Cape Town International OLR

Cape Town International OLR was formed February 2019 and was the brainchild and longtime vision of Race Director Emile Slabber, to one day Host a Summer OLR in the beautiful Cape Town, which is very tourist driven and attractive that time of the year for many visitors from overseas.

Cape Town possesses, at one time one of the 7 Wonders of the World, Table Mountain, as well as the Famous Wine Route and the surrounding picturesque beaches.

The route chosen to train and race the pigeons on was the N7 which leads to Namibia. This is a very challenging route even in Winter/Spring when traditional racing occurs. November to January temperatures are normally high 20’s to lower 30 degrees and the predominant winds blowing is South Easterly, which would mean a headwind for the pigeons. Which makes it a very challenging route and task for the pigeons.

The loft was an existing loft that was taken over to run this new event from. The premises also house an onsite Avian Veterinarian. Which enables regular testing. We also have a very good trainer with many years of experience in Cape Town and being successful himself in racing. This can surely be seen by this season past results.

Pigeons were imported from Germany, Romania, Denmark, Switzerland as well as from many local South African entrants.

The loft closed for intake 30 September 2019 and homing and loft training started in all earnest. Road training started Mid November, and one month later we were ready for Hotspot1 on 22nd December. From the original intake we had 73% go to HS1, 70% to HS2, 67% to HS3 and 60% to the Final.

In the final 82% returned of basketed, which is also 49% of original intake. The 3 Hotspots went off without a hitch, which saw most races between 1200/1300 velocities, and birds falling groups

Western Cape Lofts HS1 22 December 2019 from On The Drop - Pigeon Magazine on Vimeo.

HotSpot1 – 150 km

Hot Spot 2 - Cape Town International One Loft Race 04 January 2020 from On The Drop - Pigeon Magazine on Vimeo.

HotSpot2 – 250 km

HotSpot3 – 350 km

Cape Town International Pigeon Race from On The Drop - Pigeon Magazine on Vimeo.

Final – 470 km

You can find the link to all our training and race results here.

Because of the unaccustomed weather conditions this time of year, the final was much faster than expected 1503 velocity for the winning pigeon. With 8 pigeons on the drop.

Congratulations to all the prize winner especially the top 8 and the top 3 ace birds. 2 South Africans in the top 8 which was very good. Interestingly only 3 of the top 3 prize winners over the 3 x Hotspots made it back from the final, all 3 South Africans.

Special mention must go to the Final Winner 543 of Hans Broebech (Denmark) which is also 5th Ace Bird and the Average winner 285 of Andreas Moeller who was 3rd Final and was leading the averages before the Final.

Andreas Moeller also took 4th position. This is excellent results. 285 and the 2nd pigeon 147 of Helios had no 10th flight on the final!


As mentioned many times, yes we have had an easy tour with mostly higher velocities on the Hotspots and Final, but this is out of the norm it will not be case next year for sure.

Top 5 Final winners attached which includes the 1st and 2nd Ace Bird as well as pedigrees.


The first 32 pigeons were auctioned on, and included the top10 Ace Birds. The Ave Ace Bird of Andreas Moeller sold for R80 000.

Auction2 has also been completed, and Auction3 is busy underway closing 4 March on

Next year:

I thank all entrants for supporting us in the first year from the bottom of my heart. We really appreciate it and hope for your support again in the next edition.

Please tell your friends, fellow fanciers, acquaintances and urge them to enter and join/support this race. We want to grow this loft and race so we are putting everything back into the it to make it bigger and better each year.

I was also approached by PIPA to auction the top20 pigeons for 2021 on PIPA. There will be a race/loft report on PIPA also soon.


Because we can only take 650 pigeons it will be a matter of first come/paid, first served. This is 162 teams of 4.

We are very happy with how the first season went, and look forward to the next edition. The support and feedback from all quarters has been very positive. We aim to have at least 400 paid entries in 2021 which will enable us to pay out over R1m /  65 000EUR / 74 000US$ in total Prizemoney which consists of 40 positions for the final, 3 x HS of 4 prizes each, and a top 3 Ace Bird Average prizes.


Denmark 16 March to 17 April. 27 April to 28 May. & 8 June to 9 July.

60 EURO per pigeon

USA 15 April to 15 May

70 US $ per pigeon

Changes 2021:

2020 rings

Team is now 4 pigeons. 1 paid and 3 reserves.

Reserves now also R5000/312 EUR or 350 US$

EURO Entry will now be 312 EUR = 350 US$ = R5000 for primary entries payable prior or on delivery of pigeons

NO perch fees! NO forced activation fees prior to HS1 or Final!

HS1 170km
HS2 270km
HS3 370km
Final 470km – 23 January 2021

International Agent/Shippers:

MC Hansen – Denmark
+45 7730 4300

W Waldow – Germany
+49 172 2626841

USA Shipper/Agent

Daniel Hash

Avian Export Services
PO Box 146 ( Shipping and Receiving Address)
Kaysville, Utah 84037

South Africa

Midlands Lofts (Jaco Venter/Gavin Thompson) – KZN

Anton Schonken – Northern Cape/Eastern Cape/Freestate

Stefan Brill - Gauteng Agent/Shipper

Cape Town International OLR from On The Drop - Pigeon Magazine on Vimeo.

Loft Video/Interview Race Director – Emile Slabber

Download the entry form for the edition 2021 here.

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