Carlo Gyselbrecht (Knesselare, BE): breeder of top class pigeons for the extreme long distance

Carlo Gyselbrecht continues to live up to his name as the supplier of highly talented pigeons for the extreme long distance, again in 2020.

Over the past several decades, the Gyselbrecht pigeons have been one of the driving forces in most international extreme long distance races. But Carlo is no longer racing his own pigeons like he used to. He has been committed to breeding promising new extreme long distance birds for other lofts in recent years. And this has been a big success! Quite a few pigeon fanciers have been adding one or more top results to their palmares with pigeons that Carlo bred for other players. We take a look at some of the most remarkable pigeons that were bred recently. And the bloodlines of New Laureaat and Laureaat Barcelona are never far away.


Nathan was inbred to the illustrious Laureaat Barcelona, 1st International Barcelona of 20,925 p. This race winner from Barcelona is inevitably linked to the Gyselbrecht family. And with good reason: 25 years after his international victory, his bloodlines continue to influence the outcome of many extreme long distance races. Just like New Laureaat, a great-grandson of Laureaat Barcelona, this Nathan is now starting to leave his mark on the future generations of Laureaat descendants as well.

Nathan won a 16th Internat. Barcelona 25,294 p. Nathan is a (double) great-grandchild of Laureaat Barcelona, just like New Laureaat. And Nathan is related to Laureaat Barcelona from his father's side as well, which means he stems from the Laureaat Barcelona strain three times. This is an example of a highly successful rebreeding of the 1995 international winner!

Nathan is in turn the sire of Roderik, a very gifted breeder.


Carlo paired Nathan to Sigrid in 2015. This hen was a granddaughter of Laureaat Barcelona from her father's side, while also being related to his sire, Laureaat of André Vanbruane, through her mother. It was clear that Carlo really went for the Laureaat bloodlines with this combination. And it proved another major success: Roderik BE15-4268055 was born five years ago, and he is now the sire of a group of pigeons with an impressive series of achievements to their name:

15th Nat. Barcelona 3,911 p.
36th Nat. Narbonne 4,108 p.
91st Nat. Agen 4,078 p.
226th Nat. Barcelona 6,178 p.
147th Nat. Narbonne 3,017 p.
191st Nat. Pau 2,797 p.
285th Nat. St.-Vincent 2,949 p.

Nathan Junior

And you could already tell from the achievements of Roderik's youngsters that it did not stop there. Roderik is also the sire of Nathan Junior BE16-4134224, winner of a 15th Nat. Barcelona of 3,911 pigeons, making him another highly successful Laureaat descendant. Nathan Junior won this top result in 2018, in an extremely demanding Barcelona classic, which is the favourite type of weather for this breed. it was Carlo who bred Nathan Junior, who was transferred to the lofts of Ad Pegels (NL) in the midst of his racing career, and he continued to excel in his new home.


Carlo BE14-4216131 is a terrific racing bird that took the lead in several national extreme long distance races over the past five years. He was bred by Carlo Gyselbrecht and raced by Batenburg-Van de Merwe. One can only admire a palmares like this:

10th Nat. Narbonne ’15 5.338 p.
214th Nat. Cahors ’15 3.544 p.
640th Nat. Pau ’16 3,788 p.
574th Nat. Marseille ’16 3,320 p.
19th Nat. Perpignan ’17 4,789 p.
37th Int. Perpignan ’17 14,851 p.
162nd Nat. Barcelona ’18 3,912 p.
121st Nat. Perpignan ’18 3,778 p.
633rd Nat. Barcelona ’19 4,129 p.
135th Nat. Bergerac ’19 4,856 p.
320th Nat. Barcelona ’20 4,477 p.

Carlo also happens to be the nest brother of Carlo 2, which won a 3rd Nat. Cahors Sector 2 of 5,279 pigeons. He is a grandson of two fantastic racing birds, two ace pigeons in Barcelona: Schumacher (2nd Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 1997-2001 for Gyselbrecht R. A. & C.), inbred to Vanbruane x Van der Wegen, and Maximus (15th Int. Ace Pigeon Barcelona 2007-2008-2009 for Frederik Leliaert).

The sire of Carlo is Vale Maximus BE11-4100389, winner of a 369th Nat. Barcelona of 10,542 p. and also a brother of a 47th Nat. Barcelona 11,590 p.

The dam is Hilary BE04-4297692, a daughter of Schumacher and Delphine (a daughter of Turbo, 76th Int. Barcelona 24,908 p. and 96th Int. Barcelona 20,943 p. and a son of Laureaat).


Carlo Gyselbrecht likes to crossbreed these proven Laureaat bloodlines to other proven breeders. And one of these reinforcements is Judy NL16-1163810, a daughter of Silke, 1st Nat. Barcelona of 4,480 pigeons in 2020 for Jelle Jellema. And as you could tell from Jelle's top result in Barcelona, Silke not only gained recognition as a national winner, but also as the grandmother of a 15th, 24th and 40th Nat. Barcelona! And the sire of that 24th and 40th national happens to be a full brother of Judy.

Judy is a daughter of MG430 NL12-1108430 of Arjan Beens, and the parents of MG430 are none other than Mr. Beautiful and Olympic Miss Gijsje.
The dam of Judy is Silke NL15-1320979, a fantastic racing hen that not only claimed a national victory in Barcelona; this is her full list of achievements:

3rd Nat. Narbonne 5,042 p. in 2016
631st Nat. Bordeaux 4,679 p. (yearlings) in 2016
157th Nat. Marseille 2,528 p. in 2017
137th Nat. Perpignan 3,778 p. in 2018
157th Nat. Barcelona 3,912 p. in 2018
190th Nat. Barcelona 4,129 p. in 2019
196th Nat. Perpignan 4,283 p. in 2019
1st Nat. Barcelona 4,477 p. in 2020

That explains why Carlo has given Judy a prominent spot in the breeding loft!

And we just received another notable reference from Joost De Smeyter (De Smeyter-Restiaen, Melden, BE).

Joost won a 16th National Ace Pigeon title extreme long distance KBDB. This pigeon with ring number BE17-4017046 comes from a joint breeding, and his sire is Crack Ad. This promising racing bird claimed a 16th spot in the national extreme long distance ranking based on the following results:

  • 45th  Pau (int.) 2,919 p.
  • 46th  Perpignan (int.) 2,643 p.

Carlo obtained this Crack Ad from Ad Pegels. He was himself a 1st National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance ZLU, winning for instance an 8th Nat. Marseille, an 18th Nat. Pau, a 38th Nat. St. Vincent, a 40th Nat. Perpignan, etc. Crack Ad comes from Son Stamvader NL08-2138103 (Arjan Beens) and Topkweekster NL06-1024629 (100% Nico Volkens). He is also the sire of Petar BE17-4063163, 1st National Narbonne of 3,829 pigeons for Batenburg-Van de Merwe. This introduction proved another instant success!

Exceptional bloodlines

The Laureaat dynasty continues to produce national and international race winners in the extreme long distance. It all started with Laureaat Barcelona, and his descendants have shown to be equally successful, preferably in tough weather. Many extreme long distance fanciers have been fortunate enough to witness the potential of these powerful bloodlines, which will continue to thrive in future seasons. Meanwhile, grandmaster and top breeder Carlo will continue to take great care of his precious bloodlines.

Watch this video to see how it all started: