Bert Berends (Nieuw-Weerdinge, NL) winner of 1st Orleans against 11,670 pigeons

It is almost impossible to overlook the name of Bert Berends in the national results from Orleans. His strong team consists of 10 widowers that have achieved an excellent performance here. This is a great season for this fancier from Nieuw-Weerdinge.

His son Pepijn- his daughter Anne Linde - Bert and his dog Binky.

Bert Berends, a quiet man, has impressed the world of pigeon racing once again. He has had a great season so far with some teletext notifications and some excellent results, but last weekend’s victory is the crowning glory for him as he has won the most important one day middle distance race of the season, the national Orléans Saran sector 4. A convoy of 11,670 pigeons headed to the north of Belgium and it was one of Bert Berends’ pigeons who won the race.

Results from Orleans
Section 4 against      11,670p: 1-13-19-etc 10/8
Northern union against 6,453p:   1-2-5-etc   10/8
Province 10 NPO        6,611p:   1-16-22-etc 10/7
Province 10 NPO NOORD  3,497p:   1-2-5-etc   10/8

This is a top result for Bert Berends, who races with widowers only. He knows the game and he has had some fine results this season:

Troyes NPO NOORD       4482p: 1st 
Breuil Le Vert         5,424p: 3-4-15-55-etc 

This last result has a striking resemblance to the race from Orléans: Bert could not believe his eyes when he saw that his first, second and third pigeon from Orleans were exactly the same pigeons as his first three pigeons from Breuil le Vert. Two of these pigeons also had a teletext notation, in the exact same order.

The first pigeon was once again the 11-002. This one year old cock has showed his talent in previous races including Breuil le Vert.

Orleans      NAT    1/11,670 
Breuil le V. NPO    3/  4957
Zutphen            21/  8396
Ravenstein         79/15.183

The second pigeon (11-075) is worth mention as well, with 2 teletext notations and a nice list of achievements:

Orleans      NPO   2/  3497
Breuil le V  NPO   4/  4957
Arras             11/  1194
Pigeons           21/  3716
+ 2nd provincial ace pigeon youngsters 2011

The third pigeon is a talented one year old cock as well, the 11-021. He is always at the front of the pack:

Orleans      NPO   5/  3497
Breuil Le V  NPO  13/  4957

As some of you might know these pigeons stem from the royal lines of

Anne Linde = first National ace pigeon youngsters 2007
Leontien = second national ace pigeon midle distance 2004
and top breeders such as De Jan and Precious lady.

We give you a brief overview of the breeding qualities of these pigeons:

Brother Anne Linde 08-787 is (grand)father of:

1st Prov. ace pigeon            '11
2nd Prov. ace pigeon youngsters '11
1st NAT Orleans        11,670 pigeons
1st NPO Breuil le Vert 5039   pigeons
2nd NPO Orleans        3497   pigeons
2nd NPO Breuil le Vert 5039   pigeons
3rd NPO Breuil le Vert 4957   pigeons
4th NPO Breuil le Vert 4957   pigeons
4th NPO Rekkem         10,666 pigeons
7th NPO Breuil le Vert 5039   pigeons
9th NPO Geel           14,744 pigeons

The sisters of Leontien (05-058 + 04-270) are (grand)mother of:

1st prov Gennep        15.497 pigeons
1st NAT  Orleans       11.670 pigeons
1st NPO  Breuil le Vert  5039 pigeons
1st NPO  Pithiviers      3659 pigeons
1st      Sezanne          954 pigeons
1st      Boxtel           799 pigeons
2nd prov Gennep        15,497 pigeons
2nd NPO  Pithiviers      7906 pigeons
2nd NPO  Sens            5656 pigeons
2nd prov St.Truiden      5212 pigeons
2nd NPO  Breuil le Vert  5039 pigeons
2nd prov Rekkem          7292 pigeons
2nd NPO  Duffel          3546 pigeons
2nd NPO  Orleans         3497 pigeons
3rd prov Menen         12,246 pigeons
3rd NPO  Breuil le Vert  4957 pigeons
3rd NPO  Sens            3807 pigeons
4th Prov Zutphen         8543 pigeons
4th NPO  Breuil le Vert  4957 pigeons
4th NPO  Rekkem        10.666 pigeons
7th NPO  Breuil le Vert  5039 pigeons
9th NPO  Geel          14.744 pigeons
17th NPO La Ferte      11.470 pigeons
1st Provincial ace pigeon         '11
5th national ace pigeon one-day middle distance '09


Precious Lady is mother of:

1st prov Beek          22,610 pigeons
1st prov Pommeroeul    10,389 pigeons
1st NPO  Ablis         10,030 pigeons
1st NPO  Troyes          4482 pigeons
1st prov Maaseik         2450 pigeons
1st      Gennep           943 pigeons
1st      Lommel           900 pigeons
1st      Zutphen          847 pigeons
1st      Sourdun          789 pigeons
1st      Morlincourt      676 pigeons
1st      St.Gishlain      569 pigeons
1st      Boxtel           167 pigeons
1st      Boxtel           161 pigeons
1st      Chimay           115 pigeons


These champions are top of their league and this team of pigeons is actually quite young, with three very successful yearlings. So this family of pigeons has a bright future ahead. Once a champion, always a champion! That is the least we can say about Bert.

Bert, congratulations on your victory, enjoy it!