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Bartosz Morel (PL): The amazing comeback

Bartosz Morel is a young pigeon fancier, who was forced to stop racing pigeons in 2011. In 2012 he decided to transfer his pigeons to another place and come back to racing his pigeons in near future.

When he was looking for an appropriate place for his lofts, there appeared a project of organizing a one loft race. He postponed his private racing plans and started building big lofts for OLR Kuźnica project in his new place. He didn't have much time to meet his deadlines; however in 2015 he managed to do it and he approached the racing season of young pigeons. He achieved significant results that led him to be classified top in all championships of his club. In ace category his birds had positions  2, 4, 6, 7, 12, 21, 22, 25, 28...

One Loft Race Kuźnica lofts

The best races in season 2015 (all price cards per 5):

23.08.2015, Ostrzeszów, 150km: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10... / 417 pigeons (46/31)
30.08.2015, Krotoszyn, 195km: 1,2,4,5,6,7,7,7,10,11,12,13,14... / 2514 pigeons (37/48)
13.09.2015, Nowy Tomysl, 307km: 2,3,4,6,7,8,9,13,19,20... / 2033 pigeons (34/43)
19.09.2015, Pyrzyce Prov., 432km: 1,2,3,4,6,8,9,10... / 684 pigeons (19/34)

The racing loft for young pigeons

The major part of Bartosz's breeding pigeons were bought from the best European lofts, mainly in Belgium and Holland. Since 2012 he has been buying late youngsters from the best racers and breeding pigeons from: Bart Geerinckx, Ivo Renders, Ulrich Lemmens, JLN Houben, Benny Steveninck, Bart & Nancy van Oeckel, Jelle Roziers, Rens van der Zijde, Sakis Minovgioudis, Jelger Klinkenberg, Hardy Krueger. Of course he had also a few birds from his old strain. It was f.e. his basic Houben stain pigeon from Łepuch family and hen '905' from Luc Stockx. Breeding pigeons are the most frequently crossed among each other. In Morel's breeding loft there are presently 130 pigeons. It seems a big number but he sends many pigeons to one loft races all over the world, rebuilds his racing team and sells pigeons to other fanciers, so he actually needs as much as that. He plans to reduce it to about 50 couples.

Bartosz with his Belgian friends

Coming back to his achievements in season 2015, we must mention his successes in one loft races (below). Looking at them, one must admit that Bartosz has wonderful breeding pigeons and is very skilful in ascribing his birds to particular one loft races.

Results of one loft races in 2015:

Black Sea OLR – Romania:

19 & 111 pos. in final race – 450 km
86 pos. in semi-final – 365 km
4 pos. Hot Spot 3 – 220 km

Honest Race – Romania:

4 pos. in final race – 400 km
5 & 28 pos. in semi-final – 300 km
6 & 7 pos. Hot Spot 3 – 225 km

Derby Ultzama – Spain

2,33,37 pos. race Jarque – 160 km
33,49,50 pos. race Molina De Aragon – 240 km
32 pos. in semi-final Cuenca – 325 km
20 pos. in final race Hellin – 500 km

Derby Cartaxo – Portugal

10 pos. I As Pigeon Race – 130 km
45 pos. II As Pigeon Race – 200 km
2 pos. in final race – 340 km

5 Acepigeon Derby Cartaxo !

Derby Riachos – Portugal

16 pos. I Ace Pigeon Race – 150 km
5 pos. III Ace Pigeon Race – 150 km
31 pos. in final race – 360 km

Great Derby Algarve – Portugal

5 pos. I Ace Pigeon Race – 100 km
40 pos. II Ace Pigeon Race – 120 km
12 pos. III Ace Pigeon Race – 180 km
19 pos. IV Ace Pigeon Race – 220 km
1st Acepigeon after 4 races

WG Kosakowo – Poland

7 pos. I race – 95 km
39 pos. III race – 130 km
28 pos. in final race – 303 km

11 Acepigeon of WG Kosakowo

MWG Giewont – Poland

34 & 61 pos. II race – 160 km
1,18 & 30 pos. III race – 126 km
23 pos. IV race – 245 km

66 pos. in final race

6 Acepigeon of MWG Giewont


181 pos. in final race – 400 km

South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race

38 /  2 534 pig. ("Bartosz")
57 /  2 673 pig. ("Bartosz")
59 /  2 534 pig. ("John Coffey")
17 /  2 888 pig. ("Zosia")
27 /  2 673 pig. ("Zosia")
35 /  3 090 pig. ("Zosia")
44 /  3 043 pig. ("Zosia")
58 /  2 517 pig. ("Zosia")

After 12 official races 2nd position in Grand Averages – "Zosia"

After 12 official races 22nd position in Grand Averages – "Bartosz"

Spejson, one of his best racers in 2015

We heard an interesting story about a pigeon named Zosia that is presently participating in the South African Million Dollar Pigeon Race. On 2nd January 2016, after 12 official races Zosia is the second Grand Averages ace pigeon in this prestigious race. She was bred from couple: sire orig. Ivo Renders x dame orig. Bart Verdeyen. The hen participated in Kuźnica one loft race in 2014. She was auctioned, but eventually, the buyer didn't come to take her. Bartosz Morel was to give the bird back to her owner, but it turned out that her full brother is a top racer in Belgium. Bartosz paid the compensation and the pigeon remained in his loft. The couple bred 5 youngsters. One of them participated in one loft race 'Honest Race' in Romania and was 4th in final race. Another one won a money prize in OLR 'Black Sea' also in Romania. The third one was raced in his club and had marvellous results. The remaining two were sent to South Africa, and one of them is Zosia. Summing up, Bartosz sent 6 pigeons to Africa, 5 of them remained. However, we must bear in mind that on 2nd January 2016 the total number of birds in the loft was less than 50% of the starting number.

Zosia's results

Bartosz Morel has a very professional attitude to his pigeons and he is likely to establish one of the most promising breeding lofts in Poland. We are going to follow his progress and inform about the next achievements of this great fancier and his pigeons in the future. Good luck!