Bungeneers Frans, "First National Barcelona (2005)"

– We have to go back many many years if we want to find a national winner of Barcelona who lives in the province of Antwerp. But this 2005 Barcelona edition has two fanciers from Antwerp in the top of the national result. Frans Bungeneers from Ranst wins 1st National and Van Gils Frans and Paul from Ravels win 2nd National. Frans wins also the famous golden wing trophee, 3rd International old pigeons and 2 international hens.
Frans Bungeneers is getting more and more famous in Antwerp and Belgium. In 1999 he already won 1st Provincial Cahors and he was really ambitious to win another provincial titel. Now he doesn't only win the provincial title but also the national title on the most prestigious long distance race in the world.

BE – 02 – 6502747 “Tonny” Hen
Tonny didn't race any trainingrace in the year of birth as she was a late youngster of 2002. She just flew around her loft. She stayed on 2 feathers and in 2003 she was trained together with the yearlings. 75% of the pedigree of Tonny is Cor De Heijde, and 90% of the total bloodline in the loft of Frans is from Cor De Heijde.

In 2004 Tonny raced:
22 – 04: Vilvoorde
01 – 05: Quiévrain
15 – 05: Noyon
21 – 05: Dourdan
09 – 06: Chateauroux
02 – 07: Barcelona = 684th National old pigeons and also 124th National Hens

After Barcelona Tonny took a break.
After the long distance season (half of August), Frans gives his pigeons a oxygen-cure. The pigeons go out of the loft in the morning and they can get back in during the evening. Also in the weekend his pigeons stay inside because his neighbour is racing sprint and middle distance. But starting from October, his pigeons are outside for about 10 hours a day. He pairs up his pigeons the first time in March.

Frans writes everything down, flights, position of each pigeon, number of nomination etc… On this way it is easy to see when he can basket each pigeon and when the pigeon is ready to go on the next flight. Tonny was basketted on the perfect time, because on the moment of basketting, Tonny was on the nest with 4 day old youngsters.

All pigeons are raced on the nest, both hens and cocks. This is a lot more difficult comparing to widowhood but Frans really believed in the system, that's why he always continued with the same system and is now succesfull with it.

According to Frans it is really important to observe your pigeons all the time. This is the best way to get to know your pigeons well. Sometimes it is better to leave a pigeon at home if the condition is not so good because otherwise the self-confidence of the pigeon will go down immediately and the pigeon won't perform on the following races.

Frans does a cure against Tricho just before the season and also after the first round of youngsters are born.
If the droppings are okay and the heads look good he does nothing because than they are healthy. He also doesn't give much foodsupplements, but as he is a topsporter himself he knows some electrolyts can't hurt, so he adds some electrolyts to the wather just after each race.

Different mixtures are mixed together and as an extra the pigeons get some candyseeds before basketting. The pigeons have food the whole day long. Frans is someone who knows a lot about pigeons, he wrote a whole book about in which he judges all the best pigeons of Belgium. Appearantly this was a good help to get good results on his own lofts. For a friend he once searched out a hen in an auction and a few years later this hen became the mother of the winner of the Golden Wing competition!
Sport at the highest level:
Frans was a professional sporter once. He was member of a handball team playing in the highest national division. His wife Karin was a participant of the olympic games in Moskow 1980. A house full of professional sporters over there in Ranst!

Translation : Thomas Gyselbrecht