Baleau Jean Jacques - Moignelée (BE) 3th national champion RFCB Short distance 2009

After a few trip in the Namur area (let's say 'Namurois'), going to Sombreffe and Mettet, respectively for the associations Thibaut-Boons and Molle-Fallay, i added the next step to it with paying a visit to Jean Jacques Baleau from Moignelée, who had an awesome racing season in 2009, particulary with the youngsters.

Season who ended with the best of the maneer, wining the third place at the national championship of speed for youngsters, a great satisfaction for our friend.
The lofts are taking place at Jean Jacque's house, situated at the 'rue de Namur' in Moignelée, a boundary village between the district of 'Namur' and 'Hainaut', near the most know 'Fleurus'.

The beginning
During his childhood, Jean Jacques had a grandfather who loved racing his pigeons. The first contact with a pen dates from this period. He made himself a promise that, when he will be installed himself,
there will be a few loft in his own garden. That was made in 2001, the moment when he first took his  licence, when he bought his actual house with his wife Sandrine.  Its beginning were relatively encouraging, a few good results were recorded until 2003 in the races of  speed and middle distance, but he was forced to stop his activities with the pigeon sport for personal reasons.
He still kept contact with the pigeon world, racing himself by his grand mother Yvonne Fournier, herself  pigeon fancier, but the game was not practised in a serious way.

A new beginning
Anno 2007, like the phoenix who rises from the ashes, Jean Jacques is having his coming out, still in
Moignelée. But this time, with the help of his best friend Jean Marc Thibaut (association Thibaut-Boons),
the goal are clearly revised upwards. In addition of the birds, a lot of advices are given by Jean Marc
to his friend, advices which allowed the colony to grow up, passing directly to the next level.
Being more or less competitors, Jean Marc was however not a mean for the numerous questions that Jean Jacques had to ask, a thing that, through this report, he personnaly wants to underline. A thing that is also particulary unusual to see when it concerns a colony from the top, like Jean Marc's one. The breeding loft is composed from pigeons out of well know fanciers like Gheenens-Peeters, Deno-Herbots, Van Avondt, Smits-Melaerts and of course, Thibaut-Boons. (this list was made with the pigeons who were involved in a large breed, because the whole list would have been too long, Jean Jacques wants to apologize for the others). All this amount of pigeons are housed in an adjunction in the back of the widow loft, well built and  ventilated. They are coupled during the month of december to show their owner the quality they got on them.

The young generation
We can surely say it, the youngsters are really the main objective of this colony. However, the old birds  (widows and hens) are not put aside : this year again, we will retain the 33th semi-national from Jarnac out of 3854 old, the 112th national from Bourges out of 11756 old with the 2nd provincial, the 106th national from Argenton  out of 6444 yearlings always with the 2nd provincial, the 52th national from Guéret out of 2636 old.
The first round of youngsters is composed of about ninety unity. Concerning this, Jean Jacques took the odds to get into the Lier market, and this year after year, to buy a few youngsters. He didnt failed to his motto for 2010. The rest of the team is, of course, produced by the breeders. The youngsters are darkened from march until june, following the classic method. Having multiple loft, a few of them are raced naturaly, the rest is played with the slidding door method. However, they are not separated before the Bourges national race. Practising in this way, they are sur-motivated for the last three national races of the calendar.
The performance of Gueret should be the proof of this. The youngsters raced naturaly also offer the  possibility to be basketted on position. Jean Jacques is also giving them a training race during the week from Momignies (70km). Most of the time, once a week but sometimes he goes twice. He can count for this on the help  of his wife Sandrine who take care of the education of the young generation. She then permit to liberate some time on the daily planing of Jean Jacques, already very heavy each day.

The olds
The results mentioned above are really the proof that in Moignelée, we can be present and performer  on all the front. More or less thirty widows will take part on the race for 2010. A few hens are also raced on the widowhood system, each one having her assigned partner, staying at home. Needless to say that this little world needs proper care and this requires a significant investment.  Jean Jacques finds himself with a huge workload on a daily basis. 'Raise up to know the true value of the pigeons' here is the motto that we could apply to him. He also knows that, in the future, he must reduce the amount of birds if he does not want to become the slave of his protegees.

Being darkened, the youngsters are raced as long as they can be, and this mean generally until the month of september. Scheduled during the last weekend of September on the national calendar, Gueret was the last major event  of the season. The wind of west-south west gave some nice opportunities for the fanciers of the area..if they basketted birds in top condition and with a perfect state of feathers. Six old hens and 54 youngsters were basketted to this race. Two pigeons arrived in three minutes apart, good for the 29th and 64th place in a package  of 14245. A old hen has also won the 52th national out of unforgettable weekend for this young colony with  their first big performance at the national level!

The third place at the national championship 'speed with youngsters' As already said above, Jean Jacques had a great year with his colony. His wife Sandrine is not foreigner of this. It is worth recalling the examples of women making their touch in the colony of their husband, which is, in most of the case synonymous of succes. If Miet Van Hove is the most famous of them, Sandrine probably realized  an incredible debut and is know part of the inner circle of 'women fancier'. At this title,  Jean Jacques wanted to thank her for her so precious help, just like his grandma, unfortunately now deceased, and Jean Marc Thibaut for his advices.

Results sent for the national championship :
Soissons 4/07:
1er M:36/396       2eme M:4/396
Melun 26/07:
1er M:19/653      2eme M:18/653
La ferté 2/08:
1er M:36/839      2eme M:1/839
La ferté 9/08:
1er M:1/660       2eme M:64/660
Melun 16/08:
1er M:3/383       2eme M:5/383
La ferté 23/08:
1er M:9/792       2eme M:11/792

These results are the work of five different pigeons, which the two main are the 'O48' & '267 '. The '267 'wins 18/653, 1 / 839, 64/660 & 5 / 383. The 'O48' the 36/396, 19/653 & 36/839. The first was purchased at the Lier market, the second is a crossing Deno X Van Avondt out of  the line '020' from Verbruggen & 'James Bond' from Vandenabeele.

By surrounding yourself of a very good manner, the investment in time and money gave often  satisfaction. This was the case here in Moignelée. It begins unconsciously to look higher and  to dream of a top performance in a big competition. These desires must be believed. Believe in your dreams can let you sometimes overcome and although we may think, it is also the  case in pigeon sport. As a proof, the difference between those who leave nothing to hazard and
those in which randomness plays a prominent role. Observation, worry to detail, two concepts  that Jean Jacques was quick to adopt ...
The last thing i have to do is to wish you and your family the very best for the coming season.
Congratulations !