Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE), breeder of victors and ace pigeons

This was once again proven in 2021 by winning the 3rd Nat Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance KBDB at friend and companion Martin Degrave-Gyselbrecht, besides a number of top referrals on other lofts.

Carlo Gyselbrecht was born in a warm pigeon nest and was raised into the pigeon sport from a young age. If one wants to find the roots of Carlo Gyselbrecht’s brilliant career, this is where it started. His late father Remi Gyselbrecht was one of the greatest champions that our national pigeon sport has ever known, and he made sure his sons caught the same pigeon fever he had. Remi grew into an icon at the long and extremely long distance, once National Champion of Belgium and especially became world-famous as the winner of the 1st International Barcelona with Laureaat Barcelona in 1996. A feat that he repeated in 1999 when he achieved 2nd place National Barcelona with Sampras.

The reason behind the successful career switch to the race of the international extremely long distance was because of sons Carlo and André, when they visited long-distance matador Andre Vanbruaene in Lauw with the three of them. Here they laid the cornerstone of what would become the national and international successes that would follow… A success story that is still ongoing. The very best from the rich Andre Vanbruaene-breeding stall was moved to Knesselare and still is the foundation of incredible feats worldwide. Here Carlo Gyselbrecht developed himself into his leading role of ‘master breeder’ of so much incredible talent, especially considering that the breeding pigeons always were located at the lofts of Carlo at the Eentveldstraat.

Combining breeding and racing with pigeons with a busy clinic as a veterinarian, and later co-founding and expanding PIPA as a company with sons Nikolaas and Thomas… proved not doable. And only doing half the job is not in his nature, thus the focus on breeding new aces for the extremely long distance. The experience and skills that he got from his father Remi when it comes to breeding, are still successfully applied.

Provider of top birds at the extremely long distance 

Carlo Gyselbrechts reputation as the provider of the top pigeons for extremely long distance remains unblemished. The top of the results on the international extremely long-distance races have been decided for decides by Gyselbrecht pigeons. Many fanciers have been able to put 1 or more top placements on their honours list due to the pigeons that have been bred by Carlo and have been sheltered on one of several pilot lofts. Most notable of which is friend Martin Degrave, playing under the banner of Degrave-Gyselbrecht.

Martin Degrave with his 3rd Nat Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance KBDB 2021

3rd National Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance KBDB 2021

The sporting season 2021 was a new record for the Carlo Gyselbrecht pigeons. An absolute highlight - you can easily call it the fat red cherry on top of the cake - was achieved on the pilot loft of Martin Degrave-Gyselbrecht with New Barcelona II. This wonder bird and top athlete has only partaken in 3 national races in his young racing career (It was hindered by the Covid 19-hindrances in 2020),

As a yearling, he won 190 nat. Agen 6.058 pigeons, as 2-year-old this top bird hit the fine `national top` twice:

-New Barcelona II BE19-4195255

3rd National Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance KBDB 2021
6th Nat. Marseille 1.882 p.
23rd Nat. Agen 6.938 p.

This top athlete is an offspring from the well-known and rich Vanbruaene-lineage of Carlo Gyselbrecht:

Father: Niki BE10-3080395
A direct Patrick Delrue-Vanbruaene. Direct son of the
Gouden Vleugel BE03-3239132… a giant of a strong long distance wonderbird: winner: Gouden Vleugel 2010 with 2. Nat Barcelona 12.657 p. and 3. Intnat Barcelona 25.750 p., 54. Nat Perpignan 7.364 p., 93. Nat Cahors 6.654 p., 2. Primus-inter-Pares Barcelona 2006-2010 etc… De Gouden Vleugel was coupled to his own grandmother Juweel BE00-3138319: mother 2. Nat Barcelona 11.802 p., 39. Nat Dax 6.138 p., 47. Nat Limoges 9.545 p., 85. Nat Aurillac… and granddaughter of Barcelona II (1. Intnat Barcelona) and of golden stock breeder Geschelpte Stier 534/88.


Mother: Gerbera BE18-4190592
Originating from a crossing Gyselbrecht-Vanbruaene with Jellema. She is a daughter of
Vanbruaene 780 BE07-4235780, superbreedster who is also grandfather of New Barcelona II, also the grandfather of 1st Bargerac 3.405 p.,10. Nat. Agen 5.335 p., 47. Nat. Pau  3.530 p., 91. Nat. St.Vincent 2.569 p., 98. Nat. St.Vincent  3.080 p…(she herself comes from the line of Barcelona II and 2. Intnat Asduif Barcelona over 5 years) x Dochter Romee NL14-1559903 Jellema.

