Benny Steveninck (Hamme, BE) continues to surprise us, this time with his First Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance 2013, Sun

The pigeon family of Benny Steveninck has won a first provincial and national ace pigeon title KBDB, a double provincial and zonal victory, a title of General Champion KBDB East Flanders and so much more, making this one of the most appealing lofts in the longer middle distance in Belgium.

The pigeons from Hamme have been performing at an exceptionally high level over the past few seasons. Numerous reports and articles about Benny Steveninck and his pigeons have been published in pigeon magazines and on websites all over the world, in which journalists talk about the unbeatable, outstanding rockets from the Waasland region, led by the middle distance legend or the great champion Benny Steveninck. Benny and his wife Karin found out that their pigeon Chipo was a truly exceptional stock pigeon. Chipo does not originate from great champions but rather from top quality bloodlines, obtained from neighbouring fanciers. He originates from Sylvain Verstraete (Dendermonde) x a daughter of the 1st Nat. La Souterraine (Eddy Leutenez) from his father’s side and Jozef Vandamme (Dendermonde) from his mother’s side.

The superior genes of this stock pigeon have allowed Benny Steveninck to become one of the great champions in pigeon racing, winning an impressive number of first prizes and important titles. He confirmed his status as a great fancier by adding several titles at provincial and national to his list of achievements in 2013 alone:

1st  Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2013
1st  Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB East Fl. 2013
2nd  General Champion KBDB East Fl. 2013
4th  Nat. Champion Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2103
4th  Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB East Fl. 2013
7th  Prov. Champion Middle Distance Old Birds KBDB East Fl. 2013
10th Prov. Champion Long Distance Young Birds KBDB East Fl. 2013
13th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Yearlings KBDB 2013

This is quite impressive, isn’t it?

A loft full of prize winners shaped around Chipo

Most of Benny’s opponents have experienced that the Steveninck racing pigeons are particularly tough to beat. Some are actually afraid to race against them because they are simply too strong. It is fair to say that the golden breeding and racing line of stock sire Chipo has turned the national middle distance competition upside down. Chipo is the sire of dominant breeders and powerful prize winners at provincial, zonal as well as national level.

This is a pigeon breed with great consistency, entirely based around the amazing stock sire and world class breeder Chipo! Chipo won the title of First Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB East Flanders in 2003 as a young bird and he was a racing pigeon until 2005, after which he started to excel as a superior stock sire in the breeding loft. Benny discovered his exceptional breeding qualities right away because Chipo has bred a whole lot of top quality racers already as a yearling and as a two year old, even though he could not breed very often as a racer. He became the sire of Chihaut 100, Chihaut 98 and his nest brother Crack.
The Chihaut 100 from 2004 was 6th Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB and 2nd substitute Olympiad Pigeon Cat. B in Ostend in 2007. In 2005 the same pairing (with the 989 of Michel Hautekiet) bred the  two outstanding nest brothers Chihaut 98 and Crack. The Crack won a 1st Prov. Bourges 1,687 p. in 2006 and he was 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2007, after winning a 3rd Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2006 as a yearling. The best son of Chipo is without doubt Chihaut 98. This pigeon has an impressive list of achievements including nine victories and a total of 62 prizes with 47 prizes per ten. He was also 2nd, 4th and 7th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance East Flanders and 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB in 2008.

This was a solid foundation, because these successful racing pigeons have all become excellent breeding pigeons as well. However, Mister Chipo himself continued to be the big star in the breeding loft as the sire of several world class pigeons that have made this loft a success story. They have also led to Benny Steveninck becoming a great champion in the middle distance and the longer middle distance later on. His pigeons are quick, strong and smart and that is what makes them so successful. Benny and Karin have managed to get the most out of these characteristics and it has allowed them to develop into national stars in the provincial and national longer middle distance competition.

First National Ace Pigeon KBDB Sun

Their latest discovery this season is without doubt the amazing young hen Sun, an inbred pigeon to the golden Chipo line. The young birds are usually paired to the old cocks while the young cocks are paired to the old hens. Due to this season’s unfavourable weather the young birds were trained later in the season. The result was that the young birds had been pairing with each other quite well so Benny decided to race them with the sliding door this season. They were separated shortly before Bourges. Sun was one of them; she was eventually sent to Bourges, for which only two young birds were basketed. It was a good decision, because her national top prize from Bourges played an important role in the winning of the First National Ace Pigeon title. Unfortunately her cock did not come back from Chateauroux. Benny reacted immediately by trying to pair her to a different old cock a few hours after her arrival. It worked out and it proved a successful pairing. This pairing seems to have motivated her even more in the races from Argenton and La Souterraine, which was her last race. She had a big lead over her nearest opponents so it was not necessary to basket her for the final race from Gueret as well.
This new champion from Hamme has won the title of National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2013 with an impressive coefficient of 0.6007%

