Bert Berends (Nieuw-Weerdinge, NL) had a top season once again

It was bingo again in Nieuw-Weerdinge in 2011. Bert Berends, who owns a magnificent loft of pigeons, raced the roof off last year, raced the stars from the skies, and can count himself one of the champions of the strong province 10.

It was bingo again in Nieuw-Weerdinge in 2011. Bert Berends, who owns a magnificent loft of pigeons, raced the roof off last year, raced the stars from the skies, and can count himself one of the champions of the strong province 10.

Although province 10 is no ‘sweetie’ where the opposition is concerned it seems that it doesn’t bother Bert Berends. With champions so as Gerard Koopman, Vredeveld-Leemhuis, Jan Keen and a number of other ‘cracks’ it is a question of overcoming and surviving. You have to do well every week if you want to remain with the champions otherwise you can forget it. It didn’t seem to be a problem in 2011 for Bert, because with the following honours list you can speak of a successful season: 

1° Ace bird (Incl. extreme middle distance) Province ‘10
2° Ace bird Youngsters Province ‘10
2° General Not nominated Province ‘10
4° General Nominated Province ‘10
4° Ace bird Youngsters Province ‘10 

Highlight qua races this year was Breuil le Vert where he made Teletext with 3 pigeons. Against 5039 pigeons he raced the prizes 1° - 2° and 7°. Remarkable was that these were all 3 full brothers from each other. Whereby their father is a full brother of super pigeon ‘Anne-Linde’ (1° National Ace bird Youngsters WHZB ’07) which in September 2010 was sold on PIPA. Although Bert found all this quite exciting, his loft is blessed with no less than 4 full brothers of this ‘Anne-Linde’. All very good breeders with sublime descendants already.

So is the 1° Ace bird from Province ’10 also the 1° prize winner from Breuil le Vert and comes out a brother of the ‘Anne-Linde’. The 2° Ace bird Youngsters Province ’10 also comes out his brother of ‘Anne-Linde’. Another brother of ‘Anne-Linde’ produced the 09-556 which raced top twice from Sens; 3° NPO against 3807 pigeons and a 2° NAT against 5656 pigeons. All in all proof that all is well with the breeding by the Berends household, and not only the line of ‘Anne-Linde’….

Someone who will testify that the pigeons from Bert Berends produce sublime descendants is Henk Keizer from Ter Apel (NL). Tragically he lost his super pigeon which was 1° National Extreme middle distance pigeon W.H.Z.B. 2011... this pigeon could (if present at the West European Nation Cup /W.E.N.C.) have been proclaimed 1st from the Netherlands with a super coefficient of 0, 34!! In his bloodlines we see as mother a daughter of the ‘Return’... once again such a super pigeon of the lofts in Nieuw-Weerdinge.

A pigeon which represented the Netherlands at the W.E.N.C. was the pigeon from Jacob Bakker from Zwartemeer (NL). With the 2° Middle Distance W.E.N.C. 2011 he once again had a partial Berends in the lofts. The mother of this pigeon is namely a daughter of ‘Anne-Linde’ and raced a.o. a 1° NPO Breuil le Vert against 9786 pigeons.

The breeding qualities of Bert Berends can then be called magnificent, but what does the stock building look like?.. one of his best breeders ever is perhaps ‘Precious Lady’. This top hen is mother of no less than 13x1° prize and stems from the now world famous lines of Pieter Veenstra, namely ‘Terminator’ X ‘Diamond Lady’.  The most remarkable breeding results of this hen are: 

Beek       1/22610
Pommeroeul 1/10398
Ablis(NPO) 1/10030

Moreover this is not the only Veenstra blood which has brought success to the lofts of Bert Berends. A very successful brother ‘Da Vinci’ is in the meantime father of:

Wychen     1/3204
Wychen     1/3104
Lommel     1/2899
Blois(NPO) 1/1585
Orleans    1/1149
Orleans    1/1097

And of super pigeon  ‘Pepijn’ which is 2° National Ace bird 1-day long distance T.B.O.T.B.! 

(racing loft o.b., extremely high as son ‘Pepijn’ demonstrates.) 

Bert also talks and joint breeds a great deal with pigeon friend and super crack Adrie Kors. This fancier from Steenwijkerwold owns a magnificent Geeloger line from the Gebr. Janssen from Arendonk and the ‘Leontien’ was bred out this line which was2° Ace bird Middle Distance T.B.O.T.B and raced 10x 1° prize. A full sister of ‘Leontien’ is in turn mother of: 

Gennep          1/15497
Pithiviers(NPO) 1/ 3659
Sens (NPO)      3/ 3807 (09-556)
Sens(NAT)       2/ 5656 (09-556)
St.Truiden(NPO) 2/ 5212 (09-556)
5° National Ace bird 1-day long distance T.B.O.T.B.

Together with Adrie, Bert discovered the quality of the pedigree Heremans-Ceusters. It is well-known that many have been very successful with this pedigree. The ‘Anne-Linde’ comes out a daughter of the ‘Euro’ coupled with the ‘Goudklompje’, although the ‘Euro’ is exclusive, Bert thinks that also the line of the ‘Goudklompje’ in particular has had an exceptional influence on the success of his stock.

As you see, they are great performances from a fancier who keeps to quite a simple system. The pigeons are not shown before the races, and before the season they are inspected once by Doc. Mariën. No preventive cures, but only giving a cure if there is anything really wrong. By the homecoming they stay together for a few hours, after which they are relocated to their own loft. With this system of classic widowhood ( hens stay home) Bert aims for strong pigeons, which can achieve the maximum with the minimum. … A few of these maximal results: 

St.Truiden       5212   pigeons      1-2-etc…
Boxtel           16.295 pigeons      2
Gennep           15.497 pigeons      1-2.etc..
Ravenstein       2764   pigeons      1-2-3-4-5-6-etc…
    =            15.367 pigeons      2-3-4-9-etc…
Sens (NAT)       5656   pigeons      2
Sens (NPO)       3807   pigeons      3
Troyes (NPO)     8704   pigeons      4
Geel (NPO)       14.744 pigeons      9
Duffel (NPO)     6458   pigeons      4 

Conclusion……..Bert Berends, a real champion!