C. & G. Koopman (Ermerveen) win opening race as well as closing race of the NPO season

We saw another spectacular result from Gerard Koopman and his team. They were really motivated to make the most out of this season and every fancier who had to race against the Koopman pigeons knew you had no choice but to follow their lead. Koopman won a 1-2-3-4-6-7 from NPO Breuil Le Vert at the start of the season and they closed the season with a 1-5-8-9-14-16-19 NPO from Pithiviers.

Pithiviers was a race for top quality pigeons in great fitness, because it was a flight in high temperatures and with a strong headwind. 2013 had been a tough season already so team Koopman was one of the big favourites for the final one day long distance NPO race of the season. The pigeons of Koopman have been performing at a very high level again this season. They started 2013 with an impressive result from Breuil le Vert on 20 July and they ended it with a similarly impressive performance from Pithiviers. We give you an overview of their results in this season’s NPO races:

25-5-2013 NPO Breuil Le Vert (486 km) – 4,546 p.
1-2-3-4-6-8-14-17-18-22-28-29-30-36-37-38-41-51-54-64-91-etc. (56/78)
08-6-2013 NPO Sens (564 km) – 6,386 p.
2-3-4-9-13-19-30-46-53-70-71-82-86-etc. (43/104)
23-6-2013 NPO Orleans (639 km) – 4,533 p.
22-25-58-etc. (19/40)
06-7-2013 NPO Chateauroux (754 km) – 3,112 p.
2-4-7-13-18-19-20-34-39-46-55-64-92-etc. (29/63)
20-7-2013 NPO Pithiviers (603 km) – 4,486 p.
1-5-8-9-14-16-19-27-29-40-61-63-79-88-etc. (25/42)

Adora; 1st NPO Pitihivers

The hard weather conditions resulted in a velocity of 1,1000 m/min for the winning pigeon, which gives you an idea of the effort put in by the pigeons in the 2013 race from Pithiviers. The pigeon NL12-4703552 Adora proved the strongest of the pack. This hen had already won a second NPO as the first Koopman pigeon in the national grand prix. This is an outstanding one year old hen with a number of impressive achievements already:

1st NPO Pithiviers     –  4,486 p.
2nd NPO Chateauroux    –  3,112 p.
34th Peronne           –  4,647 p.
39th Boxtel            – 10,270 p.
58th Orleans           –  4,533 p.

Sire: De Blois, purchased via Leo Janzen as the winner of a first NPO Blois 2006 and co-winner of the title of Golden Pigeon One Day Long Distance 2006. He had already bred the winner of a fifth place in the Final Million Dollar Race. 
Dam: Miss Dynamite, a full sister of Kleine Dirk with exceptional qualities.
Click here for the full pedigree of Adora

Let's have a look at the three other teletext pigeons that won a top 10 NPO from Pithiviers:
- 5th NPO Pithiviers: NL10-4790131 Zoon Golden Capri
A blue coloured cock and winner of a 27th Gennep 10,818 p. and 52nd Peronne 4,647 p.
Sire: Golden Capri, a direct D. & L. van Dyck from Di Caprio x dochter De Kannibaal
Dam: Xamira, an inbred daughter of Den Dromer De Rauw-Sablon
Click here for the full pedigree
- 8th NPO Pithiviers: NL11-1185768 Bella Donna
Winner of a 3rd NPO Breuil Le Vert against 4,564 p. and 18th NPO Chateauroux 3,112 p. in 2013
Sire: Golden Rudi, a direct Rudi Diels, his sire is a brother of the sire of the 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance 2011 (Marien) and a grandson of Goudhaantje. His dam is a daughter of Blue Dream (1st Nat. Ace Pigeon August Wouters).
Dam: Safron, bred from the excellent breeder Magic Man x 1st NPO Ablis winner Daydream. Safron is a half sister of Jerson, an Olympiad Pigeon Nitra 2013.
Click here for the full pedigree
- 9th NPO Pithiviers: NL11-1185671 Martine
A top class hen and winner of a 2nd Sens 6,386 birds (2013) and a 3rd Pommeroeul 7,848 pigeons in big races.
Sire: Fridus, a son of Bjarne (top class son Den Dromer) x Monique (a daughter Perpignan Marcel Aelbrecht)
Dam: Henna, a daughter of Blue Energy x Choni, two exceptional Koopman breeders
Click here for the full pedigree

Gerard Koopman and his team can look back on an outstanding racing season. They are the proof that the Koopman pigeon still has the quality to dominate important races.