Batenburg-Van de Merwe (Klaaswaal, NL) win 1st Nat. Cahors sector II 10.381 pigeons

It seemed almost unavoidable; the excellent performance curve produced by Hugo Batenburg and Anita van de Merwe in 2011, could only end in a banging climax. And what can you think of higher than the fastest pigeons of the National Cahors competition against 22.264 pigeons?

On the grey thirtieth day of July 2011 there was no pigeon in the whole of the Netherlands faster than the NL10-1667371 ‘Miss Cahors’. The sectors II, III and IV sent a total of 22.264 pigeons to Cahors, from where the pigeons appeared to have had a very tough return journey; especially above Belgian and Dutch territories. The dark white flight yearling nest hen appeared to be dauntless and landed home first from the 64 head team from Klaaswaal at 8h04 with 1.242 mpm. A team for which Cahors (873 km) was a key learning point, which was grabbed with both hands to show what they were capable of. Resulting in the following arrival times: 08:04, 11:51, 12:28, 12:28, 12:34, 12:39, 12:46, 12:53, 12:54, 13:02, 13:05, 13:06, 13:14 etc. In the National result of sector II against 10.381 pigeons these arrival times resulted in the following classifications: 


  1st-14th-89th-90th-126th-166th-220th-275th-278th-361st-391st-402nd  (34/64)

The 1st National Cahors completed a unique list for Hugo and Anita. After the unique double 1st National Marathon and 1st West-European Super Marathon in 2010 a National victory was high on the wish list. So many highlights in such a short time is really exceptional; it displays the power of the legendary ‘Witbuik’ colony, supplemented here and there with fresh blood from pure top pigeons – and if possible, once again  ‘Witbuik’ blood in the veins. ‘Miss Cahors’ is such a result of this breeding strategy. Her father is ‘The Narbonne’, self winner of 1st Nat. Narbonne 3.773 pigeons (2nd Int. 14.457 pigeons) by J.J. Knetsch with ‘Witbuik’ genes on bother mother and father’s side. Mother is ‘Sisi’, self winner 6th Nat. Montauban 8.514 pigeons and bred from a son of ‘Jonge Koster’ x ‘Daughter Witbuik’ in combination with a daughter of ‘The Godfather’. 


The victory from Cahors is a new highlight in an impressive list of long distance performances at the Boomdijk in 2011. In short, good for :

    Nat. St. Vincent sector II    5.458 pigeons: 13th-57th-89th-etc. (9/16)
    Bordeaux North+South Holland   2.687 pigeons: 5th-9th-13th-21st-30th-39th-41st-42nd-etc. (39/63)
    Nat. Bordeaux ZLU             4.504 pigeons: 28th-38th-53rd-100th-122nd-159th-181st-244th-etc. (39/63)
    Barcelona North+South Holland 2.042 pigeons: 6th-22nd-60th enz.
    Nat. Barcelona ZLU            7.046 pigeons: 9th-96th (9/13)
    Int. Barcelona               26.044 pigeons: 9th (9/13)
    Nat. Cahors sector II        10.381 pigeons: 1st-14th-89th-90th-126th-166th-220th-275th-278th-361st-391st-402nd  /64)

A result not to be left out is definitely that of the 30th of July against 3.968 pigeons in the Narbonne ZLU. Under the same tough conditions as Cahors and with 25 Batenburg-Van de Merwe toppers in the competition. The pigeons returned home phenomenally with arrival times of 08:50, 09:18, 09:18, 09:18, 09:23, 09:23, 09:41, 09:43, 09:55, 09:55, etc. In the classic of 963 km the National classifications don’t lie: 

    29th-72nd-73rd-75th-84th-85th-126th-129th-157th-159th   (16/25)