Benny Steveninck (Hamme,BE) wins 1st Zone Gueret with brother of Pepchi

The renowned Chipo bloodline continues to deliver for Benny Steveninck from East Flanders. They were highly successful with Grandson Pepchi (national winner of Chateauroux of 2,780 pigeons and a 1st Provincial Montluçon of 3,700 pigeons) and the team now wins a 1st Zone Gueret with another grandson: Brother Pepchi BE16-4024909.

Benny Steveninck (57) and his wife Carine (54) have been involved in pigeon racing since 1997, and with great success.

Benny retired as a train driver two years ago, and he has been pretty much a full time fancier since. He has a group of 25 breeding pairs, 75% of which are closely related to the Chipo bloodline. "Chipo is a fantastic pigeon. I have been fond of him since I saw him win the title of 1st Prov. Ace Pigeon middle distance YBs as a youngster", Benny says.

Pepchi claimed the title of Ace Pigeon PIPA Ranking over 6 national races back in 2016

Pepchi also won the title of 7th National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB in 2016, he was the national winner from Chateauroux of 2,780 pigeons and he claimed a 1st Provincial Montluçon of 3,700 pigeons. Pepchi is a grandson of stock breeder Chipo, and that pretty much says it all. Meanwhile Pepchi's brothers and sisters have been very successful as well, with Brother Pepchi BE16-402490 now claiming a 1st Zone Gueret and a 20th Nat. of 5,331 pigeons. "Brother Pepchi is a blue coloured white eyed bird, and he is a bit more sharp-edged than Pepchi, a whitepen cock with coloured eyes." Brother Pepchi is one of many talented descendants of grandfather Chipo. Click here for the full pedigree of Brother Pepchi.

Both Sister and Brother Pepchi have won quite a few prizes over the years - click here for Brother Pepchi's best results.

Like we said, Sister Pepchi (16-4024809) has had her share of success as well: Provincial Chateauroux 2/2,435 p. (133/14,955 p. National), 24/4740 p., Provincial Vierzon 19/7,369 p. We have said it before, and we'll say it again: champions breed champions. The Chipo bloodline is a textbook example.

Here is an overview of the team's results of this year, including the top prizes won by Brother and Sister Pepchi:

05/05/2018  Pithiviers  351km
406 olds 1-2-2-4-11(sister Pepchi)-16-20-24-27-28-30-34-35-...  29/31
301 YLs 2-10-11-14-15-21-24-26-27-29-30-...  17/35

12/05/2018 Pithiviers  351km
414 olds 1-2(sister Pepchi)-3(brother Pepchi)-4-7-8-9(Jen)-9-11-12-21-36-...  27/31
468 YLs 5-7-12-27-33-34-41-...   21/30

19/05/2018  Prov. Vierzon 455km
Club Baasrode
139 olds 1-2-3-4-7-9-10-12-...  15/15
66 YLs 1-2-5-7-... 9/16

Verbond FCD
1179 olds 2-5-10-14-15-24-41-49-67-98-99-...  15/15
831 YLs 1-6-14-32-76-84-... 12/16

7369 olds  11-19(sister Pepchi)-53-69-83-165-293-337-439-656-658-...  15/15
3854 YLs 4-25-85-215-...  11/16

26/05/18  Bourges Nat.
Club Baasrode
250 olds 1-3-4-9-16-23-... 21/30
277 YLs 1-3-7-8-11-12-18-20-21-22-25-26-27-...  17/31

Verbond FCD
844  olds 5-18-20-46-79-...  14/30
1124 YLs 11-47-64-66-97-101-...  15/31

3385 olds 17-65(Jen)-68-201(Sister Pepchi)-...  12/30
3886 YLs 60-217-283-286-...  14/31

02/06/2018  Toury  358km
348  olds 1-2-5-8-9-13-16-18-20-22-25-26-35-...  27/32
231  YLs 1-2-5-7-10-11-14-...  13/17

09/06/18  Chateauroux Nat.
Club Baasrode
183 olds 3-4-5-5-7-9-10-15-16-17-18-...  24/29
326 YLs 3-4-6-7-10-11-14-15-21-23-...  26/34

Verbond FCD
781 olds 9-17-18-18-21-31-33-42-44-48-50-64-68-...  24/29
1392 YLs  17-20-23-24-32-39-66-69-116-126-...

3115 Olds 17(Brother Pepchi)-39-41-42-46-71-72-91-98-107(Sister Pepchi)-
120-185(Jen)-194-245-275-...   23/29
5209 YLs 64-72-83-84-125-181-310-334-...  15/34