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Bart Geerinckx (Wommelgem, BE) wins 1st Prov Vierzon old pigeons Antwerp

A new example of pure art of flying by top cock All Star, who also won 1. Nat Zone Limoges last year.

Starting with a provincial win... it can't get any better

Peak at the right time, when the classics appear on the racing calendar. It is a piece of art, that certainly the great champions in our sport, have the feeling for. A category of fanciers to which the colony of L-B-J. Geerinckx has belonged to for years. Bart immediately proves this again at the start of the great middle distance in 2024. On the first interprovincial race of the season from Vierzon, Bart immediately hits the bull's eye, taking the provincial victory with the old birds in the province of Antwerp. 

Vierzon Prov Antwerp 1,859 old pigeons: 1-21-25-34-98-273-337-488 (8/18)

And this with the superstar of the loft, top cock All Star, who was also basketed as 1st signed. The 2nd pigeon that arrived in was also his 2nd signed. Winning with the 2 superstars of the loft - the 1st + 2nd signed - first in the clock and the 1st + 21st prize Prov. This is called ... immediately leaving its calling card! Outstanding!

Supercrack All Star wins 1st Prov Vierzon

The provincial winner from Vierzon is not just any old bird, and one of the top birds in Bart Geerinckx' racing team. Last year, All Star already won 1st Nat. Zone Limoges, proving that he has the talent to fly in the lead and win at the highest level. 

-All Star BE22-6027052 (cock)

1. Prov Vierzon 1.859 old pigeons ’24 
1. N.Zone Limoges 2.793 p. ’23 – 29. Nat 8.970 p.
1. Noyon 664 p. ’23 
7. Noyon 503 p. ’23 
15. Noyon 1.053 p. ’24 
17. Melun 2.208 p. 
30. Sermaises 1.347 p. ’24 
32. N.Zone Souillac 1.755 p. ’23 
35. Noyon 2.159 p. ’24 
41. N.Zone Argenton I 2.644 p. ’23 
50. Melun 1.288 p. ’22 
92. N.Zone Tulle 2.258 p. ’23 

Father: Double Star BE19-4187998
Is a son of Super Yearling BE17-6024091, a grandson Little Star as (son of Gladiator Star x Sweety) and winner of: 
1. Melun 3.414 p.
1. Prov Souillac 346 p. – 2. N.Zone 998 p. – 17. Nat Souillac 3.739 p.
7. N.Zone Limoges 2.777 p. – 12. Nat Limoges 10.319 p. 
29. N.Zone Limoges 5.115 p. – 110. Nat Limoges 15.979 p.
51. Intprov Vierzon 6.377 p… etc.
Mother of Double Star is wonderhen Little Star BE14-6174075: 
1. Nat Ace pigeon GHF YL KBDB 2015
1. N.Zone Argenton 6.099 p. – 5. Nat 19.91 p. 
10. N.Zone Montluçon 5.478 p. – 30. Nat 16.982 p. 
15. N.Zone Chateauroux 5.700 p. – 66. Nat 18.658 p. 
14. N.Zone Bourges 4.284 p…
Little Star is a daughter of Blue Lagoon x Iron Lady.
Mother: Special Acy BE19-6015646 
Daughter of two Geerinckx-icons: Luc BE09-6326191: winner 1. Nat. Argenton 12.466 p. (son of one of the stock pairs Blauwe IJzeren x Eénwitpen Willyke… the grandparents of Little Star by the way) x Acy BE12-6042459: that won 1. Olympiad pigeon Long distance Budapest 2015 and 2. Nat Ace pigeon GHF YL KBDB 2013. 

Video All Star

Once again the proof: breeding from winners and crack pigeons is the fastest way to success! 

Remarkable here is that the well-known stock pair Blauwe IJzeren x Eénwitpen Willyke appears no less than 3 times in the pedigree of this All Star... just like in many other pedigrees of the current top pigeons at Bart Geerinckx. 

Little Star also at the base of 1st Interprov Vierzon winner

If you also know that on the same Vierzon race the hen Kate of Casaert-Sénéchal - the winner of 1st Intprov Vierzon 6,133 old - is also a grandchild of Little Star, then you realise what a phenomenal breeding line Bart Geerinckx has in his breeding loft, with this Little Star line. A vein of gold which allows Bart Geerinckx to be very successful now, and he may be on fire for years to come. The future will tell. 

Bart has already taken this provincial victory. It may be the first of more stunt work and victories in the national classics, which will be on the calendar week after week from 25th of May. A dream start that tastes like more... 
Congratulations Bart and Jurgen!