Belgian rings NO LONGER ALLOWED to participate in English races. - UPDATE

We have been informed by a reliable source that pigeons ringed with a Belgian Combiring will no longer be allowed to participate in the English races.

The RPRA, the English pigeon fanciers union only allow rings encoated in a metal shell, which means that pigeons ringed with a Belgian combiring wil no longer be allowed to participate in their races.

The Fancy are reminded that to prevent ring tampering, it has long been the case that RPRA registration rings on birds entered into races are made with metal inserts.
Council considers that rings made wholly out of plastic or similar material without a metal insert to be “unsafe” for racing.
At its meeting on 30 October, Council resolved that, before the start of the 2010 racing season, the Fancy be reminded of what constitutes an acceptable registration ring:
Birds entered into races must be rung with a registration ring that has a metal insert integral with the ring and is otherwise compliant with RPRA rules.
This is not a “new” requirement but merely a timely reminder to the Fancy should you currently be considering purchasing birds. It is to ensure fair competition in racing.
By Order of Council