Auctions ending: Flanders Collection, Doornenbal-Jonker en Fruitier G&C

On Sunday 22 December three auctions will end. We would like to present them to you one last time.

Flanders Collection (BE)

Topracers & topbreeders + original Aelbrecht collection + some yb

The Flanders Collection took shape over the past ten years and the idea behind it is to create the most unique collection of original De Rauw-Sablon and Aelbrecht. It is Frans Sablon himself who provides advice about the composition of the breed. The Flanders Collection consists of nothing but collector’s items, that includes for instance the last direct son of the Dream Pair in Europe, as well as the 1st Nat. Argenton breeder National Lucky Ace (a son of Lucky 848), Nationaal Dromer (sire of the 1st Nat. Zone Montélimar), two sons of the renowned 2nd Nat. Ace Pigeon Fondman De Rauw-Sablon and many great youngsters of Bak 17, Kastaar, Aline, Den Dromer, Limoges, Smallen, etc. An impressive collection of topracers, topbreeders, Marcel Aelbrecht breeders & some young birds will be auctioned.

Doornenbal-Jonker (NL)

best racers and breeders

Mario Doornenbal and Raymond Jonker are among the best players in the one day long distance competition in The Netherlands. They manage to win several top 10 NPO prizes and championship prizes every season.Koopman, Verkerk, Sangers and Eijerkamp are key words in this breeding loft, which explains the excellent origins of their NPO stars. The Doornenbal-Jonker combination now offers its best breeders and racers in a high quality auction.

Fruitier G&C (FR)

Their best racers & breeders & close family

Many French pigeon fanciers were shocked by the news of Gérard Fruitier’s death in March 2013. Over the years Gérard had become an icon in pigeon racing in France, winning several federal races (similar to national level in Belgium) and national flights. His top racers managed to win top prizes in international races regularly as well. He became a well-respected fancier, even in Belgium and The Netherlands. In addition, his pigeons had a great impact in other lofts as well: in 2013 alone the Fruitier descendants have won the 1st Int. Marseille against 8,848 pigeons for Jacques Moriceau and the 1st Nat. Perpignan FR against 3,273 pigeons (4th Int. 15,094 p.) for Ledoux. This is a collection with great potential.