Carlo Gyselbrecht breeding loft produces national and international winners in the 2019 long distance season

The 'Crack Ad' bloodline delivered an international and national winner this season, which means Carlo can look back on a splendid 2019 season. In the following video he explains how this success story came about.

It becomes more and more evident every season that Carlo Gyselbrecht is an exceptional breeder: he has bred and supplied numerous (national) first prize winners and talented breeding birds in the extreme long distance. The 2019 season saw him add two more national winners and an international winner to his palmares. Here is a brief overview:

1st National Agen 3,935 olds for Hok Malfait (BE)

This winner of a 1st Nat. Agen of 3,935 old birds is Bonten BE17-3080049, and he is inbred to one of the previous superstars of the Malfait Loft: top class bird Monseré. He was bred from a half brother x half sister: a pairing of son x daughter Monseré.

Monseré was himself a terrific long distance racing bird. He was 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Extreme Long Distance KBDB as a two year old, winning top prizes in Agen, St. Vincent and Perpignan. Carlo Gyselbrecht was so impressed with this talented bird and his achievements, that he was promptly transferred to the Gyselbrecht breeding lofts in Knesselare in late 2015. It was there that Monseré developed into one of the leading breeders of today.

We take a quick look at his palmares:

-Monseré BE13-3158706

 3. Nat Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB 2015
19. Nat Agen        3,524 p. ’15 – 23. Intnat 6,042 p.
38. Nat Perpignan   5,254 p. ’15
186 Nat St.Vincent  3,037 p. ’15
164 Nat Poitiers   14,094 p. ’14

The achievements of Monseré are even more impressive if you take his age into account: he was just 18 months old (a late bird from 2015) when he successfully completed 3 international races in just five weeks' time. And these were in fact the first three international races of his career! He did this with pretty much no experience. Is this wat defines the true champions?
His sire is a 100% Georges Carteus (through Ludo De Roeck), which makes him a double grandson of Bonte Barcelona (4th Nat. Perpignan and 69th Nat. Barcelona). The dam is a granddaughter of Bettini, winner of a 1st Nat. Dax of 6,176 p. (2004) and a 13th Nat. Perpignan 7,537 p., an 83rd Nat. Dax 5,026 p. and an 87th Nat. Castres 4,101 p. Click here for Monseré's pedigree.

The winner of the 1st Nat. Agen 3,935 old birds in 2019 is thus a double grandchild of this Monseré, combined with the New Laureaat bloodline of Carlo Gyselbrecht.
Sire: Zoon Monseré: BE16-4257637
Bred in the lofts of Carlo Gyselbrecht. As his name suggests, he is a son of Monseré x Daughter New Laureaat NL14-1040434 (bred from New Laureaat: 1st Intnat. Barcelona and Gouden Vleugel winner in 2011 for Luc Wiels x Granddaughter Laureaat Barcelona Gyselbrecht: 1st Intnat. Barcelona 1995).
Dam: Daughter Monseré BE16-3115410
As her name suggests, she is a daughter of Monseré, which was paired to Sister Ludo BE14-6302964, a sister of Ludo: winner of a 1st Nat. Jarnac 4,167 p. in 2016 and the fastest of 8,071 p.
Click here for the pedigree of the winner of a 1st Nat. Agen

Team Malfait won the title of 4th National Champion Long Distance olds KBDB in late 2019, and this title was won with the help of two fantastic long distance stars: Wout (son of Monseré) and Mathieu (which stems from a sister of Monseré). This once again highlights the breeding potential of the Monseré bloodline.

1st National Narbonne 3,829 pigeons for Batenburg-Van de Merwe (NL)

After spending a full week in the basket - the race got postponed three times due to the weather - the pigeons were eventually released on Monday 29th of July for the international race from Narbonne. The Batenburg-Van de Merwe combination from The Netherlands claimed victory in the old birds' race after 13 hours and 35 minutes. And their national winner is a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht bird.

-Petar BE17-4063163

 1. Nat Narbonne  3,829 p. ’19
209 Nat Pau       3,785 p. ’19
247 Nat Agen      4,776 p. ’18
254 Nat Perigueux 3,889 p. ’18

Sire: Crack Ad NL10-1646352
He was purchased from Ad Pegels. Crack Ad won himself a title of 1st National Ace Pigeon extreme long distance ZLU 8th Nat. Marseille, 18th Nat. Pau, 38th Nat. St.Vincent, 40th Nat . Perpignan etc. He stems from Son Stamvader NL08-2138103 (Arjan Beens) x Top class breeder NL06-1024629 (a 100% Nico Volkens).
Dam: Dochter Persup BE13-4285989
A direct De Smeyter-Restiaen, inbred to the incredible Joost. She is a daughter of top breeder Persup BE03-4456322, (grand)father of a 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon YLs 2006 CC, a 2nd Intnat. St.Vincent Hens, a 1st Intnat Barcelona Hens ’18 (Floorke), a 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon extreme long distance KBDB ’15 (Laval) etc… (a direct son of Joost BE02-4051564). Persup was paired to Souske 263 BE07-4241263
Click here for Petar's full pedigree

This is another great reference for the Carlo Gyselbrecht breeding loft! And there is more.

1st International Agen 10,616 yearlings for Michel Dubois (FR)

Crack Ad developed into an invaluable breeding bird in Carlo Gyselbrecht's breeding loft. Like we said, one of his sons won a 1st Nat. Narbonne in 2019, and a grandchild claimed a 1st International Agen of 10,616 yearlings in the lofts of Michel Dubois from Dohem (France). The dam of this international winner - BE16-4134221 - stems from Carlo Gyselbrecht, being a daughter of Crack Ad, crossed with the golden bloodline of Laureaat Barcelona (check her pedigree here).

This illustrates Crack Ad's enormous breeding potential. He is now the sire or grandfather of:

 1. Nat. Narbonne – 3,938 p. (Batenburg-VD Merwe)
 1. Int. Agen –    10,616 YL. (M. Dubois)
35. Nat. Agen –     4,078 p. (Joost De Smeyter)
39. Nat. Narbonne – 3,017 p. (Wilson Dekens)
39. NPO Bergerac –  2,451 p. (Benno Kastelein)
84. Nat. Agen –     4,664 p.

3rd National Perpignan 3,915 old birds for Peter Gyselbrecht (BE)

Carlo Gyselbrecht can be proud about his successful 2019 season. Descendants of his breeding team have claimed an international first prize, as well as 2 national victories this season, and that is why 2019 has been such a special year for Carlo. And he added another reference to his name in the final classic of the extreme long distance, with his nephew Peter Gyselbrecht claiming a provincial first prize from Perpignan with a direct Carlo Gyselbrecht bird: BE17-4063011. This pigeon wins a 1st Prov. Perpignan 681 p., a 3rd Nat. Perpignan 3,915 p. and a 28th Internat. 12,770 old birds.  

As such, Carlo Gyselbrecht underlines his status as one of the most important breeders for the international long distance and extreme long distance. Carlo Gyselbrecht has been providing us with fantastic champions and national & international winners, 35 years in a row! And let's not forget that golden stock breeder Laureaat Barcelona is still the leading name for this team, and the central figure in this success story!