Batenburg-Van de Merwe and PIPA get hold of Dutch Barcelona winner New Witbuik

Hugo Batenburgs had just had a wonderful result in the national from Bordeaux and he was amazed when he read the report on the Schults family on PIPA, the family who had won the national Barcelona for The Netherlands in 2012. The winning pigeon from Barcelona, a victory of which the best longer middle distance loft of The Netherlands has always been dreaming of, reminded him of his legendary stock father De Witbuik. Hugo thought this winning pigeon would be perfectly suited to become his new first class breeder!

Hugo has always told Nikolaas Gyselbrecht of PIPA that he was sorry to see so many winners of big (inter)national classics move to Asian countries, taking them away from pigeon fanciers in the Benelux countries. Of course we know that these Asian fanciers offer large sums of money which are hard to beat, but Hugo was determined that this sensational pigeon should not be sold to an Asian fancier in any way. This pigeon is mostly a Jan Aarden and even contains some of the same lines as De Witbuik. Hugo wanted this pigeon to stay in Europe and of course he wanted the pigeon to become part of his own breeding loft in Klaaswaal.

“But you don’t purchase an expensive pigeon just like that”, says Hugo. “I had never paid such a high price for a pigeon before, but this time it was the right thing to do. But I knew that if I wanted to have a chance I needed someone who could support me financially, someone I could trust, someone who is also passionate about the middle distance and especially Barcelona. The Gyselbrecht family was actually the only option. PIPA has proved itself as a professional partner who keeps its promises. This family is also very passionate about Barcelona. The joint purchase of such a wonderful pigeon would confirm the good relationship that we have created in the last few years.”

Carlo and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht were thrilled when they heard of Hugo’s enthusiasm about the Dutch Barcelona winner of 2012. It reminded them of the days of Gyselbrecht Remi- André en Carlo … they had won the first international, second national and fourth national from Barcelona. “Almost every time the family sits together we like talking about the old days. Very nice”, says Nikolaas. “As a kid I witnessed the international victory with Laureaat Barcelona but as the years go by there is the growing desire to win such a victory yourself. I think the purchase of such a special pigeon, the winner of Barcelona 2012, is a step in the right direction. The cooperation with the Dutch long distance champion Hugo Batenburg would be beneficial to all parties.”

Only a few days later Hugo Batenburg, Carlo Gyselbrecht and Nikolaas Gyselbrecht were on their way to Antoon Schults from Bruinisse, the hometown of the wonderful white flight cock NL09-1244606, which had stolen the heart of Hugo Batenburgs. The three were very excited; it was as if they were on their way for their first date. What if the pigeon does not look good? Could that lead to disappointment? The warm welcome of the Schults family took away the tension. The owner of the pigeon and the three interested fanciers got on well. Antoon walked to his lofts to pick up his wonderful pigeon and the three visitors were filled with excitement. When they finally saw the pigeon they were very satisfied: it had fully met their expectations.

“The pigeon was exactly what I was hoping for”, said Hugo. “When I closed my eyes I had to think of 30 years ago when I was admiring our super class pigeon with my father: its appeal, its perfect body, the soft plume and the perfect eye of a breeder. This cock is bound to become his successor. New Witbuik is the only name that would suit this pigeon. He could play an important role in the next 30 years. This is a benchmark in my career as a fancier.” “We were very impressed as well”, says Nikolaas. “Our PIPA Elite Center focuses on the extreme long distance and the one day middle distance races, but this was a unique opportunity. With the purchase of this pigeon we keep high quality bloodlines in Europe. I think this New Witbuik could have a major impact on the future of our sport.”

PIPA and Hugo Batenburg have decided to be very careful with New Witbuik. For instance there will be no intense breeding. Some of its youngsters will be put in the racing loft but we will also have a select group that is preserved for the breeding loft. The first partner of this national winner will be Amalia, the 2nd national Bordeaux winner of Hugo Batenburg. She is named after the daughter of Nikolaas. Everybody is very excited about the coupling of these two top class pigeons!