For the fanciers who would like to see more details about the golden Vanbruaene blood in the pedigree of this New Barcelona II, we would like to show the pedigree of the grandparents of Niki:

Blue Vanbruaene, topbreeder and grandfather of New Barcelona II.

The New Barcelona II is hardly an exception. At plenty of other lofts there were impressive results and national prizes were achieved with pigeons coming from the breeding lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht. Here is a short overview of other top references from 2021:

- Joel Verschoot: 6th Nat. St. Vincent 3.080 p. with 'Dieter' (a grandson of Nathan)

- Benno Kastelein: 1st NPO Bergerac 3.405 p. with Midnight Lady

- Jellema Jelle with super hen Britta: in 2021 winner 12th NPO Limoges 7.653 p., 63e Nat. Marseille 4.314 p. and 21st Nat. Perpignan 4.865 p. after winning 204th Narbonne 8.492 as a yearling... a daughter of St. Vincent 439 (listed below)

Elina is another one of Jelle Jellema's aces: she won 120th Nat. Limoges 7.653 p., 165th Nat. Marseille 4.314 p. en 134th Nat. Perpignan 4.865 p... as well as a granddaughter of Nathan.

- Jeroen and Stijn Rans: 33th Nat. Perpignan 3.901 p. with Carla (a direct daughter of Nathan)

- Wilson Dekens: 76th Nat. Barcelona 6.913 p. (with Arcole, grandson St.Vincent 439) and 63th Nat. Marseille 1.883 p.

- Johny Carrette: 74th Nat. Agen 7.360 p., 92nd Nat. Narbonne 5.972 p. en 95th Nat. Pau 3.600 p.

- Jurgen Malfait: 98th Nat. St. Vincent 3.080 d.   


A treasure trove of breeding material for the extremely long distance

The rich breeding loft of Carlo Gyselbrecht contains a treasure trove of top genes which harbour a strong hereditary potency. From previous reports, everyone will remember names such as Nathan (another Barcelona ace from Degrave-Gyselbrecht), Crack Ad, Nathan Junior (grandson of Nathan),, plenty of other descendents from New Laureaat (1st Intnat Barcelona 25.382 p. in 2013), and other powerful top material for the races of the extremely long distance. One of these top breeders is the St.Vincent 439, a wonder racer that has shown himself to be a true super breeder.

-St. Vincent 439 BE10-4258439

Himself won, amongst others:
67th Nat St.Vincent 5.374 p.
74th Nat St.Vincent 3.738 p.
Superbreeder and father of national top racer such as winners:

3rd Nat. Perpignan 3.915 p.
12th Nat Limoges 7.653 p.
20th Nat. Narbonne 3.187 p.
21st Nat Perpignan 4.865 p.
63rd Nat Marseille 4.314 p.

And the grandfather of the winner 68th Nat Barcelona 6.913 p.Crayonnée Dax BE03-4430677, winner 5. Nat Ace Pigeon Extremely Long Distance KBDB at the late Norbert Devuyst-Gyssens from Lokeren, with 2. Nat Pau 2.159 p. en 45. Nat Irun 5.252 p… (top pigeon who descents from his mothers side from the line of the legendary Barcelona aces King and the Laureaat Barcelona at the family Gyselbrecht), while his mother Cindy BE04-4297775 is a granddaughter of the Laureaat Barcelona: 1. Intnat Barcelona 20.925 p. in 1995.

Breeding is an artform

It is a statement that contains a large piece of truth. Even if you need to have a bit of luck when coupling that it ‘clicks’. You can help that luck a little by coupling top quality with top quality. Consider it under the category ‘feeling’... knowing which cock and hen fit together (when it comes to model, or physical appearance, origin, distance, etc…), which breeding lines can easily form a ‘click’. In short: breed from pigeons that have proven their top quality on the results and are in the possession of potent hereditary traits, read… breeding top pigeons over multiple generations in a row.

Father Remi Gyselbrecht always used ‘proven’ pigeons. He worked with crack pigeons, winners and/or their direct children. A breeding philosophy that is continued by son Carlo Gyselbrecht and with success! The Gyselbrecht pigeons are in a great spot with winners, ace pigeons and the great success of the renowned golden Vanbruaene-breed.

Breeding makes or breaks the colony, This is where the foundation of success lies… of ‘winning’ in the pigeon sport. Not just on your own loft, but also in allowing your fellow fanciers to be successful in our sport, with pigeons coming from your loft, that is an artform.  That is Carlo Gyselbrecht ‘s goal, and he is fully succeeding at it. The above results from 2021 and previous years have clearly proven this. The Gyselbrechtduif has been a world top bird at the long-distance and extremely long distance for nearly half a century, and ‘master breeder’ Carlo Gyselbrecht is largely responsible for that. As a breeder and provider of winners, and top pigeons of world-class!