prizes in 2017 and 2018. No other contestant has ever done better! This was all done with grandchildren (and even double grandchildren) of one and the same pigeon: Belg 054. This is quite an unusual success story indeed.

This explains why David decided to give all the pigeons that compete in the SAMDR the same name: 972Laureaat-054Cahors. This refers to the ring number of both Laureaat (BE86-4416972) and Belg 054, the son of Cahors. This pigeon breed has become a strong brand that developed into one of the most successful pigeon families in the demanding Sun City OLR in South Africa. David runs a rather small team of pigeons, which makes his achievements against some of the biggest and most prestigious teams worldwide all the more impressive. This is another example of the exceptional breeding value of Carlo Gyselbrecht's invaluabel Laureaat bloodline, which is now doing great in the SAMDR One Loft Race as well!

Gerard Schalkwijk and Carlo Gyselbrecht

Gerard Schalkwijk has the best hen in the international marathon races

This super class hen, named Lady in the Dark NL15-1504048, turned Gerard Schalkwijk from Lopik (NL) into an internationally renowned fancier. She wins four top prizes in all four long distance races that she competed in, eventually resulting in the title of best European hen in the international races with 2 prizes. Here is a look at this hen's fantastic palmares:

-Lady in the Dark NL15-1504048

 1st Intnat. Ace Pigeon Marathon hens 2017 over 2 races – PIPA ranking
 7th Nat. Ace Pigeon WHZB/ZLU 2017
 2nd Nat. Perigueux Sector 3 (827 Km) 7,022 p.
11th Nat. St.Vincent ZLU (1032 Km)    3,037 p.
16th Nat. Pau ZLU (1040 Km)           3,526 p.
19th Nat. Orange Sector 3 (872 Km)    3,861 p.

Lady in the Dark is a hen with Belgian marathon origins. Her sire is Laika Junior BE10-6057110 (a direct Frans Bungeneers), and her dam is called Piccina Elite BE09-4139562, a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht (click here for her full pedigree). She is a daughter of Wesley NL04-1763069 (supercrack and winner of an 8th Nat. Brive, a 20th Nat. Barcelona, a 53rd Nat. Dax and winner of 11 prizes in the long distance, a direct Fam. Van Houten) x Daughter Schumacher BE04-4297541, from the Laureaat bloodline (Schumacher became 2nd Primus-inter-pares over 5 years in Barcelona).
Click here for Lady in the Dark's pedigree

Lady in the Dark is a full sister of Blue Perigueux NL15-1504136, which won a 3rd Nat. Perigueux Sector 3 of 7,022 pigeons (in her sister's slipstream). Click here for the pedigree of Blue Perigueux. In addition, they are both closely related to Carlo BE14-4216131 (10th Nat. Narbonne 5,338 p., 18th Nat. Perpignan 4,789 p. - see pedigree) and Carlo 2 BE14-4216132 (3rd Nat. Cahors Sector 2 of 5,279 p., 79th Nat. Marseille 3,320 p. - see pedigree) for Hugo Batenburg-Van de Merwe. These two nest brothers are the sons of Hilary BE04-4297692, a full sister of Daughter Schumacher (grandmother of Lady in the Dark).
This is no coincidence; it shows yet again that the descendants of the Laureaat bloodline are able to excel at international level.

Cédric Delbushaye ace pigeon winner with the Laureaat bloodline

The Walloon top champion managed to claim a first prize in 2017, while also winning a national ace pigeon title KBDB with a one year old hen originating from the Gyselbrecht breed. This pigeon is yet another Laureaat Barcelona descendant.

-Red Ace BE16-1121463

11th Nat. Ace Pigeon Long Distance & Extreme Long Distance YLs KBDB 2017
 1st Nat. Zone Tulle 1,236 p. 
 9th Nat. Tulle 9,578 p.
 2nd Prov. Jarnac 252 p.
10th Nat. Zone Jarnac 1,001 p.
19th Bourges 1,321 p.

He originates from BE13-1042482 from his father's side, a cock from the line of Laureaat Barcelona (1st Int. Barcelona '95) through the Fauche Brothers.

Laureaat Barcelona: an invaluable bloodline

Laureaat Barcelona has been quite a breeding bird. He was a remarkably strong racing bird at the time, and he developed into a fantastic breeder later on, with exceptional genes that enabled fanciers from across the globe to win races. The list of references from fanciers who excelled with descendants of the Laureaat Barcelona bloodline of Carlo Gyselbrecht is immense. The references that we talked about today are just part of an impressive list of highlights from recent seasons, which we discussed in a previous article (click here to reread this article).

Carlo Gyselbrecht has cherished his Laureaat Barcelona as being his most valuable pigeon. Today, almost 23 years after Laureaat Barcelona showed his enormous potential by winning a 1st Int. Barcelona, his descendants continue to get fantastic results in races across the globe, while providing numerous fanciers with new generations of race winners and ace pigeons.