Caballero of the Kamerhuis Brothers (Sibculo, NL) is the fastest pigeon ever in The Netherlands

It was a historic day for the Kamerhuis Brothers in 2019. They managed to break a 62 year old speed record with racing bird Caballero. This one year old beat more than 12,000 opponents that day.

Harald (l) and Herbert (r) showing their NL18-5108841, 'Caballero'  

A velocity of 143.262 km/h - incredibly fast

Caballero's early arrival did not really come as a surprise. He was clearly in good form, having already won a top result the week before. That is why he was first nominated. But no one had expected him to be that strong this weekend, amid a stormy southwesterly wind. Caballero was very quickly on his way from Etroeungt to Sibculo, covering a distance of 239km. He left behind the entire field that day, which was quite substantial: as many as 12,861 pigeons had been basketed that day. The two brothers also had an impressive 60% prize percentage but that was quickly forgotten. The provincial results showed quite a number of early arrivals for them; they had in fact 9 nominated birds in the provincial top 28. 

Inflow of higher quality birds through Kees Nijeboer since 2015

Herbert and Harald were fairly young when their career took off. It all started with a stray pigeon, like so many of their colleagues. They took care of this bird and it soon turned into a passion; they quickly began to obtain other pigeons through fellow fanciers. They changed course in 2015, as they wanted to have better quality birds in their team. They turned to Kees Nijeboer from Pollen, whose loft was just 5 kilometres away, to obtain a group of birds for the natour competition, a few of which were also used in the breeding loft. It was a successful undertaking, since the team has performed significantly better in recent years.

They stayed in touch with Kees after obtaining a number of his birds, and the fanciers have been helping each other out on a number of occasions as well. For instance, Herbert helped build Kees's new pigeon lofts, while Kees gave the two brothers a round of eggs in 2018. Yes, you've guessed it right: one of those eggs was Caballero. For those that are interested in the full pedigree of Caballero, click here.

The now famous Caballero made it back home reaching a tremendous speed.