-Sun BE13-4096962

1st National Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB 2013
1.Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance Young Birds KBDB East Fl. 2013
La Souterraine N.Zone  1,993 p. 1
               Prov    3,343 p. 1
               Nat    13,089 p. 22
Bourges        N.Zone  2,975 p. 11
               Prov    4,099 p. 23
               Nat    18,478 p. 44
Argenton       Prov    3,942 p. 3
               N.Zone  2,903 p. 10
Chateauroux    Prov    2,728 p. 7
               N.Zone  1,637 p. 11
               Nat    12,071 p. 118

(the results in bold have led to her national ace pigeon title)
Sire: Blauw Kleinzoon Chipo BE11-4007065
He was a great racing pigeon and a regular first prize winner. These are his best results:

Noyon          Lok       205 p. 1
Poitiers       Lok       166 p. 1
               N.Zone  2,488 p. 13
               Nat    13,813 p. 136
La Souterraine         1,127 p. 4
               Prov    3,823 p. 6
Vierzon                  765 p. 5

He is a son of New 98 BE08-4216998 (a son of breeding legend Chipo 022/03 x Blauwwitpen Hautekiet 989/03) x Blauw Rik BE08-3195591, a direct Rik Cools (a daughter of Witneus Bliksem 171/01 x Emma 316/03).
Dam: Mother Sun BE09-4189995
An excellent racing hen and winner of top prizes from Dourdan-Angerville. She is a daughter of stock sire Chipo BE03-4329022 x Blauw Hautekiet BE05-3207953, a direct Michel Hautekiet.
Click here for the full pedigree of Sun.

We have seen in 2013 that winning first provincial, zonal and national prizes seems to be a family trait: in addition to the national title of Sun they also won a first and second Nat. Zone B1 from Poitiers, as well as a first Prov. and a first Nat. Zone B1 from Argenton II in August. We take a look at the pigeons that have won these prizes:

-Speedy BE12-4048026

Poitiers N.Zone  2,688 p. 1
         Prov    3,492 p. 2
         Nat    13,135 p. 22
Bourges  Prov    3,825 p. 3
         N.Zone  2,526 p. 6
         Nat    13,588 p. 59
Ecouen   Lok     1,192 p. 7

Sire: Greg BE09-4188061
Greg is winner of a 71st Nat.  Limoges and a 59th N. Zone B Argenton. He is a son of Gueret BE08-4216930 (winner of a first National Limoges Yearlings in '09 and a 1st Prov. & 19th Nat. Gueret in 2008) x Nina BE08-4216906 (a granddaughter of stock sire Chipo).
Dam: Moeder Speedy BE10-4294793, a direct Gevaert-Lannoo (Meigem-Deinze).
She is a daughter of top class breeder Bliksem CEO BE04-3230979, a direct Gaby Vandenabeele (bred from icoon Bliksem). He is a full brother of Vader Yvan of Deno-Herbots, which is in turn the sire of Yvan, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB ’09 and 4th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB ’08. The sire is the exceptional hen Kaafje BE07-4270406 of Gevaert-Lannoo, which has won a 3rd Nat. La Souterraine 4,459 p. and an 8th Nat. Bourges 16,771 p.
Click here for the pedigree of Speedy.

-Tibo BE12-4048991

4th Prov. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB 2013
13th Nat. Ace Pigeon Longer Middle Distance KBDB 2013
Angerville          708 p. 1
Argenton  N.Zone    832 p. 1
          Prov      931 p. 1
          Nat     6,795 p. 52
Poitiers  N.Zone  2,688 p. 2 (behind loft mate Speedy)
          Nat    13,135 p. 29
Bourges 2 N.Zone  1,842 p. 5
          Nat    11,883 p. 30
La Souterraine      132 p. 6  (behind 5 loft mates)
          N.Zone  1,723 p. 26
Gueret    Prov    3,670 p. 12 (in 2012)
          Nat    16,988 p. 77   

Sire: Genopte Hautekiet BE08-4216913
A brother of top class hen Hautekiet 989 BE03-4328989 (usual partner of Chipo), which is the dam of the 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon KBDB etc. He is a son of Vale Hautekiet BE01-4237509 x Blauw Hautekiet 815 BE02-3228815, a direct Michel Hautekiet. They are also the grandparents of, for instance, the 1st Nat. Limoges, the 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KBDB and of four provincial first prize winners.

Dam: Dochter Crack BE10-4128055
Winner of a 3rd Chateauroux 384 p, a 5th Argenton 1,209 p. etc… A daughter of Crack BE05-4323999 (winner of a 1st Prov. and a 3rd Nat. Ace Pigeon Middle Distance KDB 2007, winner of a 1st Prov. Bourges 1,687 p. and a direct son of Chipo) x Blauwwitpen Valentien BE05-4323952
Click here for the pedigree of Tibo.

These three superior champion pigeons can be considered the leading men of Benny Steveninck’s 2013 racing team, which has had another outstanding season. Nobody could do anything about that. 
Click here for the results of 2013 at club level.
Breeding pigeons from ace pigeons appeared to be a solid and a very successful approach.