Auctions reach high average selling prices – Mark Gilbert 2,642 EURO/YB – Big Andy’s OLR winners 2,696 EURO/bird

We had just two auctions coming to an end last Sunday, or a total of 26 pigeons, which were sold for 2,671 euro on average.

Mark Gilbert – 12 pigeons – 2,642 euro/bird
This was a special auction centered around top breeder Golden Barcelona, himself one of Belgium's strongest racing birds in Barcelona over the last ten years, and now a super class breeder for Mark Gilbert. Today, he is the sire of a 1st National Barcelona 2018, a 1st National Barcelona 2020, a 1st National Perpignan 2018, a 2nd National Agen 2020, etc. We had 2 youngsters and 10 double grandchildren on offer, and the most expensive youngster of Golden Barcelona was sale 2, which goes to the United Kingdom for 6,000 euro. The most expensive grandchild was sale 6, which goes to Taiwan for 3,000 euro. The 12 pigeons were sold for 31,700 euro in total, and will be shipped to the United Kingdom (8), Taiwan (3) and France (1).

Big Andy’s OLR – 14 pigeons – 2,696 euro/bird
One of the most renowned One Loft Races in the United States is the Big Andy One Loft Race. The best ace pigeons and winners in the final were auctioned off. The most expensive bird was sale 1, winner in the final for Q-BA Family Loft. He was sold to his original owners for 8,400 euro, which means he will be returning to the Q-BA Family Loft. The 14 pigeons were sold for 37,750 euro overall, to fanciers from the USA (10), China (3), and Spain (1).