Auctions ending: Andreas Drapa, Anne Van Meerkerk, Performance Pigeons, Dirk Deroose, Olympiad Auction and KBDB Auction

This weekend six auctions will end: Dirk Deroose, Olympiad Auction and KBDB Auction on Saturday and Andreas Drapa, Anne Van Meerkerk and Performance Pigeons on Sunday.

Andreas Drapa (DE)

Top class racing birds + youngsters of his best breeders

The pigeon loft of Martin Steffi is home to arguably one of the best pigeon families in Germany. He has had many great seasons, and this eventually led to the introduction of Miss Germany, 1st National Ace Pigeon of Germany, in 2011. This super class hen will now be sold in an exclusive auction, along with 7th Nat. Ace Hen Miss Palenberg! Also included in this auction are top class racing birds Big Hope, Elefant and Fast Harriette, as well as several youngsters of the outstanding Miss Germany and Miss Palenberg. This is an auction with nothing but top quality bloodlines.

Anne van Meerkerk (NL)

Best racers and breeders because of quitting pigeon racing

Anne Van Meerkerk has a solid reputation in The Netherlands, thanks to his impressive achievements in pigeon racing. Anne races carefully selected pigeons, aiming to gain outstanding overall results and many early prizes.

He has reached this goal season after season, and this has also resulted in several ace pigeon titles at the highest level. Anne has now decided to sell his best breeders in a PIPA auction. He will not be keeping the rest of his collection, which basically makes this a total auction. We bring you a unique collection of super quality pigeons.

Performance pigeons auction

Pigeons with a proven records

A group of top level players will be selling their super class racing birds in a spectacular auction. These are pigeons with an impressive palmares in The Netherlands or Belgium, thanks to an impressive pedigree.

Dirk Deroose (BE)

Children of the best breeders

Dirk Deroose has become a highly renowned fancier in modern day pigeon racing in Belgium. His hen Klarisse surprised fanciers across the world by winning the national first prize from Bourges in 2013. In the meantime Dirk developed an exceptionally talented pigeon breed with the introduction of national winner Matisse and youngsters of such national ace pigeons as New Freddy, Bendner, Peggy, and Witpen Rivaldo Devos.

He is now selling an exclusive group of young birds from his best breeders and racers on PIPA, including a number of collector's items: youngsters of super class cock New Freddy, 1st Nat. Ace
Pigeon Amalia, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Bender, 1st Nat. Ace Pigeon Peggy and the iconic Blauwe Prins of Pros Roosen.These are some of Belgium's finest bloodlines!

Olympiade veiling

Youngsters/brothers/sisters and close relatives of Olympiad pigeons

Sending one of your pigeons to an Olympiad is one of the biggest dreams of any fancier; it is still the highest recognition for a pigeon. This is because Olympiad Pigeons are the best of their generation, and many of them are bound to develop into stock breeders in their home loft later on.

A group of top class fanciers is now selling a collection of young birds from their Olympiad winners in this unique PIPA olympiad auction.

KBDB auction

Gifted pigeons auction

Winning a top prize in a national ace pigeon championship is like entering the hall of fame of pigeon racing. After all, an ace pigeon is a racing bird that has repeatedly managed to excel in major races. They are the cream of the crop and they are likely to have the right genes to breed new generations of top class prize winners. A number of top class fanciers that have won a national championship prize KBDB in recent seasons will be donating a youngster for this auction; the profits will go to the KBDB.