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A brilliant victory for Adrie Kors (Steenwijkerwold, NL) against 12,194 pigeons from Quievrain

It was only three weeks ago that our champion Adrie Kors pulled off two provincial wins. Last weekend he claimed yet another victory against 12,194 pigeons. It was in so many ways a brilliant victory for Adrie!

I think we can all agree that Adrie and his wife Marie can call themselves champions. Week after week they manage to give a remarkable performance under the name of A.J. Kors. They are outstanding at provincial level, in the strong ACG9 and anything in between. We give you a short overview of their best results in 2012:

V14 Wychen     ACG9     2098p.   11-22-37-38-69-70-72-84          48/28
V15 Boxtel     ACG9     2351p.   7-12-14-15-16-34-36-37-39-40-43  47/34
V16 St.Truiden ACG9     2294p.   5-15-16-29-39-64                 47/26
M18 Pommeroeul ACG9     2112p.   1-4-16-90-128                    44/15
               Prov11 18,593p.   1°
V19 Boxtel     ACG9     1247p.   1-19-83-121                      20/ 9
               Prov11 12,848p.   1°
M20 Quievrain  ACG9     1875p.   17-18-19-23-29-56                30/23
M22 Quievrain  ACG9     1517p.   1-6-8-11-12-17-31-32-33-34-38    37/27
               Prov11 12,194p.   1-9-20-48-51-97                  37/29

This is quite an impressive list, and we are confident that they will add some more prizes to this in the future. The winner from last weekend, which has also won a 37th against 2,089 pigeons, is a wonderful one-year-old cock. He originates from the best lines that you can find in the lofts of Adrie and Marie Kors in Steenwijkerwold.

It is a son of the top-class breeding hen and new stock dam De Diamant, a former racing pigeon that deserves her spot in the breeding loft, no doubt about that:

Troyes NPO  1/ 7543
Arras       1/ 6648
Vilvoorde   1/ 1350
Arras       3/ 1922
Achene      3/ 1749
Strombeek   3/ 1308
Lezanne     4/  926
Sens        7/  791
Sens        8/ 1214
Isnes      10/12361
7° National ace pigeon 2010 W.H.Z.B.

This Diamant stems from the excellent cock De Jan, which is also father of Miss Maniwan, 1st national ace hen 2007 W.H.Z.B. and a half sister of Diamant.

But Diamant has another daughter that is an amazing pigeon as well: Briljant.

The father of Briljant and his successful brother of the past weekend, 11-737, is a half brother of Anne Linde. These lines have very good breeding and have dominated the results in province 11 once again this weekend. We will keep an eye on him in the coming weeks: with an amazing victory against 12,194 pigeons it seems his team of racers are in a good shape. We look forward to what the future will bring for this exceptional fancier from steenwijkerwold, Adrie Kors!