Batenburg-Van de Merwe (NL): auction of all pigeons from 2020 and older in addition to several youngsters

This is without doubt the auction highlight of the 2022-2023 season. The most impressive extreme long distance colony ever in auction. Two international Barcelona winners and 14(!) different 1st (inter)national winners or ace pigeons are amongst the auction lots.  

In short, all top pigeons of Batenburg-Van de Merwe will become available in an exclusive auction on PIPA. 

End of December is when it will happen, all the old birds of Hugo Batenburg and his wife Anita Van de Merwe will become available in auction. The end of what possibly is the best extreme long distance colony ever, which led to a boost of successes around the world, but most definitely in Klaaswaal. The unique race from Perpignan was the perfect final chapter; could it get any better? The sale of all old birds is a big but understandable step to take. For Hugo and Anita it will give some rest and security and it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for international pigeon sport to purchase pigeons from this unique colony.   

This summer was a true rollercoaster...Cuffel & Sons won the 1st International Perpignan with a direct Batenburg pigeon. Friend Ad Fortuin takes 1st and 3rd National Perpignan with Batenburg pigeons and Hugo Batenburg himself takes the 2nd National. One of the most spectacular extreme long distance races of the season was dominated by the Batenburg-Van de Merwe pigeons. 

According to Hugo Batenburg, the quality on his breeding loft has never been higher than it was the past 2 years. It is the result of bringing in absolute top pigeons year after year. Together with the PIPA Elite Center of Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, they wanted to create the ultimate extreme long distance pigeon. A staggering 6 international Barcelona winners of the last 10 years moved to Klaaswaal, alongside many other national winners of extreme long distance races. It led to the following collection of national winners and ace pigeons which will all be on offer in the upcoming auction: 

Jef - BE16-2051063: 1st International Barcelona 2019 16,051 pigeons

Petar - BE17-4063163: 1st National Narbonne 2019 2,352 pigeons

Queen of the Night - D07236-18-41: 1st International Barcelona 2020 12,315 pigeons

Alegria - FR15-415109: 1st National Barcelona 2018  2,911 pigeons

Luna May - NL15-1259266: 3rd Nat. Barcelona 2017 4,492 pigeons - 5th Internat. Barcelona 2017 17,094 pigeons

Son New Laureaat 068 - NL15-1689068: Excellent breeding son of New Laureaat

Special Narbonne - NL16-1509066: 2nd International Narbonne 2017 6,287 yearlings

Blue Ace - NL16-1509101: 1st National Ace Pigeon 2018

St. Vincent Queen - NL16-1509236: 4th Nat. St. Vincent 2021 & 7th Nat. St. Vincent 2019

Sterre - NL16-3642733: 1st International Narbonne 2017 8.480 yearlings

Miss New Laureaat - NL17-1262008: 1st National Agen 2018 10,530 yearlings

Willeke - NL17-1262043: 1st International St. Vincent 2019 10,597 pigeons

Ian - NL18-1084351: Super breeder

Vader Agen Laureaat - NL18-1084443: Father of 1st Nat. Agen S2 2020 3,735 pigeons

Son New Laureaat - NL18-1084623: Father 'Special One II' 4th Nat. Pau & 7th Nat. Marseille 2022

Special One II - NL20-1479929: 4th Nat. Pau & 7th Nat. Marseille 2022

Britta Barcelona - DV06720-14-501: 1th Nat. Barcelona Germany 2018 - 20th Internat. Barcelona 2018 20,700 pigeons

Ad - NL20-1481285: 1st Nat. Perpignan 2022 3,805 pigeons - 2nd Internat. Perpignan 2022 12,094 pigeons

Other famous pigeons such as New Laureaat, Special One and Sumerian Fighter are no longer fertile, but all children up to 2020 will be on offer. Furthermore, the auction includes hyper exclusive youngsters form the super pair New Laureaat x Kleine Jade. Since 2014, Hugo regularly co-breeds with his colleague and friend Jelle Jellema. This has led to a huge impulse of top results. Many of both Jelle's and Hugo's top pigeons in the past seasons are a result from earlier co-breeding projects together.