Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) winner 1° Prov. La Souterraine 3.823 youngsters with ‘Miss Lucky’!

The ‘Chipo’-dynasty from Benny Steveninck keeps stunning the pigeon world with overwhelming performances, with a new provincial victory from La Souterraine youngsters last weekend!

The pigeon mill in Hamme was running at full steam again during the 2011 sport season, and the least we can say is that Benny & Karin Steveninck are once again having a very strong pigeon season… and that has resulted in a series of top performances up to provincial and national level! Last weekend the number of provincial victories was increased again, the counter went up a mark… with provincial victory from La Souterraine by the youngsters… the result of a very strong series which Benny has once again laid down, with:

La Souterraine   (572 Km) FCD  1.127 Youngsters:  

249-286-289-321-343-353 (27/49)
Provincial 3.823 youngsters:
1-6-7-10-12-22-24-28-34… (prognosis prov  ‘top 50’)

The provincial winner answers to the name ‘Miss Lucky’, and 2 weeks previously she showed what she was capable of from Argenton… she performed as follows:

-‘Miss Lucky’ B11-4007013

La Souterraine 1.127 p. 1
    Prov       3.823 p. 1
Argenton       1.234 p. 10
    Prov       4.464 p. 37
    Nat       20.383 p. 311
Blois            326 p. 51
Dourdan          805 p. 91
Dourdan        1.129 p. 186 etc…

Her lineage doesn’t lie either… as she is a daughter of the new star breeder ‘Chihaut 98’ x ‘Daughter Blue Dream’ (August Wouters)… 2 superior breeding pigeons in the Benny Steveninck colony with already a lot to their names. Let us briefly outline them:

'Chihaut 98' B05-4323998

Is a direct son of the racing and breeding legend in the Benny Steveninck lofts, namely golden goose ‘Chipo’ B03-4329022 (the 1° Prov Ace bird Middle Distance KBDB ’03) x ‘Hautekiet 89’ B03-4328989 (100% Michel Hautekiet)… This ‘Chihaut 98’ came to strengthen the breeding team in 2011… after he had raced together the following ‘staggering’ honours list:

’09 Angerville   797 p. 1
’05 Noyon        539 p. 1
’05 Dourdan      517 p. 1
’09 Angerville   344 p. 1
’06 Dourdan      342 p. 1
’08 Dourdan      320 p. 1
’05 Dourdan      227 p. 1
’06 Dourdan      226 p. 1
’07 Noyon        181 p. 1 etc…

In total he won 62 prizes, wherefrom 9 x 1° prizes, 7 x 2° prizes,  7 x 3° prizes, and 31 x within the ‘first 10’, and no less than 47 x per ’10’! In short, a ‘giant’ of a crack pigeon… without doubt one of the best middle distance racers flying around in our country in the period 2005-2010! This resulted amongst other things in the winning of the following ‘Ace bird titles’:

3° National Ace bird Middle distance KBDB ‘08
2° Provincial Ace bird Middle distance KBDB ‘08
7° Provincial Ace bird Middle distance KBDB ‘07
4° Provincial Ace bird Middle distance KBDB ‘09

In the meantime this ‘Chihaut 98’ is busy following in the footsteps of his father ‘Chipo’… and he is also one of the basis layers of a new generation of top pigeons which over the last few season allowed the Benny Steveninck-star to shine on the pigeon firmament!

Coupled with the ‘Mother Nationaal’ B07-4372474… mother of the 1° Prov Gueret ‘08, of the 1° Nat Limoges ’09, and full sister of ‘Duivin Chipo 989/03’… is the ‘Chihaut 98’ father of the ‘Inbreed Hautekiet’ B08-4359197… the new ‘breeding talent’ in Hamme. This ‘Inbreed Hautekiet’ was coupled with a ‘Daughter Blue Dream’ B09-6128352 from August Wouters (Daughter of the 1° Nat Ace bird Sprint ’09 with 10 x 1° prizes within 2 years)… father of 2 superior youngsters 2010, and could compete with the best of our land up to national level, take a look:

-The ‘Bont’ B10-4128077

12° Best youngster from Belgium in the 4 Nationals for youngsters!

Bourges          681 p. 18
    Prov       6.371 p. 350
Argenton         525 p. 20
La Souterraine   353 p. 10
    Prov       4.081 p. 107
Gueret           299 p. 9
    Prov       4.675 p. 94
    Nat       13.885 p. 369

-The ‘Blauw Gueret’ B10-4129977(full sister of the ‘Bont’ 10-077)

Gueret           299 p. 1
    Nat Zone B 4.675 p. 1
    Nat       13.885 p. 5

Both are then half-sisters of ‘Miss Lucky’! Benny must have thought… if his could achieve such results with this classy breeding hen, then why not couple the ‘Chihaut 98’ self with the ‘Daughter Blue Dream’? And so it was to be… with ‘Miss Lucky’ as a result, a new and umpteenth provincial winner out the ‘golden’ Chipolijn!

I don’t think anyone will disagree with us when we say that this breeding line has grown to be one of the best breeding lines in the world at the moment, from middle distance to light long distance! Simply phenomenal… what  a wealth of  top talent and 1° prize winners have already been bred in a time frame of hardly 8 years!