Careel Frank wins 1st national Limoges Yearlings in a millimeter sprint


Now that cycling is receiving so much attention thanks to Tour de France, we couldn’t have tought of a better headline to announce the wonderful result of Frank Careel in the Limoges Yearlings race against 21.956 pigeons. Frank clocked his national winner at 13:01:46 after flying the distance of 590,344 km, which means his pigeon’s speed was 1566,87 m/minute. He is followed by the team Van de Putte-Van den Bosch from Beersel,whose pigeon was clocked at 13:01:57 at almost the same distance of 590,467 km, what adds up to a speed of 1566,43 m/minute. This pigeons is with a difference of a few tiny seconds and a 2nd place in the national competition.

Our national winner, 48 year old Frank Careel, had earlier that day already pigeons on his roof returning from Blois. These were, just like the pigeons for Limoges basketted in the club in Waregem. When he was announcing his pigeons from Blois, he enquired when were the first Limoges pigeons expected. After some calculations the answer was that the first ones were expected between 13:30 and 13:45. Frank was still expecting two more pigeons (with black feathers) from Blois. At 13:00 he went to the loft to await the pigeons from Limoges, when he immediately saw one flying in at full speed. He thought of course that it was one of the returnees from Blois, but the he saw that it was a blue pigeon and Frank knew immediately that it one of his Limoges pigeons and that he stood a chance for national victory. Luckily was Frank there on the spot, because on several other places the fancier were caught unprepared for the high speed of their pigeons. At certain places, where storms were coming up, the pigeons must have profited from a stong backwind to be able to achieve such high speeds.

This rather small ‘Blue pigeon’ ring 4084610/03, now baptised to ‘KLEINE LIMOGES’, has already achieved some nice prizes, but not yet any of the top prizes. Two weeks ago he missed a prize from Chateauroux…. Who said it anyway that a good pigeon never missed two prizes in a row? … His father is a pigeon of Jeroom De Wagenaere from Petegem, while the mother comes from Andre D’haeze from Deinze, and has Norman-blood in her veins. The loft of Frank Careel is built up from several pigeons from Andre D’haeze, with which he is very satisfied. Until recently, Frank raced mainly the Interprovincial flights in West Flanders on long middle distance races. About two years ago he tried his luck on several long distance flights such as Limoges and instantly with succes. The fact that the Careel-team was in a good condition became clear when Frank won the 1st regional Limoges Derby in his club in Waregem. This week 3 of his yearlings participated in the race, out of which one won a prize, but what a prize it is … !!
The national winner was shown only his breeding dish before his departure, and further there was no motivation. Before the start of the season he was twice allowed to sit on his eggs for a few days, but not to bring up youngsters. There are no goals set for racing youngsters, the intention is to teach them the necessary routine. The attention at the Careel residence is focused on racing old pigeons. Since Frank works for Versele-Laga, a producer of animal food, it doesn’t come as suprise that all the feed and other suplementary products that Frank uses are also from this company. He is also a fervent user of the PLUS-mixtures from Versele and a product line for supporting the physical condition from Oropharma.