Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) multiple winner in Bourges

With a triple win at local level in both the old birds and yearlings category and several other prizes, Benny Steveninck was surely one of the triumphant fanciers in Bourges.

It is quite amazing what Benny & Karin Stevenick have achieved this weekend in Bourges. It confirms what we already knew: the Steveninck pigeons have been performing very well in the last few years and they are ready for a splendid 2012 season as well. These are the results for Bourges:

Bourges old birds Locally 264 p.
1-2-3-10-13-14-15-16-17-20-21-27-31-38-40-48-61-64 (18/26)
Their first and second nominated pigeon took the 1° and 3° prize.

FCD Oude 887 d.
2-6-7-33-38-42-43-45-50-58-64-82-89… enz. (18/26)
Prov old birds 3,653 p.: 2-10-23… (prognosis top-50)
Nat old birds 20,577 p.: 8-66… (prognosis top-100)

Bourges yearlings locally 213 p.
1-2-3-7-8-11-12-16-24-29-30-31-32-37-47-49-51-52-60-62-63-64 (22/29)
FCD yearlings 966 p.
1-16-37-47-57-73-80-114… (22/29)
Prov yearlings 3.470 p.: 7… (prognosis top-50)
Nat yearlings 16.867 p.: 19… (prognosis top-100)

Last week they had a good result at the first flight of the grand middle distance 2012 in Vierzon as well, including a double win with the yearlings:

Vierzon 351 old birds: 6-9-37-51 (4/5)
Vierzon 162 yearlings: 1-2-4-12-15-23-34-41 (8/11)

It is an open secret that Benny relies on dr. Piet Blancke from Ruiselede for medical guidance. The two became good friends and soon they started to exchange  their talented pigeons, either through joint breeding or exchange between Benny and the BDS team of Piet Blancke and through purchases in the PIPA Jewels of the Sky auctions. Their winning pigeons in Bourges were both the result of such crossings and are a mix of 50% Steveninck (chipo line) and 50% BDS team.

Winner for the old birds (and 2° Prov + 8° National) BE09-4188036 was basketed as first nominated and has already won 1° Angerville against 850 pigeons. He is a son of ‘Chihaut 100’ BE04-4138100 (6° Nat Ace pigeon middle distance KBDB ‘05, substitute for Olympiad and winner of five first prizes) x ‘Eline’ BE03-3056334 (1° Nat Zone A Argenton ’04). Ben purchased the pigeon at the PIPA 'Jewels of the Sky' auction as a daughter ‘Fryda’ (full sister ‘Aske’) of the successful combination Cools-Blancke.

Winner of the yearlings BE11-4008915 (1° FCD, 7° Prov + 19° Nat.) stems from a Broer Chateauke 164’ BE05-3202242 Gevaert-Lannoo x ‘Dochter Chipo’… It was a joint breed with a cock from the BDS team with a hen from Benny's top line of the world-famous Chipo! This ‘Broer Chateauke 164’ is a son of the world-renowned Chateauke 222/01 Cools-Blancke, winner of 1° Prov Chateauroux 7,347 p., a half sister of the previously mentioned  ‘Eline’ and also daughter of top breeder. Both the two pigeons are obviously a successful crossing of two top-class lines!

A good start is half the job done

When your pigeons fly at the front of the pack and play an important role in the classic races you know that they are in a good shape. It gives the fancier a feeling of confidence. For a fancier, the experience gained in previous years is invaluable to prepare his pigeons for a new season in the best way possible and to make sure they reach their top form at the right moment. But at the day of basketing you can never be 100% that your pigeons will perform as expected. But when they exceed your expectations you know they are ready for the upcoming races and classics. Benny and his wife Karin have already proved themselves with ace pigeons and both provincial and national wins. Their results in Bourges are very promosing and we would not be surprised if they took another big win in the near future. We know that the Steveninck pigeons are very talented and that they are one of the best pigeons in Belgium when it comes to grand middle distance and light long distance.